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30 Best Woocommerce themes [2024] 💥

Best Woocommerce themes

Here is my curated selection of the best WooCommerce themes for the year [2024]. This page presents 30 themes, each accompanied by a brief description. Below each theme, you'll find two buttons: one directs you to my complete review of the theme, and the other takes you to the theme's official site.


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These themes are so popular that many of them have been sold hundreds of thousands of times.

The best 30 Woocommerce themes [2024]

1. Divi

Best Woocommerce themes Divi

Price: $89/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 5.00

The Divi Theme could theoretically take the number 1 spot in this list of the best WooCommerce themes, but to mix things up, it's placed at 3. This is because Astra and Ocean-WP are equally competent for webshops. Divi isn't specifically designed for shops but is a multipurpose theme suitable for all types of websites. Despite this, its versatility and professionalism ensure it stands shoulder to shoulder with dedicated shop themes.

Divi comes with its own page builder, the DiviBuilder, which many regard as the best page builder for WordPress. Divi is a comprehensive solution that offers beautiful layouts for shops. Additionally, there are many third parties like Divi Cake that create and sell designs specifically for Divi, expanding its versatility even further.

2. Astra

Best woocommerce themes Astra

Price: $59/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 5.00

The Astra Theme earns the top spot in my selection due to its impressive combination of features. First and foremost, Astra is renowned as the fastest WordPress theme available. Contrary to expectations, its speed does not come at the cost of design or functionality. Astra is incredibly versatile, with a special focus on building web shops. The theme is tailored for creating and managing successful e-commerce sites.

Astra offers a range of stunning demo websites, easily installable with a single click, suitable for both standard sites and online shops. The design of shop pages can be easily customized by anyone, even without specialized training, using the backend. This user-friendly approach extends to checkout and cart pages as well. For optimal performance with Astra, I recommend installing a high-quality page builder like Elementor, which forms an excellent combination with the theme.

3. Blocksy

Best Premium themes Blocksy

Price: $49/year, 1 site - Rating: 5.00

Blocksy emerges as the most notable free WordPress theme, especially adept for constructing E-commerce websites. It's crafted using the latest technological advancements. A standout feature of Blocksy is its near-perfect rating; it consistently receives 5 stars, underscoring its status as a top-tier theme.

Designed to synergize with the Gutenberg editor, Blocksy comes with numerous features that enhance its extensibility and customizability. Its versatility is further highlighted by its seamless compatibility with all elite page builders. This makes Blocksy suitable for creating various types of websites, including portfolios, blogs, shops, private sites, corporate sites, and more.

4. Extra Theme

Extra Best Woocommerce themes [2024]

Price: $89/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 5.00

The Extra Theme is an exceptional choice for creating blogs and news websites. It comes equipped with the Divi-Builder, widely regarded as the best page builder available. This is the same page builder used in the Divi Theme. Both themes are part of an Elegant Themes membership, which also includes 86 other premium themes. Extra Theme offers several standout features for magazine sites, such as rating systems and commenting capabilities.

Customizing columns, rows, and elements within the theme is effortless with the DiviBuilder. The cost of the membership is only slightly more than the average single theme, and it immediately grants access to the Divi Theme, along with numerous premium plugins. Extra Theme also provides a variety of blog and magazine layouts to get started. Additionally, the DiviBuilder offers over 800+ other layout sections that can be utilized in your blog or webshop.

5. Neve

Best Woocommerce themes Neve

Price: $89/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 5.00

With over 100,000 active installations, the theme consistently receives near-perfect ratings, predominantly 5 out of 5 stars, underscoring its exceptional quality. Neve is developed by ThemeIsle, a company renowned for its elite WordPress themes and plugins. The installation process for Neve is straightforward. You can easily download the free version from Wordpress.org, then upload and activate the theme file using the standard WordPress installation process, as detailed in my Neve Review (button below).

Once installed, you have the option to select and install from hundreds of ready-made themes through the import function. There are multiple demos available for each niche, with a particularly strong selection for webshops, all of high quality. You're bound to find a design that suits your taste. The whole process is efficient, flawlessly executed, and impressively fast.

6. Essentials

Best woocommerce themes Essentials

Price: $89/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 5.00

The Essentials theme brings a lot to the table, especially for those seeking a newer option, having been released in 2020. Like many contemporary themes, it's compatible with the Gutenberg editor. Essentials stands out with its plethora of demos that are designed using WP-Bakery and Elementor, both of which are top-notch page builders.

