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Telegram vs. Telegram X: Which Should You Use? [2024] πŸ’₯

Telegram vs. Telegram X

In the world of instant messaging, Telegram stands out for its commitment to security and user-friendly features. But there's an ongoing debate: Telegram or Telegram X? This article delves into the features, performance, and differences to help you decide which is right for you.


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Understanding the Basics

Telegram FAQ provides insights into the fundamentals of the platform. Born out of the desire for privacy and security, Telegram has grown tremendously. Telegram X, on the other hand, is an official alternative application, boasting advanced features and enhancements that the main app might not have.

Features and Performance

When comparing Telegram to Telegram X, the immediate differences lie in their features and performance.

User Interface and Experience

Telegram X often gets praise for its sleeker, dark-mode friendly user interface. It offers animated night themes, which change according to the time of the day, and the chats appear more vivid with bubble animations. On the contrary, the classic Telegram has a simpler UI, which some users might prefer for its straightforwardness.

Speed and Battery Usage

Telegram X is generally considered faster because it is built using a different programming language and framework. This contributes to quicker animations and transitions. It also uses less battery than the standard Telegram app, making it ideal for users who are always on the go and need optimized battery usage.

Advanced Features

Telegram X comes packed with advanced features not present in the classic app. These include a night mode, which is easier on the eyes, detailed chat statistics for group admins, and a more advanced music player for audio messages and songs sent over chat.

Security Measures

Both apps offer end-to-end encryption, especially in Telegram secret chats. However, with Telegram X, you get additional options for privacy settings. For users who prioritize security, understanding how to adjust privacy settings and how to set up a passlock code is crucial.

Notifications and Sounds

Telegram X provides more granular control over notifications and sounds. You can set custom notifications for specific chats and have more sound choices for notifications. This customization can enhance user experience for those who manage many chats simultaneously.

How To Choose Between Telegram and Telegram X

The choice between Telegram and Telegram X comes down to personal preference. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide:

Your Priority: User Interface

If you appreciate aesthetics and a dynamic interface, Telegram X might be more suitable. Its adaptive night mode, bubble animations, and other visual features enhance the chatting experience.

Your Priority: Battery Life

For those constantly using their messaging apps and concerned about battery drain, Telegram X is the better option due to its optimized battery usage.

Your Priority: Advanced Features

If having the latest features is your thing, Telegram X tends to get new experimental features before they come to the main Telegram app. This includes the advanced music player, detailed chat statistics, and more.

Your Priority: Stability and Familiarity

Those who prefer a tried-and-tested app might lean towards the classic Telegram. It might not have all the bells and whistles of Telegram X, but it offers a stable and familiar experience.

Managing Security in Both Apps

Telegram has always been synonymous with security. Both apps provide robust encryption. However, for additional security measures, familiarize yourself with the Telegram 2-Step Verification. If you ever face challenges, the Telegram Form for questions can be a handy resource. Additionally, learning how to check active sessions can be pivotal in ensuring your chats remain private.


Both Telegram and Telegram X have their unique strengths. While Telegram X has a plethora of advanced features and a dynamic interface, the classic Telegram app shines in its simplicity and stability. By identifying what you prioritize in a messaging app – be it aesthetics, battery life, features, or familiarity – you can make an informed decision. Whichever you choose, Telegram's commitment to user experience and security remains unparalleled.


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