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My Telegram is Not Working - 15 Easy Fixes - Android iPhone [2024] 💥

My Telegram is Not Working - 15 Easy Fixes - Android iPhone

Experiencing issues with Telegram on your Android or iPhone? Fret not! We're here to provide you with easy fixes to get your app running smoothly again. From connectivity issues to login troubles, we’ve got you covered.


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1. Check Your Internet Connection

Telegram support suggests that a stable internet connection is essential for the app's smooth functionality. Firstly, ensure that you're connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. Try accessing other apps or websites. If they’re working, your internet connection isn't the issue. However, if they're not, consider rebooting your router or contacting your service provider.

2. Restart Your Device

It may sound cliché, but turning your device off and on again can solve a multitude of issues. Whether you're on an Android or iPhone, give it a quick restart to see if the problem with Telegram resolves.

3. Update the App

An outdated version of Telegram might be the reason for its malfunctioning. Head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and see if there's an update available. Keeping the app updated ensures you have the latest features and bug fixes.

4. Clear Cache and Data (Android Only)

Accumulated cache and data might sometimes interfere with the app's performance. Go to Settings > Apps > Telegram > Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data. Note that clearing data might log you out from the app, so ensure you remember your credentials.

5. Reinstall the App

If the above methods don’t work, try reinstalling Telegram. Uninstall it from your device, download it again from the respective app store, and then log in. This process often resolves any persistent bugs.

6. Ensure You're Not Blocked

Experiencing problems sending messages? It's possible the person you're trying to reach has blocked you. You can verify this by checking if you see the "last seen" status. If it's hidden, there's a chance you’ve been blocked. For more information on privacy, you can read our guide on how to adjust Telegram privacy settings.

7. Check for Active Sessions

If you suspect someone else might be using your Telegram account, it’s vital to check active sessions. Ensure there are no unauthorized devices logged into your account. If you find any, terminate those sessions immediately.

8. 2-Step Verification Issues

2-Step Verification adds an extra layer of security to your Telegram account. If you've enabled it and are having trouble logging in, make sure you're entering the correct password. If you've forgotten it, there might be a recovery method provided during the setup. Always maintain a balance between security and accessibility by remembering or storing your passwords securely.

9. Use Telegram Web

If your app isn't working, try accessing your messages via Telegram Web. If the web version works perfectly, the issue might be localized to your phone or the mobile app.

10. Check Telegram’s Server Status

Occasionally, the problem might not be on your end. Telegram servers might be down for maintenance or experiencing issues. Check Telegram’s official social media channels or news updates to see if they’ve reported any outages.

11. Enable Background App Refresh (iPhone Only)

For iPhones, ensure that the Background App Refresh is enabled for Telegram. This can be found in Settings > General > Background App Refresh. It helps the app to work smoothly and fetch new messages even when it’s not open.

12. Secret Chat Issues

If you're facing problems with Telegram’s secret chats, remember that these chats are device-specific. You cannot access them from other devices or the web version. Ensure you're on the correct device where the secret chat was initiated.

13. Adjust Notification Settings

Not receiving notifications? Check your phone settings to make sure you've granted Telegram the necessary permissions. You can also adjust notification settings within the app to ensure you're not missing out on any messages. Want to know more about securing your Telegram app? Here’s our guide on how to set up a passlock code.

14. Login Issues

Having trouble logging in? Telegram’s FAQ might have the solution. Remember, you need to input your phone number, including the country code, without any leading zeros or "+" signs. If you're still having problems, consider reaching out to Telegram support.

15. Contact Telegram Support

If all else fails, your best bet is to reach out directly to Telegram Support. Fill in the form, explaining your issue in detail, and they should get back to you with a solution.

In conclusion, while it can be frustrating when apps like Telegram don't work as expected, there are often straightforward solutions to most problems. By following the above steps, you'll likely find a fix to get Telegram running smoothly on your Android or iPhone again.


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