While Essentials claims to have the largest template library, it's important to note that this may not be entirely accurate. The templates offered are more design elements or sections rather than complete site demos. Additionally, the theme includes a variety of unique gadgets, which seem to draw inspiration from Divi. Despite this, they deserve recognition for their efforts.

7. Pressmart

Best Woocommerce themes Pressmart [2024]

Price: $39/once, 1 site - Rating: 5.00

PressMart is a contemporary and distinctive Elementor WooCommerce WordPress theme. It includes over 05+ pre-built home pages, adaptable for various online stores such as fashion, electronics, and furniture. The PressMart theme is equipped with crucial e-commerce features like Product Filter and Ajax Search, enhancing the shopping experience.

PressMart is an ideal choice for a wide range of online stores, including fashion and clothing shops, furniture and cosmetics stores, luxury jewelry, accessories shops, and more. It's an advanced and professional theme that is ready to use right out of the box. The theme boasts a powerful admin panel with over 450+ options, allowing easy management of page layouts, header styles, and typography. Setting up your store with PressMart is straightforward, requiring no coding skills.

8. Royal Elementor

Best Woocommerce themes Royal Elementor

Price: $59/lifetime, 1 site - Rating: 4.96

Royal Elementor stands out with its extensive range of features, including over 75 widgets and 45+ Elementor WooCommerce Builder options. It also offers an Elementor mega menu builder, Elementor popup builder, and an Elementor template kit, as well as a comprehensive Theme Builder. These intuitive and creative widgets are designed to elevate your WordPress website to new levels of sophistication and functionality. All widgets are included free of charge, while the Pro Version unlocks more advanced features.

Effectively, Royal Elementor provides many of the benefits of the pro version of Elementor without the associated costs. This theme is particularly well-suited for building E-commerce websites. Despite being a relatively new entrant in the market, Royal Elementor has already achieved considerable success and continues to grow in popularity.

9. Generatepress Premium

Best Woocommerce themes Generatepress

Price: $59/year, 500 sites - Rating: 4.95

Generatepress is a theme that's often compared to Astra, the top theme on this list. While some tests show Generatepress as marginally faster, it's fair to say that they are on par in terms of loading speed, both leading the pack in this aspect. Generatepress may not be as feature-rich as Astra, but it's more affordable. Despite the comparisons, it excels in creating sleek, fast-loading shops that operate seamlessly.

Similar to Astra, it's recommended to integrate one of the elite page builders with Generatepress for the best user experience. For a detailed comparison of the top three page builders available for WordPress, you can refer to my article.

10. Woodmart

Woodmart Best Woocommerce themes [2024]

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.95

Woodmart is quintessentially a WooCommerce theme. While it can be used for blogging and corporate sites, its true strength lies in e-commerce. It offers all the necessary features for an effective and visually appealing webshop. Woodmart initially came with the Bakery Pagebuilder, but from version 5.0 onwards, it's fully compatible with Elementor, which is a significant enhancement. Elementor, particularly its pro version, is recognized as one of the best page builders available.

Woodmart includes 60 shopping demo layouts that can be installed with a single click. Utilizing one of these ready-to-use designs is highly recommended, as they cater to a wide range of niches, including furniture, tools, clothing, and more. The theme boasts one of the highest ratings on Themeforest.net, at 4.95 out of 5, a score rarely surpassed by any other theme.

11. Minimog (WP)

best Woocommerce themes Minimog

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.94

Minimog represents the next generation of highly-converting, extendable WordPress themes, designed for rapid deployment. It positions itself as the ultimate solution for eCommerce challenges, offering a suite of features that enhance the potential of your online store without any additional cost. This theme is particularly adept for creating webshops, and the instructional videos provided are an invaluable resource for setup.
Starting a website or shop entirely from scratch nowadays seems almost ludicrous. With Minimog, you can instantly install a demo website, providing a foundational design that can be tailored to your specific requirements. The Minimog Theme boasts over 60 demo versions, each fully compatible with webshops, presenting a remarkable array of options for eCommerce-focused websites.

12. Botiga

Best Woocommerce themes Botiga

Price: $99/year, 5 sites - Rating: 4.93

Botiga stands out as the ideal theme to showcase your store, offering full compatibility with the Gutenberg editor. It presents a clean and modern aesthetic that transcends typical branding expectations. Despite being relatively new, Botiga is specifically designed for building WooCommerce websites. Its foundation is laid with clean code, ensuring an optimal starting point for any online endeavor. Botiga is mobile-friendly, ensuring a seamless appearance across all devices, and offers a wealth of customization options. If you're looking for a theme that blends style and functionality for your online shop, Botiga might just be the perfect fit.

