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28 Best Premium Woocommerce themes [2024] 💥

Best premium Woocommerce themes

Below, I present my preferred assortment of top-tier premium WooCommerce themes. It's important to note that premium themes require a purchase. If you're looking for free options, take a look at my compilation of the finest free WooCommerce themes. Following the brief descriptions on this page, you'll discover a button leading to my comprehensive theme review, while the other button will take you directly to the theme's official website.


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Best 28 Premium Woo Themes [2024]

1. Astra

Astra PRO Best premium Woocommerce themes [2024]

Price: $59/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 5.00

The Astra theme is quickly gaining popularity, and it's no surprise considering its exceptional performance. As you can see, it's once again ranked at the top. Astra not only boasts being the fastest-loading theme for WordPress but also excels in various other aspects. The theme offers an array of stunning demos, many of which cater to online shops. What sets Astra apart is its provision of demo designs tailored for all the leading page builders, ensuring compatibility with your preferred choice.

Astra was purpose-built for speed and eCommerce. This is evident not only in its numerous shop-related demos but also in its extensive set of eCommerce features, including wishlist functionality, quick view, pop-up cart, and more. With Astra, anyone, regardless of technical expertise, can easily customize every aspect of their online store, allowing you to bring your unique shop vision to life. Other standout features include header and footer builders, built-in Schema Markup, and competitive pricing options.

2. Divi

Divi Best premium Woocommerce themes [2024]

Price: $89/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 5.00

The Divi Theme stands out as a comprehensive and versatile choice, particularly for e-commerce site creation. It includes the acclaimed DiviBuilder, a page builder highly regarded by many as the pinnacle in its class. What enhances its appeal is that while it's an integral part of the Divi theme, it's also adaptable for use with other themes. Divi's fame extends to its visually striking designs and effects, perfect for site-wide or sectional backgrounds.

Access to the Divi Theme is via an Elegant Themes membership. This not only includes the Divi Theme but also gives you the popular Extra Theme and 86 other premium themes. The DiviBuilder, apart from being a core part of Divi, can also be used independently as a plugin with other themes. This membership, priced at just $89 annually, offers incredible value, encompassing a suite of premium themes and plugins. Watch out for occasional discounts, which can be as much as 25% off.

3. Blocksy

Best Premium Woocommerce themes Blocksy

Price: $49/year, 1 site - Rating: 5.00

Blocksy emerges as an outstanding free WordPress theme, ideal for creating e-commerce websites. This theme is crafted with advanced techniques and has earned widespread acclaim, evidenced by its near-universal 5-star ratings. Its excellence places Blocksy in the upper echelons of WordPress themes.

Designed for smooth integration with the Gutenberg editor, Blocksy offers a wealth of customization options, enhancing its adaptability. Its versatility is unmatched, ensuring flawless compatibility with all premier page builders. This makes Blocksy a versatile choice for various types of websites such as portfolios, blogs, online stores, personal websites, and corporate sites.

4. Extra

Extra Best premium Woocommerce themes [2024]

Price: $89/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 5.00

The Extra Theme, a superb option for blogs and news sites, includes the renowned Divi Builder. This builder, also a feature of the Divi Theme, enhances the Extra Theme's appeal. These themes are available as part of the Elegant Themes package, which encompasses over 86 premium themes. The Extra Theme distinguishes itself with specialized features for magazine-style sites, like advanced rating systems and engaging comment features.

With the Divi Builder, tailoring columns, rows, and various elements is a breeze, making theme customization user-friendly. The Elegant Themes membership, offering exceptional value, includes the Divi Theme and an array of premium plugins, all at a price marginally above a typical single theme purchase. The Extra Theme excels in offering diverse layout options for blogs and magazines. Additionally, the Divi Builder extends your creative possibilities with over 800 layout sections, perfect for enhancing your blog or online store's visual appeal.

5. Pressmart

Best Premium Woocommerce themes Pressmart [2024]

Price: $39/once, 1 site - Rating: 5.00

The PressMart WordPress Theme stands out as a sleek and innovative Elementor WooCommerce WordPress Template. It boasts an array of expertly crafted prebuilt pages (over 05), suitable for any online marketplace, be it a furniture shop, electronics outlet, or fashion boutique. Features like Ajax Search, Ajax Add To Cart, Quick Buy, Bought Together, and Mini Cart enhance the shopping experience, showcasing the functionality PressMart offers for e-commerce sites.

