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The 12 best Wordpress webshop themes [2024] 💥

Best Wordpress Webshop themes

As an expert in web design, I'm excited to present my top picks for WordPress webshop themes for [2024]. Each theme is briefly discussed here, with links to my comprehensive reviews and their respective websites below. This list is tailored for those aiming to build a shop and in search of an effective theme.


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All featured premium shop themes are fully optimized for Woocommerce, the incredibly popular WordPress plugin for webshops. They come loaded with additional settings, allowing you to style your product pages effortlessly. These themes also include professional features like wishlists and quickview. Importantly, they're all mobile-friendly, a crucial aspect considering that mobile device sales have surpassed 50% by 2021.

These top WordPress webshop themes are premium, averaging around $60, or available through a membership. A professional shop requires a quality theme, and free options typically don't measure up against the best in the field.

These themes are so popular that many of them have been sold hundreds of thousands of times.

The top Wordpress webshop themes [2024]

1. Astra PRO

Best Wordpress webshop theme Astra

The Astra Theme excels in two key areas. Firstly, its speed is unmatched due to its small, optimized code, placing it alongside Generatepress in this aspect. Secondly, Astra's specialization in webshops earns it the top spot in my selection of the best WordPress webshop themes for [2024]. It's equipped with everything needed to create a successful and attractive webshop.

Astra allows complete customization of webshop pages without requiring technical skills. It's packed with appealing features like wishlist, quickview, and more, making it a standout theme for WordPress webshops. Plus, Astra can be used on an unlimited number of websites.

2. Divi

Best Wordpress webshop theme Divi

The Divi Theme is a versatile choice, particularly for webshops. Divi has gained popularity, with 881,346+ memberships sold, thanks largely to the Divi Builder. Like Astra, Divi enables complete styling of your shop without needing HTML knowledge and offers ready-made webshop layouts that can be installed with a single click.

Divi includes a wide range of features suitable for various site types, not limited to shops. It consistently ranks high in my best WP themes [2024] list. Additionally, Divi can be used on an unlimited number of websites.

4. Neve

Best Woocommerce theme Neve

The Neve theme boasts over 100,000 active installations and consistently receives near-perfect ratings, with most users rating it 5 out of 5 stars. Developed by ThemeIsle, a renowned creator of elite WordPress themes and plugins, Neve's installation is straightforward. The free version is available on WordPress.org, and installation follows the standard WordPress process, as detailed in my Neve Review.

Neve provides hundreds of ready-to-use themes accessible through its import function, with multiple demos for each niche. The quality and variety of its webshop demos are particularly noteworthy, ensuring you find a style that suits your needs. Its efficiency and speed in operation are impressive.

4. OceanWP

Best Wordpress webshop theme OceanWP

I've ranked the OceanWP Theme as number 4 in my list of best WordPress webshop themes, mainly for its focus on e-commerce. The one-click-install demo shops are visually appealing and diverse. OceanWP is used on over 600,000 websites and enjoys a high rating, a common trait among all themes in this top-10 list.

OceanWP also stands out for its rapid loading times, often compared with Generatepress and Astra, although the latter two load even faster. The licensing for OceanWP varies, with options for use on 1, 3, or 25 websites, depending on the purchased package.

5. Kallyas

Best Wordpress webshop theme Kallyas

The Kallyas theme is my go-to for building most shops, making me intimately familiar with its features. Its Zion Pagebuilder is user-friendly with drag & drop functionality. A notable feature is the ability to save parts of your work within the page builder and reuse them on other pages, saving considerable time. Kallyas also offers easy-to-install, aesthetically pleasing demos.

Kallyas allows for the customization of headers with backgrounds on each page, an easy task for any user due to its straightforward design. It includes the Revolution Slider plugin as standard, renowned for creating stunning slides. The theme's license is valid for use on a single website.

6. Generatepress Premium

Best Wordpress webshop theme Generatepress

Generatepress matches the speed of Astra, the number 1 theme on this list. Both themes are among the fastest available for WordPress, with negligible differences between them. Like Astra, Generatepress truly excels with the Elementor pagebuilder installed. Priced at only $49, with a 40% discount on annual membership renewal, it offers great value.

Despite its affordability, Generatepress performs flawlessly, including on mobile devices. The pro version includes one-click-install demo designs for various niches. Similar to Divi, they offer a one-month money-back guarantee, allowing for risk-free trials. This theme's license is also limited to a single website.

7. Genesis Framework

Best Woocommerce theme Genesis

The Genesis Theme was recommended by Joost de Valk of the well-known Yoast SEO plug-in, by Matt Cutts from Google, and even by Matt Mullenweg (founder of Wordpress). There are of course no better references. The system is very safe, very fast due to great coding and very reliable.

Aside from the perfect code, Genesis provides rich snippets to the search engines via Schema microdata. The search engines love this too and ensures that it is found even better. Additional information is also added to your title and description in Google search results. Genesis scores much better in tests than, for example, frameworks such as Wix. The Genesis Framework also offers a sea of options for SEO settings. This makes the use of an SEO plugin completely unnecessary.

8. Enfold

Best Wordpress webshop theme Enfold

Beyond its impeccable coding, Genesis enhances search engine visibility through Schema microdata, which is highly favored by search engines. This feature not only improves search ranking but also enhances the appearance of your title and description in Google search results. Genesis outperforms frameworks like Wix in SEO tests and offers extensive SEO setting options, potentially eliminating the need for additional SEO plugins.

The Enfold theme, a top seller this year, is fully compatible with WooCommerce, featuring elegant one-click installation demos. It's particularly well-suited for restaurant websites, integrating seamlessly with WooCommerce bookings, a leading plugin for managing reservations.

Enfold emphasizes clean code for optimal loading times, recognizing that faster websites attract and retain more visitors. Its performance and features earn it a spot in the top 10 best WordPress webshop themes for [2024]. This theme's license is limited to use on a single website.

9. Botiga

Best Wordpress webshop themes Botiga

Botiga is an ideal theme for showcasing your store, fully compatible with Gutenberg. This modern and clean theme extends beyond branding, specializing in constructing WooCommerce websites. Though relatively new, Botiga is built on clean code for optimal performance from the outset. It's a mobile-responsive theme that looks great on all devices, offering numerous customization options. Consider if Botiga aligns with the vision for your online shop.

10. Hestia

Best Wordpress webshop themes Hestia

Hestia is celebrated for its user-friendliness, suitable for businesses, startups, online agencies, portfolios, e-commerce, and freelancers. Developed by Themeisle, the same Romanian company behind the Neve Theme, Hestia is a versatile, easily customizable multipurpose theme. It boasts WooCommerce and Gutenberg compatibility and works well with most page builders, making it an excellent choice for those familiar with website building.

11. Airi

Best Wordpress webshop themes Airi

Airi offers a variety of professionally designed demos for agencies, companies, magazines, shops, restaurants, and even bands. The quality of these designs stands out, rivaling premium themes in professionalism, a rarity among free themes. Created by the same developers as the Botiga theme, Airi is not only suitable for webshops but adaptable to any website type.

12. Virtue

Best Wordpress webshop themes Virtue

Virtue is a theme that comes fully equipped for WooCommerce, providing all the necessary tools to create an impressive online store. Additionally, it features portfolio pages and posts to stylishly display your work. This versatile theme is well-suited for various types of websites, including businesses, portfolios, and personal sites. Remarkably, Virtue is completely free, offering a clean and modern design that's easy to customize. It's packed with excellent features and is responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring it looks great on all screen sizes.


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