13. Porto

Porto Best Woocommerce themes [2024]

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.93

The Porto Theme is renowned for its speed and versatility, making it suitable for a range of purposes. It's particularly advanced in features, often favored for business and WooCommerce websites. Porto provides an array of elements and powerful capabilities, enabling you to tailor the website to your specific requirements. Recently, Porto Studio has been enhanced with over 30 new demos, adding to its extensive collection. Its rapid performance is crucial for any business, ensuring efficiency and user satisfaction. Additionally, Porto offers an HTML version that is impressively popular, potentially standing as the best-selling HTML5 theme currently on the market.

14. Kadence

Best Woocommerce themes Kadence

Price: $129/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 4.90

Like all top 10 themes, Kadence boasts an almost perfect rating on Wordpress.org and is currently installed on over 200,000 websites. What makes it so popular? Key features include a drag & drop header and footer builder and impressively fast loading times. Kadence offers a substantial library of attractive starter templates (demos), with about 6 specifically designed for building webshops. Moreover, it's highly compatible with page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder.

Other notable functionalities include the Color Manager, which provides 10 different color combinations installable with a single click, allowing for further personal customization. The integration of Kadence Blocks ensures a smooth experience even with Gutenberg, the standard WordPress editor. Additional standout features include transparent backgrounds, excellent SEO with Schema MarkUp, full responsiveness on all devices, a sticky header, and CSS pre-loading in the header. Kadence is, without doubt, a remarkable theme.

15. OceanWP

Best Woocommerce themes OceanWP

Price: $54/year, 3 sites - Rating: 4.90

The OceanWP Theme shares many similarities with Astra, notably its status as one of the fastest-loading themes available, particularly adept at building WooCommerce shops. Like Astra, OceanWP also offers a free version, contributing to its widespread popularity. It has been installed on over 600,000 websites, a testament to its appeal. OceanWP provides access to a library of impressive demo layouts, many of which are tailored for e-commerce.

A theme designed for e-commerce, OceanWP includes all necessary extensions like pop-up carts, quick view, wish lists, and more, aimed at maximizing the success of your webshop. The price-quality ratio of OceanWP is exceptionally favorable, making it more than deserving of its place as the fourth top theme in this list.

16. Virtue

Best Woocommerce themes Virtue

Price: $75/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 4.90

Virtue is fully equipped for WooCommerce, providing all the necessary tools to create a visually stunning online store. Additionally, it features portfolio pages and posts that elegantly showcase your work. This versatile theme is well-suited for various types of websites, be it for business, portfolio, or personal use. Remarkably, the theme is completely free, embodying its name 'Virtue' in every aspect. Its clean, modern design is not only easy to customize but also rich in features. Responsiveness and mobile-friendliness are key attributes of Virtue, ensuring an excellent display on all screen sizes.

17. Zakra

Best Woocommerce themes Zakra

Price: $89/year, 3 sites - Rating: 4.89

Zakra is a flexible, lightweight, and modern multipurpose theme. It offers a range of starter sites (currently over 10+ and growing), ideal for crafting appealing websites. You can explore all the starter sites at https://zakratheme.com/demos. Zakra is adept for various types of sites, including portfolios, personal blogs, WooCommerce webshops, corporate websites, and niche-specific sites like Spa, Education, Sports, or Charity websites.

The theme's versatility allows for creating any layout imaginable, especially when paired with Elementor and other major page builders. Zakra is responsive, Gutenberg compatible, and SEO-friendly, ensuring a broad reach and easy content management. It also supports translation, making it accessible for a global audience. With high ratings and over 60k active installations, Zakra stands out as a popular choice among WordPress themes.

18. Hub

best Woocommerce themes Hub

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.89

Hub is a comprehensive all-in-one web builder known for its intuitive editing interface and high performance. Boasting over 700 section templates, more than 80 pre-built web pages, and over 100 inner pages, these numbers are indeed impressive for any theme. Hub has been recognized as the WordPress theme of the year by Envato, the marketplace where it is sold. While it may not be the most popular theme, it's likely celebrated for being one of the fastest-rising or similar accolades.

In line with other top themes, Hub is compatible with Gutenberg, Elementor, and WP-Bakery. Despite these being excellent page builders, I find Gutenberg to be less effective compared to Elementor. Even though the Hub theme is relatively new, having entered the market in mid-2021, it is replete with features and high-quality elements, making it one of my preferred themes.