Ideal for a diverse range of online stores, including fashion, clothing, furniture, cosmetics, and luxury jewelry, PressMart excels in its field. This theme is not only highly professional and straightforward to use but also offers a robust admin panel for customizing headers, page layouts, and typography. It's designed to be user-friendly, enabling store creation without the need for programming skills.

6. Royal Elementor

Best premium Woocommerce themes Royal Elementor

Price: $59/lifetime, 1 site - Rating: 4.96

Royal Elementor distinguishes itself with a suite of 75+ widgets and extensive Elementor integrations, including a 45+ Elementor WooCommerce Builder, Elementor mega menu builder, Elementor popup builder, Elementor template kit, and a Theme Builder. These innovative widgets are designed to elevate your WordPress site's functionality and aesthetics. The basic version offers these widgets at no cost, while the Pro Version unlocks more sophisticated features.

This theme effectively provides the perks of Elementor's Pro version without the associated costs. Royal Elementor is particularly adept for creating E-commerce websites. As a relatively new theme, it has quickly gained success and is increasing in popularity day by day.

7. Essentials

Best premium woocommerce themes Essentials

Price: $64/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.95

The Essentials theme brings a lot to the table, especially noteworthy since its 2020 release. If you're in the market for a new theme, Essentials might catch your interest. It’s compatible with the Gutenberg editor and boasts an impressive array of demos that can be crafted using WP-Bakery and Elementor, both of which are top-tier page builders.

While Essentials claims to possess the most extensive library of templates, it's important to clarify that this claim might be overstated. The templates offered are not complete site demos but rather individual design elements and sections. Additionally, the theme includes a variety of unique gadgets, which seem to draw inspiration from Divi. Despite this, the theme does have its merits and deserves recognition.

8. Generatepress

Generatepress Best premium Woocommerce themes [2024]

Price: $59/year, 500 sites - Rating: 4.95

Generatepress is a theme that loads just a little faster than Ocean-WP. Like Ocean-WP, it offers many demo layouts for Elementor pagebuilder but takes it up a notch and also has many demos for the Beaverbuilder. Regardless of which page builder is your personal favorite, you can get started right away. I must honestly say that all these themes are impressive and offer a lot of value for money.

Generatepress' base code is only 19 kb, which is an even smaller code than the lightning-fast Astra-Theme (the number 1 here in the list). Generatepress is also very competitively priced, for $59 you can install it on 500 website. Even the free version of Generatepress is extremely popular, with over 400,000+ active installs and a nearly 100% 5-star rating. You can imagine that the pro version also leaves nothing to be desired.

9. Woodmart

Woodmart Best premium Woocommerce themes [2024]

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.95

Woodmart is pre-eminently a Woocommerce theme. You can create blog websites and corporate sites with it, but the theme is only really good when you start an E-commerce website. It really has all possible options to make a webshop work well and, above all, to show it off well. Woodmart comes standard with the Bakery Pagebuilder, but since version 5.0 the theme is completely compatible with Elementor. This is a huge improvement, Elementor is one of the best page builders out there, especially when we talk about the pro version.

Woodmart comes with 60 shopping demo layouts that can be installed with 1 click. It is definitely recommended to install one of these many ready-to-go designs. The demos are available in all niches, so for furniture, tools, clothing, etcetera. This theme has one of the best ratings on Themeforest.net namely 4.95 out of 5, this is practically surpassed by no other theme.

10. Minimog (WP)

best premium Woocommerce themes Minimog

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.94

Minimog is The Next Generation in high-converting and extensible WordPress themes. This theme will get you up and running in no time. Minimog comes with an array of eCommerce features that can unlock your store's true potential. This feature is included in the Minimog theme without any additional fees. This theme is great for building webshops.
Today, it seems absurd to start a new website or shop. You can instantly create a demo site and adapt it to fit your house. Minimog Theme includes 60+ of these demos. These demos are available only for webshops. This collection is amazing.

