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Divi vs Avada, the 2 best WP Themes Compared [2021]

Divi vs Avada



In this Divi vs Avada test, I compare the two best-selling Wordpress themes of all time with each other. Both of these toppers are almost neck and neck, Divi sold 767,154+ times and Avada 666,000+ times. I start with Divi without it meaning it is better. However, there are fairly large differences, I will come to that later.

DIVI THEME (Divi vs Avada)

Divi Theme review

I'm going to try to keep this Divi Theme review for [2021] short and sweet, which will not be easy because Divi offers a lot of features. Lists and listings of the complete options and features they offer can be found on their own site somewhere at the bottom. Divi, created by Elegant Themes is beyond measure popular and despite not having a free version with which it could build fame like many other themes, it was sold 767.154+. There is no other theme in the world that has been sold before, although Avada claims to be the best-selling theme. That is not the case, and by the way Divi sells a lot of lifelong packages worth $ 249 and Avada cannot compete with this in any way.


Let's start with the webshop function as e-commerce is getting more and more important with the current Corona crisis. Good themes have good Woocommerce possibilities and of course that is also the case with Divi. In fact, Divi with its Woobuilder and WooModules can be seen as one of the top themes for building e-commerce websites. Watch the video below to get a quick impression of what is possible with Divi in terms of web shops.

With Divi you can download one of 166 great complete demo sites for your new project or use the 880 extra page demos, just as you want. This way you do not have to start from 0 point, which works much more pleasantly and is certainly recommended for beginners. With the WooBuilder, the shop layout can also be adjusted on all pages without having any technical knowledge (HTML/PHP). Nowadays, all possible adjustments go through the front-end.


The Divibuilder comes standard in the Divi Theme as a page builder. Apart from that, you have a membership with Elegant Themes with many products in it, the DiviBuilder as a separate plug-in is one of them. This way you can also use the DiviBuilder in any other theme by installing the plug-in just like the one at Elementor is the case (another top page builder). Below you will find a video of 4 minutes that gives a good impression of what the DiviBuilder can do.


As already indicated under chapter "Webshops" that you can use demos. This gives you a flying start for your new site and you can limit yourself to adjusting the texts, logo and images. That way you can build a site in no time. The Divi Dmo-Importer lets you upload these demos to your Wordpress installation. Check out the complete demo library.


Everyone knows the beautiful irregular shapes that are found behind pictures on some websites. You can now easily create shapes & contours yourself. THE Divi Shape Dividers is the perfect tool to build the most beautiful backgrounds without any technical knowledge. In the Divi vs Avada comparison, Avada is far behind here, as in many other areas. Here you will find a video with Divi's info about the Shape Dividers.


Extended Styles is another strong feature in Divi. This function makes it possible to choose different blocks, sections or whatever to give them a new style, color or font at the same time. See examples here and a video of the Extended Styles feature.


All pages in Divi are perfectly responsive and the display is automatically good on all different devices. Nevertheless, it must be possible to make adjustments per device. With Divi you have everything under control and you can style your pages separately for mobile or tablet. Here are examples and a video about Responsive Editing.


Copy, drag, add new fonts or colors or delete several blocks at the same time? With Bulk Editing you work much faster than before. Easily seen in the example below or in this video how this feature works. As with everything in Divi, anyone can use this feature without any knowledge of web design. Avada vs Divi, winner: Divi.


If you have built certain blocks or sections, you can save them. It is then possible to export your work to reuse it on other sites that have Divi installed. (Elementor calls this feature Reuser).


With Drop Files you no longer need a Wordpress uploader. I used to always have multiple tabs open in my browser, one where I work another to upload files. That is no longer necessary, with Drop Files you can simply upload the best files you need quickly on the page itself. Of course this works a lot easier and faster. It is strange that Wordpress itself has not thought of such a thing.

Divi Theme review drop files


There are few themes with more settings than Divi, but everything can be found quickly and easily thanks to Seachable Settings. Divi lets you find any setting in the blink of an eye via a search function. This feature saves time and effort, the times of long searching for certain settings are over with Divi.


Which company does not want more leads and conversion? With Divi you don't have to guess whether a certain text, image or button works better. You can just show some of your visitors a different version and the statistics show you which design or text scores better. This doesn't stop with 2 versions, you can make as many as you want. As far as I know, besides Divi, only Elementor and Thrive spilled testing or A/B-testing. Divi vs Avada: Avada doesn't have this (yet).

Divi Theme review split testing


Images can scale in height and width and thus create 3D effects and depth, it is all possible with Divi. These are things we know from Photoshop, but now also possible in Wordpress. The animation below clarifies what I'm talking about.


CMS systems always had insanely difficult constructions to create Hover States. With Divi that is all much easier, you just pull an object to its Hover State and indicate that it must be the Hover State and that's it. It couldn't be easier. You understand that Avada does not have all of this, but would like to have it.


Divi Find & Replace searches random texts or images over the entire site and replaces them for other files or texts. A wonderful tool that saves a lot of work if you have a large website like I have here for example. I use this tool constantly. The difference is that I do the same via PC software as I work with HTML. Enough about Divi, if you want to know more, read on on their own site.