19. Uncode

best Woocommerce themes Uncode

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.89

Uncode is a highly popular theme, boasting over 100,000+ downloads on ThemeForest. It offers more than 70 professionally-designed demo layouts, all ready for import and customization. The Uncode Wireframes plugin further enhances its capabilities, providing access to over 550 section templates. These templates are versatile, suitable for crafting a complete website or individual landing pages.

As a WordPress theme, Uncode is creatively designed and suitable for any type of website. It comes with an enhanced version of the WPBakery Page Building Tool, offering two editing options: the traditional Backend editor and the newer Frontend editor. This dual functionality allows for editing directly on your website's frontend, making the design process faster and more user-friendly.

20. Qwery

Qwery Best Woocommerce themes [2024]

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.87

The Qwery theme is a significant choice when selecting the right WordPress theme. It boasts a trendy and modern design and is a fresh addition to the market, having been released in 2021. Qwery is equipped with all the necessary features and tools for a quick and efficient website launch. Compatible with all major page builders, the Qwery WordPress theme also offers the same advantages as the WordPress Customizer.

Despite being relatively new, the Qwery theme has already made its mark, securing a position near the top in various rankings. It's more apt to describe it as a rising star in the sub-top category. With its promising outlook, Qwery is likely to continue its upward trajectory in popularity. It already features over 100+ pre-built demo websites, an impressive count for its relatively recent inception.

21. XStore Theme

Best Woocommerce themes XStore

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.86

The X-Store Theme, a premium WooCommerce WordPress theme, is multifaceted and highly adaptable. It stands out as one of the most customizable WooCommerce themes, offering unparalleled flexibility to tailor your e-commerce store precisely to your vision. The X-Store WooCommerce WordPress theme is particularly suited for e-commerce store owners who aspire to differentiate their online presence. It boasts a plethora of excellent features and elements, all of which are 100% responsive across various devices. The X-Store Theme simplifies the process of launching an online store, featuring over 300 sections that facilitate the quick and engaging construction of websites and stores.

22. BeTheme

BeTheme Best Woocommerce Themes

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.83

The Be theme WooCommerce theme is ideal for swiftly finding the demo that best fits your industry. Its ease of use and efficiency are key attributes, essential in a world where time equates to money. This theme consistently ranks in the top 5 WordPress themes on Themeforest.

The Be Theme has gained significant popularity, and I have personally built many websites using it. Its interface is simple and lightweight, making the Be theme an excellent choice for freelancers who need to quickly create websites for clients. However, for crafting a top-notch, A1 site, opting for Divi might be a better choice.

23. Flatsome

Best Woocommerce themes Flatsome

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.82

The Flatsome theme is an essential part of this selection of the best WooCommerce themes. Its array of shop features is particularly impressive, including a wishlist, sticky header, live product search, unlimited forms, pop-up cart, quick view, and more. It encompasses everything a high-quality shop needs. Combined with its stunning demos, Flatsome is ideal for creating e-commerce sites.

Flatsome has honed its focus on e-commerce, which is evident in its design and functionality. The theme includes its own UX Builder, an effective page builder, and a drag & drop header builder. This allows you to customize your header precisely how you want it, without any need for coding skills.

24. Hestia

Best Woocommerce themes Hestia

Price: $99/year, 3 sites - Rating: 4.82

Hestia is celebrated for its user-friendliness and is suitable for businesses, startups, online agencies, portfolios, e-commerce, and freelancers. Developed by Themeisle, a Romanian company also behind the Neve Theme, Hestia is a multipurpose theme that offers easy customization. Key features include WooCommerce compatibility and Gutenberg compatibility. This theme is compatible with most page builders, making it an excellent choice for those familiar with website building.

25. Enfold

best woocommerce themes Enfold

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.80

The Enfold theme not only boasts a high rating but also impressive sales figures, with over 230,577+ purchases. This level of popularity is a clear indicator of its quality. Created by Kriesi, an Austrian team known for their work on numerous themes, Enfold is their flagship product. Designed with WooCommerce in mind, it integrates seamlessly, offering a plethora of options for launching various types of businesses. Enfold is particularly effective for restaurant websites, as it allows for easy integration of WooCommerce bookings, enhancing its functionality.