11. Botiga

Best Premium Woocommerce themes Botiga

Price: $99/year, 5 sites - Rating: 4.93

Botiga is the perfect theme to announce your store. This theme is Gutenberg ready. Botiga is a clean and modern theme that is beyond your brand. A very new theme, but specialized in the construction of Woocommerce websites. Botiga based on the ground using clean code to optimally start from.

Botiga is a mobile theme that looks great on all devices and has a lot of customization options. Is this the right theme for your online shop? Botiga is just a brand new WooCommerce theme for your online business. Your products will be displayed in a simple, clean design that's highly customizable.

12. Porto

Porto Best premium Woocommerce themes [2024]

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.93

The Porto Theme is a fast theme that can be used for multiple purposes. It has advanced features and is mostly used for business and woocommerce websites. Porto offers many elements and powerful features that allow you to configure the website according to your requirements and needs. Porto Studio has been updated with over 30 new demos. Because of its speed, it is vital for any business. By the way, Porto also has an HTML version that is amazingly popular. I think this is the best selling HTML5 theme right now.

13. OceanWP

Best premium Woocommerce themes OceanWP

Price: $54/year, 3 sites - Rating: 4.90

Not only one of the best but also one of the fastest themes for Wordpress is OceanWP. Okay, there are even faster themes but not many and Ocean-WP also excels in e-xommerce design. In other words, they build the best web shops with it. The theme offers no less than 50+ demos built with the Elementor page builder. You can install these with 1 click, and then you can further customize the theme with Elementor. This theme works perfectly with Elementor and is already fully equipped for it.

This is also reflected in the more than 45 extra elements that Ocean-WP adds to your Elementor so that you simply don't need a pro version of Elementor. Elementor Pro of course offers much more than just some elements, such as beautiful demos and extra features, but you already have a total of 150+ demos in Ocean-WP and a sloppy 20 plug-ins (extensions) such as Stick Anything, Full Screen , Popup Login, Instagram, and Whitelabel options.

14. Kadence

Best premium Woocommerce themes Kadence

Price: $129/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 4.90

Like all themes in the top 10, an almost perfect rating on Wordpress.org and currently installed on 200,000+ websites. The reason for that? Kadence offers a drag & drop header and footer builder and has very fast loading times. The theme offers a large library of beautiful start templates (demos) with about 6 of them especially for the construction of webshops. In addition, the theme is very suitable for working with the Elementor page builder and the Beaver builder.

Other handy features are the Color Manager that gives you the choice of 10 different color combinations that can be installed with 1 click. After that, additional personal adjustments are possible and you can save the new style. The addition of Kadence Blocks ensures that Kadence even works pleasantly in combination with Gutenberg, the standard Wordpress editor. Also great features are the Transparent backgrounds, a very good SEO with Schema MarkUp, 100% Responsive on all devices, Sticky Header, and CSS Pre-loading in the header. All in all a fantastic theme.

15. Zakra

Best premium Woocommerce themes Zakra

Price: $89/year, 3 sites - Rating: 4.89

Zakra is a versatile, modern, and lightweight theme with a multipurpose design. It offers a variety of starter sites (currently over 10, with more to be added), ideal for crafting stunning websites. Explore all the starter sites at https://zakratheme.com/demos. Zakra is apt for diverse uses including portfolios, personal blogs, WooCommerce webshops, corporate sites, and niche-specific sites like Spa, Education, Sports, or Charity.

The theme's flexibility allows you to create any layout imaginable with Elementor and other major page builders. Zakra is not only responsive and Gutenberg compatible but also SEO friendly and supports multiple languages. With high ratings and over 60k active installations, Zakra stands out as a top choice in WordPress themes.

16. Uncode

best premium wordpress themes Uncode

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.89

Uncode has distinguished itself as a top-selling theme on ThemeForest, boasting over 100,000+ sales. It offers more than 70 professionally-crafted demo layouts that users can import and customize. Additionally, with the Uncode Wireframes plugin, over 550+ section templates are available for import, offering immense flexibility. These templates can be seamlessly merged to create comprehensive websites or individual landing pages.

This WordPress theme is versatile and visually appealing, suitable for a variety of website types including portfolios, agencies, or e-commerce sites. Uncode is equipped with an enhanced version of the WPBakery Page Builder, offering both the traditional Backend Editor and the innovative Frontend editor. This dual-editor option provides a dynamic experience, allowing for real-time frontend page editing and more efficient design processes.

