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Animated Stickers on Telegram: Creation and Usage [2024] 💥

Animated Stickers on Telegram: Creation and Usage

Telegram, a prominent messaging platform, offers users an interactive way to communicate with animated stickers. Not only do these animated stickers make chats lively, but they also allow users to express themselves creatively. This article delves deep into creating and using animated stickers on Telegram, ensuring you get the best out of this unique feature.


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Why Animated Stickers are Popular on Telegram

Telegram FAQ highlights that animated stickers are not just a fun element; they're a powerful tool for engagement. When compared to static stickers, animated ones capture attention swiftly, making conversations lively and memorable. Besides, Telegram has made it incredibly user-friendly to create, share, and use these stickers, contributing to their popularity.

Creating Animated Stickers for Telegram

Before diving into the creation process, it's essential to note that Telegram has specific guidelines and standards for animated stickers. Meeting these ensures that your stickers are of high quality and can be used seamlessly across the platform.

1. Preparing Your Animated Sticker File

The first step is designing your sticker. Most artists prefer using software like Adobe After Effects or Adobe Animate. Remember, the sticker should be 512x512 pixels in size, loop smoothly, and last not more than 3 seconds.

2. Exporting the Animation

Once your design is ready, export it as a .TGS file, which is Telegram's specific format for animated stickers. This ensures optimal compression and quality. Many tools online can help you convert common animation formats to .TGS.

3. Using the Stickers Bot

Telegram has a dedicated bot for stickers, aptly named Stickers Bot. Start a chat with this bot and follow the prompts. You'll be guided to upload your .TGS file, after which the bot will create a sticker pack for you. You can add multiple stickers to one pack, making it easier to share and distribute.

Using Animated Stickers on Telegram

Telegram's guide simplifies the usage of animated stickers. Once a sticker pack is created, or if you receive one from a friend, it gets added to your sticker library. From there, it's as simple as tapping on the sticker you want to use and sending it in a chat.

Enhancing Security While Using Stickers

Telegram's 2-Step Verification ensures that your account remains secure while you enjoy features like animated stickers. It's always a good practice to enable this, ensuring that your chats and sticker packs remain private.

If you need more granular control over your Telegram sessions, you might find our guide on how to check active sessions on Android and iPhone beneficial. Regularly reviewing these sessions can ensure that your account isn't being accessed from unknown devices.

Secret Chats and Stickers

While animated stickers are fun, ensuring privacy during chats is paramount. Telegram's secret chats feature provides end-to-end encryption, ensuring that no third party, not even Telegram, can read your messages. When using stickers in secret chats, they're encrypted just like your text messages, ensuring complete confidentiality.

For a deeper understanding of how you can maintain privacy on Telegram, take a look at our guide on adjusting privacy settings on Android and iPhone. If you're also keen on an extra layer of security, our tutorial on setting up a passlock code on Android and iPhone will be beneficial.

Seeking Help with Animated Stickers

If you encounter challenges or have questions about animated stickers, Telegram's support form is always available to assist. Their responsive team will guide you, ensuring that your sticker creation and usage experience is smooth.


Animated stickers on Telegram have revolutionized the way users interact on the platform. They're more than just fun additions; they're expressions, reactions, and sometimes, even statements. By creating personalized stickers and using them responsibly, every Telegram user can make their chatting experience more lively and engaging.


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