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My 10 best Woocommerce themes for 2020

Best Woocommerce themes 2020

After 20 years of building websites I decided to share my knowledge with the world. Here you have my selection of the best Woocommerce themes for 06-2020. On this page are the 10 themes with a short description and a button underneath that leads to my complete review for that theme. Most of these themes exist between 4-10 years and I know them like the back of my hand.

All these themes are either completely specialized on Woocommerce or are multipurpose with just as good webshop features as the 100% specialized themes. The latter category usually also makes it to my top 10 for best WordPress themes in general. In these themes you will find the latest and best gadgets such as wishlists, pop-up cart, quickview et cetera. All themes also show a beautiful webshop on mobile and have options with which you can style the category, checkout and product pages to your own wishes without technical knowledge.

This list is made up of themes that have to be paid for, of course, free themes do not make it to a top-10 list. Despite that, there are themes in this list that have a free version, but we always discuss the premium version here in such a case.

These themes are so popular that many of them have been sold hundreds of thousands of times.

My best 10 Woocommerce themes 2020

1. Astra PRO

Best Woocommerce theme Astra

The Astra Theme is the number 1 in my selection because some very positive properties are combined. For starters, Astra is the fastest theme available for Wordpress. One would expect a boring theme to keep it as fast as possible, but that is not the case. With Astra, practically everything is possible, with the emphasis on building web shops. The theme is completely focused on creating and running successful e-commerce sites.

It has beautiful demo websites that you can install with one click, both for sites and shops. The shop pages are easy to adapt in their design by someone who has not studied for it, just through the back end. This also applies to check-out and cart pages. The installation of a good page builder is definitely recommended to be able to work with Astra at lightning speed, I would choose Elementor which is a top combination.

Astra PRO Review 2020

2. Divi

Best Woocommerce theme Divi

The Divi Theme is actually a candidate for place 1 in this list of Best Woocommerce themes 2020, but since Divi has always been at the top everywhere, it is now at 2 for a change as Astra is just as good. Divi is not specially built for shops but is a multipurpose theme, suitable for all types of websites . However, the theme is so versatile and professional that it is not inferior to real shopping themes.

Divi already has a page builder in it, namely the DiviBuilder which is considered by many to be the best page builder for Wordpress. With Divi you can do everything at once and Divi has beautiful layouts for shops. Incidentally, there are many third parties who develop designs for Divi and sell them, for example Divi Cake.

Divi Theme review 2020

3. Porto

Best Woocommerce theme Porto

Porto of all themes at the top of Themeforest has the best customer rating of no less than 4.92 out of 5. That rating does not come out of the blue, because Porto has everything and works for the customer very easily. This theme was built on having a fast loading time, and on building shops with Woocommerce. It also offers beautiful demo designs for web shops, at the moment of the 99 demos there are 33 purely for shops.

Porto features the WP Bakery pagebuilder, which is a very nice tool. The theme is also "ready" to install Elementor, a top page builder with a free and a premium version. Also in Porto, the Revolution Slider is free, a great slider plug-in. All in all a great Woocommerce theme.

Porto theme review 2020

4. OceanWP

Best Woocommerce theme OceanWP

OceanWP Theme has a lot in common with Porto. This is one of the fastest loading themes available, and it is also specialized in building Woocommerce shops. The difference with Porto is that OceanWP also has a free version which makes it much more famous. OceanWP has been installed on websites over 600,000 times. OceanWP gives you access to a demo library with fantastic layouts.

A lot of these are for e-commerce. A theme built for e-commerce naturally offers all possible extensions such as pop-up carts, quick view, wish list and much more to make your webshop as successful as possible. The price vs quality ratio is very high at OceanWP and the theme is more than worth its place 4 in this list.

OceanWP theme review 2020

5. Monstroid-2

Best Woocommerce theme Monstroid-2

Monstroid-2 is the absolute top product on TemplateMonster where tens of thousands of themes are sold. Second place there still takes Monstroid-1 by the way. This theme is great and just like the themes above, it has beautiful demo layouts. A theme that is easy to understand and therefore very suitable for beginners.

Monstroid-2 comes standard with the Elementor pagebuilder, the best of its kind. This theme also loads much faster than average and is specialized in building Woocommerce webshops. Also free for you in Monstroid-2 are the Jet plug-ins that can be used via Elementor, which you can use to style your shop yourself.

Monstroid-2 review 2020

6. Flatsome Theme

Best Woocommerce theme Flatsome

Of course Flatsome should not be missing in this selection of best Woocommerce themes. The shop features that Flatsome offers are more than impressive. Think of wishlist, sticky header, live product-search, unlimited forms, pop up cart, quickview and more. It just has everything a good shop could wish for. This together with the beautiful demos that the theme offers make it perfect for creating e-commerce sites.

This is another theme that has specialized in shops, so it worked out well. Flatsome has its own UX Builder, a good page builder and a drag & drop header builder. Your header will be exactly as you want it without the need for coding knowledge.

Flatsome Theme Review 2020

7. Avada

Best Woocommerce theme Avada

When you are familiar with Avada, you may be surprised to find it in place 7. Avada has been sold 598,000 times and is well known among web builders. The theme is also highly valued by me, but we rank here by Woocommerce qualities. It is a multipurpose theme which is very suitable for building shops. Avada is often compared to Divi since Divi is also multipurpose and was sold just a little more often.

Below is a button you can follow to read my Avada vs Divi comparison. You already understand that Avada comes with a good page builder, the Fusion Builder. It also offers beautiful layouts for sites and shops. The theme is very complete and has a great team behind it.

8. Generatepress Premium

Best Woocommerce theme Generatepress

Generatepress is a theme that is often compared to Astra, the number 1 in this list. In some tests, Generatepress is slightly faster than Astra, but let's just say they load just as fast. Together they are at the top in that respect. Generatepress is a bit less extensive than Astra, but costs less and, despite the comparison with Astra, is great for a sleek fast-loading shop that works flawlessly.

Just like with Astra, it is recommended to install one of the elite page builders in this theme for optimal comfort. You will find a comparison between the 3 best page builders out there for Wordpress in this article of mine.

Generatepress review 2020

9. Bridge

Best Woocommerce theme Bridge

Bridge as well is one of the bestsellers on Themeforest where it has been in the top for almost 7 years. Bridge is a multipurpose theme which is also very good for creating Woocommerce websites. The theme presents a library with no less than 480 complete demo websites, an unprecedented number. Many of these are for web shops. Just like other themes in this selection of Best Woocommerce themes, it has the necessary extras for shops such as wishlist and quickview.

This theme is the only one with 2 good page builders, namely Elementor and WP Bakery pagebuilder. These are both top 5 page builders, you can choose what to work with. As an encore, Bridge still has great options for portfolios and blogs.

Bridge theme review 2020

10. Enfold

Best Woocommerce theme Enfold

Enfold is a theme with which beautiful e-commerce sites can be made, with specialization sites on which one can book. It is completely prepared for the installation of the WooCommerce bookings lug-in namely. Of course you can create all types of web shops, and even websites. Enfold is a multipurpose theme that has been in the top for years on Themeforest.

In their own words, it is the best rated theme there with 4.82 out of 5 but we saw that Porto (on 3 in this list) already scored 4.92 out of 5, so that is not entirely true. No problem of course, it also deserves a place in my top 10. Enfold has a very good page builder called Avia. Furthermore, the theme offers wonderful options for building headers and styles without the need for any HTML knowledge.

Enfold theme review 2020


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