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My 10 best Wordpress webshop themes 2020 - Premium themes!

Best Wordpress Webshop themes

As an experienced web designer I show you my favorite top Wordpress webshop themes for 2020. I will briefly discuss each theme and below you will find a link to the complete review I wrote before. This list is suitable for people who want to build a shop and find a good theme for it.

All these premium shop themes are fully adapted to working with Woocommerce, the extremely popular WP plug-in for webshops. They are packed with extra settings and offer possibilities to style your product pages exactly the way you want without technical knowledge. They also offer many extras such as wishlist, quickview that make it a completely professional shop. Each of these themes also looks perfect on mobile devices. Which is also necessary because by 2021, sales via mobile devices will already exceed 50%.

These best Wordpress webshops themes are premium and cost an average of $ 60 or are part of a membership that you buy. Do not think that you will have a professional shop with a free theme, that is simply not the case if you want to compete with the best.

These themes are so popular that many of them have been sold hundreds of thousands of times.

My best 10 Wordpress webshop themes 2020

1. Astra PRO

Best Wordpress webshop theme Astra

The Astra Theme is specialized in 2 things. The first is speed, this theme loads very fast in any browser because of its very small optimized code. Together with Generatepress, another theme in this list, they are lonely in this area. The second is web shops and that is why I have Astra number 1 in this selection with the best Wordpress webshop themes for 2020. Everything has been thought of to make a successful beautiful webshop with this theme. The Astra webshop pages can be completely styled by you without any technical knowledge. In addition, the theme has beautiful features such as wishlist, quickview and much more that make it a special theme for Wordpress webshops. Astra can be used on an unlimited number of websites.

Astra PRO Review 2020

2. Divi

Best Wordpress webshop theme Divi

The Divi Theme is an all-rounder and that certainly applies to suitability for webshops. Divi's creators sold 683,000 memberships mainly through the power of Divi and his Divibuilder. You work with the DivBuilder on your webshop and, just like with Astra, you can have the complete shop style the way you want without HTML knowledge. Divi offers beautiful ready-made webshop layouts that can be installed with one click. As mentioned, this theme has everything you can think of and you can also make beautiful other types of sites that are not shops once you are a member. In principle, Divi tops the list every year in my best WP themes. Divi can be used on an unlimited number of websites.

Divi Theme review 2020

3. Flatsome Theme

Best Wordpress webshop theme Flatsome

Flatsome has cool shop features like wishlist, sticky header, live product search, and unlimited forms. The goal of the builders of this theme was as much functionality as possible for the shop and at the same time as easy as possible to operate. She succeeded completely, this theme is a winner for any form of e-commerce. You have the UX-Builder (pagebuilder) to work on your shop quickly and easily. An additional advantage of this theme is that the builders have also tried to make it a fast loading theme. It is admittedly not as fast as Astra but a more than above average fast theme. Good SEO and speed is important for every site and shop as visitors are very impatient nowadays. This theme works with a license that is only valid on 1 website.

Flatsome Theme Review 2020

4. OceanWP

Best Wordpress webshop theme OceanWP

I have chosen OceanWP Theme as the number 4 in this list of best Wordpress webshop themes. It mainly specializes in e-commerce. The demo shop, which can be installed with 1 click, are very attractive and there is a wide choice. OceanWP is installed on over 600,000 websites and has a particularly high rating. The high rating is the case for all themes in this list, which of course makes sense for themes in a top-10 selection list. This theme is also distinguished by super fast loading times in browsers. It is often compared on this front with Generatepress and Astra that however load even faster. This theme works with a license that is only valid on 1, 3 or 25 websites, depending on the package you buy.

OceanWP theme review 2020

5. Monstroid-2

Best Wordpress webshop theme Monstroid-2

Monstroid-2 is the top product on the Templatemonster marketplace. Monstroid-2 is also built to work with Woocommerce. It has incredibly beautiful layouts for shops (and websites) and these can be installed with 1 click as usual. All themes in my top-10 selection have beautiful demo layouts, but let's say each in their own style. So check the themes yourself so that you get a good impression, since tastes differ. Monstroid-2 comes standard with the Elementor page builder, one of the best page builders out there, which is a big plus. This theme also loads fast in browsers and overall has top qualities, definitely recommended. This theme works with a license that is only valid on 1 website.

Monstroid-2 review 2020

6. Kallyas

Best Wordpress webshop theme Kallyas

Kallyas is the theme with which I built most shops, so I know it like the back of my hand. The Zion Pagebuilder in it works like a charm and is drag & drop. In the page builder you can save parts of your work and use them on other pages, this saves a lot of work. Kallyas also has beautiful demos that are easy to install. The theme lets you use a different header with background on every page if you wish. There is no art in this, anyone can do that, everything works simply. Standard in this theme is the Revolution Slider plug-in, the best of its kind for creating beautiful slides. This theme works with a license that is only valid on 1 website.

Kallyas theme review 2020

7. Generatepress Premium

Best Wordpress webshop theme Generatepress

Generatepress is as fast as the number 1 on the list here, Astra. Both themes are faster than all other themes available for Wordpress and they do not differ much from each other. Again, just like Astra, this theme really comes into its own with the Elementor pagebuilder installed. This theme costs only $ 49 and gives a 40% discount on renewing the annual membership, it is cheap compared to other themes. Despite the price, this theme works perfectly, also on mobile devices. The pro version provides demo designs for all niches that can be installed with one click. Like Divi, they give a one-month money-back guarantee so you can try it without risk. This theme works with a license that is only valid on 1 website.

Generatepress review 2020

8. Avada

Best Wordpress webshop theme Avada

Avada is the No. 1 best-selling theme on Themeforest with 598,000 sales in 7 years. From the beginning, the theme was a bestseller. Just like Divi we can say that Avada is really 100% multipurpose and of the highest class. That is why the theme is very suitable for building web shops. Below you can click on the link where Avada is extensively compared to Divi. I think Divi is a bit stronger on all fronts, but tastes differ, you judge. Avada offers a lot of insanely beautiful demos for all niches and webshops, is packed with settings that are searchable. So many settings, without having to keep looking for it. This theme works with a license that is only valid on 1 website.

9. Enfold

Best Wordpress webshop theme Enfold

Enfold is one of the best-selling themes this year and is prepared for the installation of Woocommerce. So it works perfectly together with some Enfold. It has beautiful 1-click installation demos. Good to know for those who want to start a restaurant site is that Enfold works perfectly with WooCommerce bookings. WooCommerce bookings is one of the best plugins out there to optimally process your booking. Enfold has taken great care in creating a clean code to achieve optimal loading times. Fast loading websites are simply better visited and people hang around longer. Enfold certainly belongs in the top 10 for best Wordpress webshop themes in 2020. This theme works with a license that is only valid on 1 website.

Enfold theme review 2020

10. Bridge

Best Wordpress webshop theme Bridge

Like all themes in the top 10, Bridge too was built for a perfect collaboration with Woocommerce. That is the Wordpress webshop plug-in that has been the most popular for years and it is also the only one that I still use for shops myself. There is nothing better. Bridge offers various nice extras for web shops, such as quick view and wish list. However, the theme is multipurpose and it is also possible to create beautiful corporate websites. The theme is 100% compatible with the Elementor pagebuilder and it is certainly a good idea to integrate it if you can afford to miss a few bucks. This theme works with a license that is only valid on 1 website.

Bridge theme review 2020


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