Visit Divi Theme

AVADA THEME (Divi vs Avada)

Avada Theme review

We continue this Divi vs Avada review with a point by point look at what is possible with the new Avada 7.3 version. As you may know, this theme, like Divi, has been a bestseller for 6 years and was sold more than 666,000+ times according to their own words. This theme has the disadvantage that it is sold via the Themeforest marketplace where there are no discounts for using themes on multiple sites. but a separate license must be purchased for each site. This has nothing to do with the quality of the theme, but only with the price.

Apart from the many sales, the Avada Theme enjoys extremely good ratings from users. Of 24,078 users they gave an average of 4.77 out of 5, not a top score but certainly a very good score. Avada is a multipurpose theme and is therefore suitable for building any type of website or webshop. Think of blogs, company websites, online stores, presentation websites and galleries.


The rapidly increasing number of web shops that are online clearly indicates how popular e-commerce is becoming. This has recently been exacerbated by the so-called covid pandemic of course. Most top themes are 100% compatible with the most popular shop plugin for Wordpress, called Wocommerce. The same goes for Avada, of course. Absolutely no technical knowledge is required to build beautiful professional web shops with Avada.

Avada Theme review webshops

A striking detail of Avada web shops is that up to 6 columns with products can be displayed in the category pages. The theme offers many more features that ensure highly professional web shops such as quickview, wishlist, carousels for products, sliders for products, and special search options. Avada is a great theme for E-commerce websites.


Avada's Fusion Builder is a very good page builder but can in no way be compared to the best page builders out there, including ElementorElementor but also the Divibuilder falls. In the Divi vs Avada comparison, this is a striking difference, Divi's page builder is much better.

Below is a short video showing you how the Fusion Builder works. As said, a good page builder with about 60 different high-quality elements that are easy to use for everyone. Sliders, buttons, headers, images, counters, team (profiles), video, everything you can think of is practically available.


Avada lets you design and reuse 404 pages, search pages and complete footers and headers with complete freedom on any page according to your taste. Avada has these functions at a high level compared to most themes, but of course Divi surpasses this again.

Avada Theme review footers


Avada's demo importer lets you install complete demo websites with a simple click from which to start your new project. You adjust the logo, images and texts and you are already well on your way to your own website that is how simple it works. However, of course all top themes have this feature. The total number of demo website is 66, not to be confused with demo pages of which some themes offer 600. Avada is about complete website demos, 66 is a high number, but Divi has more than 120. The quality of the demos is high in both themes.

Avada Theme review demo import


Settings for pages and the website as a whole are separate from each other. That way, everything is clear and clear for beginners. Avada's settings are very complete. After so many years with a large team improving the theme, it is not surprising that everything works well down to the last detail. Settings are easy to find and pro web designer or layman, the theme works very well.

Avada Theme review settings


With Avada, you don't need to purchase a separate plugin to have a mega menu. Avada has built in one of the best mega menus out there for Wordpress by default. The mega menu is very flexible and lets you adjust the height and width in pixels, as well as the number of rows and columns and their width, or choose full width. Icons or images can be placed next to the menu items. The maximum number of columns is 6.

Avada Theme review megamenu


Avada employs no less than 20 people who are fully committed to providing support. These are extremely professional people with years of experience in this field. If you need help, you never have to wait long for a good answer and support.

Avada Theme review support


My conclusion for this Avada Theme review for [2021] is that it is a great theme. It is really possible to create any type of website, it cannot be much more multifunctional. The theme builder works pleasantly and quickly. Everything is very clear and speaks for itself. This theme is very suitable for people without experience, but can also be used by professionals. I have not come across much that can be considered a shortcoming. An A-B test tool could be added and have pop-ups like a few other top themes like Divi. However, these are certainly not necessary functions.


The Avada theme costs $ 60 which is a great price. You will receive the theme and support for six months. Additional support for six months costs $ 42. Suppose one does not get to create his website for personal reasons and decides to do this a year later. You're spending $ 42 too much, be careful with this.

A good alternative is the best-selling theme in the world, the Divi Theme. If we compare the prices, they immediately receive support for a year. You will not only receive a theme, but a membership that includes 86 other premium themes and many plug-ins. If you want to spend a little more money, you immediately have lifelong support there, cost $ 249. Sometimes cheaper when they have offers. If in doubt, read our Divi Theme review, or check out the real Divi website right away.

There is much more to say about Avada, but if your interest has been aroused, I recommend that you look further via the button below on their own website.


You have come to the end of this Divi vs Avada comparison. Perhaps you have already gained an opinion when you read the complete article. There is no doubt that Avada is great but Divi is 3x as good. Divi is at least one step ahead in everything, and it has a lot that is missing in Avada. There is also the issue of which theme offers more value for money. A simple answer is that for $ 30 more you get 86 themes at Divi, including Divi and Extra (another top 10 WP theme) and at Avada only 1 theme. You immediately have a year of support instead of half a year and at Divi you get a number of premium plug-ins and access to a stock photo library.

For those who can miss $ 249, Divi has an even better deal. You pay this price for lifetime Divi + support. That's a great deal and with Divi's money back guarantee you can try everything risk free for a month if you want. Not good? Then you will get your money back!

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