17. Hub

best premium wordpress themes Hub

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.89

Hub is a comprehensive web builder known for its intuitive editing, high performance, and award-winning design collections. It boasts an impressive array of over 700 sections, 80+ pre-built websites, and more than 100 inner pages. These statistics are particularly remarkable for the newly introduced theme, Hub. Envato, its marketplace, has recognized it as the WordPress theme of the year, a testament to its rapid rise in popularity, although it's not yet the top theme in overall rankings.

Hub aligns well with other leading themes in terms of compatibility with Gutenberg and Elementor. While these page builders are commendable, Gutenberg is notably less favored due to its editing limitations. Despite being a relative newcomer, having launched in mid-2021, Hub is already packed with a wealth of features and high-quality elements, positioning it as one of the standout themes in the market.

18. XStore

Best premium Woocommerce themes XStore

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.86

The X-Store Theme, a versatile premium WooCommerce WordPress theme, excels in multifunctionality. It stands out as one of the most adaptable WooCommerce themes, allowing you to tailor your e-commerce store to your exact specifications. Ideal for ecommerce store owners aiming to distinguish their online presence, the X-Store WooCommerce WordPress theme offers an array of impressive features and elements, all of which are fully responsive across various devices. Launching an online store is streamlined with the X-Store Theme, which includes over 300 sections for the rapid development of captivating websites and stores.

19. Neve

Best premium Woocommerce themes Neve

Price: $99/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 4.85

The Neve theme stands out primarily for its super-fast loading times. In today's digital landscape, where Google rankings are partially influenced by website speed, a fast-loading theme like Neve is crucial. Slow load times can lead to high bounce rates, which Google detects, potentially lowering your website's search result placement. Neve excels in seamless integration with all major page builders, including Divi, Beaverbuilder, Elementor, and Brizy, with a particular emphasis on Elementor – a choice that aligns well given Elementor's status as one of the best and most popular page builders.

In line with other high-quality themes, Neve offers a plethora of 1-click installation demos, featuring over 80 different options, many of which are tailored for Elementor. With its extensive Woocommerce capabilities, Neve ranks as one of the premier themes for building online shops. It allows for extensive customization of shopping pages, such as the cart and product page. The amalgamation of these positive attributes solidly positions Neve at number 6 on this list.

20. BeTheme

BeTheme Best Premium Wordpress Themes

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.83

The Be Theme, a Wordpress theme, stands as one of the most adaptable WP themes available. Its versatility enables quick selection of the perfect demo for any industry, streamlining the website creation process. In a world where time equates to money, this theme's efficiency is invaluable. Notably, this theme consistently ranks within the top five on Themeforest.

The Be Theme's popularity is well-founded, as I have personally found it incredibly effective in building numerous sites. It's known for its lightweight design and ease of use. This makes it an ideal choice for designers seeking to rapidly develop websites for clients. However, for crafting an A1-grade website, a different theme, such as Divi, might be a more suitable option.

21. Ohio

Ohio Best Premium Wordpress Themes

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.83

The Ohio Theme, a multi-purpose offering that excels in minimalism, beauty, versatility, and creativity, encompasses all the essentials for constructing a functional website and showcasing your products. Its elegant design is both appealing and practical.

Equipped with the WPBakery PageBuilder (formerly known as Visual Composer) and ACF Pro for theme settings, Ohio makes it straightforward to craft modern, swift-loading WooCommerce, shop, and portfolio websites. The theme's compatibility with both WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor ensures you have the flexibility to build your website in the way that best fits your needs.

22. Flatsome

Best premium Woocommerce themes Flatsome

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.82

It's imperative to include Flatsome in any discussion of the top Woocommerce themes. The shopping features provided by Flatsome are nothing short of remarkable. These include a wishlist, sticky header, live product search, unlimited forms, pop-up cart, quickview, and more. Essentially, it encompasses everything a high-quality shop could need. This, coupled with the theme's stunning demos, makes it an ideal choice for crafting e-commerce sites.