Enfold simplifies website creation, allowing for quick and easy setup with just a few clicks. It offers a diverse range of demos and designs, catering to various niches. Once installed, its professional page builder enables effortless content editing, including logo uploads and text additions. With Enfold, creating a custom layout is straightforward and efficient.

26. Vault

Best woocommerce themes Vault

Price: $29/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.79

Vault simplifies the process of creating a unique website with over 500 pre-designed sections and pages. You can select your favorite blocks and combine them to achieve a stunning look under any circumstances. With Vault, there's no need to purchase Elementor, as it includes extra elements that elevate your website's design and functionality.

Vault offers more than 200 elements, assisting in the creation of any kind of layout, all accessible within the Elementor Page Builder. The theme provides a plethora of customization options, allowing you to modify almost any section of your site to fit your needs. Key features include global colors, global fonts, responsive controls, advanced backgrounds, full typography options, and many more, making it a versatile and powerful tool for website creation.

27. Genesis Framework

Best Woocommerce themes Genesis

Price: $360/year, 42 themes bundle - Rating: 4.79

The Genesis Theme comes highly recommended by notable figures like Joost de Valk of the renowned Yoast SEO plugin, Matt Cutts from Google, and Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress. Endorsements from such prominent industry leaders speak volumes about its quality. Genesis is known for its safety, exceptional coding leading to fast performance, and reliability.

Beyond its impeccable code, Genesis enhances SEO through Schema microdata, which search engines favor, improving site visibility and search ranking. This feature enriches your site's title and description in Google search results. In comparative tests, Genesis consistently outperforms other frameworks, like Wix, especially in SEO capabilities. The Genesis Framework also provides an extensive array of SEO settings, potentially eliminating the need for additional SEO plugins.

28. Avada

besT Woocommerce themes Avada

Price: $69/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.78

If you're familiar with Avada, its placement in this list might come as a surprise. Avada, with over 858,338+ sales, is a well-known name among web builders and is highly regarded by myself as well. However, this ranking focuses specifically on WooCommerce capabilities. Avada is a multipurpose theme that is exceptionally well-suited for creating online shops.

Avada is often compared to Divi, another versatile theme with slightly higher sales. For a detailed comparison, you can read my Avada vs Divi review. Avada includes the Fusion Builder, a robust page builder, and offers beautiful layouts for both general websites and online shops. The theme is comprehensive and backed by a strong support team, making it a solid choice for various web projects.

29. The7

The7 Best Woocommerce themes

Price: $39/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.76

The7 has evidently recognized that fast-loading themes are highly desirable, hence their new slogan: "lightning-fast as a topic." While The7 is an excellent theme, it's not primarily known for its speed. If loading speed is a priority, I suggest exploring these faster themes. Themes that have been around for a while without significant code improvements may not maintain their top status. Nonetheless, The7 is a top theme on Themeforest, known for its affordability and full compatibility with Elementor.

The theme comes with about 50 demo layouts, which are not just pages but fully functional demo websites. This feature enables anyone to modify their website easily, even without technical expertise. The7 offers over 1000 settings for customization, making it ideal for creating professional-looking webshops. Notably, there's no need for additional plugins with The7. It includes plugins like Revolution Slider, considered the best WordPress slider available.

30. Jupiter

best Woocommerce themes Jupiter

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.72

Jupiter has recently undergone improvements, enhancing its performance. It's known for quick loading times and the incorporation of modern themes. The theme boasts an array of 'Builders', including a Mega Menu Builder, Header and Footer Builders, a Portfolio Customizer, a Pop-up Builder, and a Magazine Builder. These tools allow for easy customization of the theme to suit your needs, even without technical expertise.

Jupiter comes with three page builders: the Gutenberg page builder, the Elementor page builder, and the WP-Bakery page builder. It is tailored for building webshops and offers a variety of features that contribute to a professional website appearance. Some notable gadgets include Smart Coupons and Smart Checkout Notices, along with sales funnels, adding significant value to the theme.

31. Phlox

Phlox Best Woocommerce themes

Price: $39/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.66

Phlox is a versatile WordPress theme, boasting powerful features and available in both paid and free versions. It has been a reliable choice since 2013. The theme is suitable for a wide array of website types, including eCommerce sites, small business websites, portfolio sites, and even travel websites. Phlox distinguishes itself with an array of excellent demo layouts, which are straightforward to install. A standout feature of the Phlox theme is its compatibility with almost all major page builders, offering extensive flexibility in website design. This theme opens up a plethora of possibilities, so to discover more, feel free to explore further by clicking the links below.


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