Flatsome is another theme that's laser-focused on shop functionality, and it excels in this area. It features its own UX Builder, an efficient page builder, and a user-friendly drag & drop header builder. This allows you to customize your header precisely to your liking, without any requirement for coding skills.

23. Hestia

The best Wordpress themes Hestia

Price: $99/year, 3 sites - Rating: 4.82

Hestia is renowned for its user-friendliness and versatility, making it suitable for businesses, startups, online agencies, portfolios, e-commerce sites, and freelancers. Developed by Themeisle, a Romanian company also responsible for the Neve Theme, Hestia stands as a multipurpose theme that offers easy customization. Key features include compatibility with WooCommerce and Gutenberg, enhancing its adaptability. This theme is also compatible with most page builders, making it an excellent choice for those with website building experience.

24. Genesis Framework

Best premium Woocommerce themes Genesis

Price: $360/year, 42 themes bundle - Rating: 4.79

The Genesis theme is renowned for its near-perfect code, contributing to rapid website loading and seamless compatibility with plugin updates and WordPress upgrades. This excellence has garnered acclaim from notable figures such as Matt Cutts of Google and Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, both of whom have praised the Genesis Framework. However, it's important to note that Genesis isn't the most budget-friendly option, especially considering the premium pricing of its child themes.

For businesses, the best choice isn’t always the cheapest. In terms of top-tier solutions, WP-Engine, priced at $30 a month, stands out. WP-Engine and Genesis are part of the same entity, with WP-Engine offering the fastest full-service hosting for WordPress, inclusive of the complete Genesis package. Utilizing Google Cloud's high-speed servers, VM C2, WP-Engine ensures exceptionally quick loading times. This $30 monthly investment can be quickly offset by the additional leads and conversions it facilitates.

25. Vault

Best premium woocommerce themes Vault

Price: $29/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.79

Vault revolutionizes website creation with over 500 pre-designed sections, enabling you to craft your dream website effortlessly. Select and merge your favorite blocks for a stunning result. What's more, Vault is completely free, including access to its pro version. With additional elements, Vault empowers you to elevate your website design skills to new heights.

Featuring more than 200 elements, Vault offers unparalleled flexibility in layout design, all accessible through Elementor page builders. It provides extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor nearly every aspect of your site. Key features include responsive controls, global color schemes, diverse font choices, and advanced background options.

26. Jupiter

best premium woocommerce themes Jupiter

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.72

Jupiter has recently undergone improvements, boasting fast load times and contemporary themes. It features a comprehensive set of "Builders" tools, including a Header builder, Footer builder, Mega Menu builder, Blog customizer, Portfolio customizer, Pop-up builder, and a Magazine builder. These tools simplify theme customization for users without requiring technical skills.

Jupiter offers three page builders: Gutenberg, Elementor, and WP-Bakery, with a strong focus on webshop design. It includes features like Smart Coupons, checkout notices, and Advanced shop analytics, enhancing professional web presentation. Additionally, it supports the creation of sales funnels.

27. Kallyas

Kallyas Best premium Woocommerce themes

Price: $69/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.71

Having crafted over 20 websites and shops using Kallyas Theme, I've developed a fondness for its integrated page builder, Zion Pagebuilder. This builder, which I've used extensively, is now available separately, a testament to its wide appeal. Kallyas also features dazzling demos, easily installable and ideal for professional webshops, with an impressive collection of over 70 demos.

Kallyas ensures perfect responsiveness across all devices and enjoys high user ratings. Beyond its efficient page builder, it includes several 3rd party plugins, with Revolution Slider being a personal favorite. The theme facilitates the addition of custom fonts, a nice complement to its standard font offerings. The only drawback is the licensing model – one license per site, a common practice for themes sold through the Themeforest marketplace, which can add to the overall cost.

28. Phlox

Phlox Best premium Woocommerce themes

Price: $39/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.66

Introduced in 2013, Phlox is a dynamic WordPress theme, versatile for various website types including small businesses, e-commerce, portfolios, and travel sites. Available in both free and premium versions, it boasts robust features. Phlox is especially notable for its one-click installable, attractive demo layouts. Its compatibility and seamless integration with Elementor sets it apart, making it a strong contender among WordPress themes. For those interested in exploring its full range of capabilities, further details are accessible via the following buttons.


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