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Mommy Blogs: Celebrating Motherhood with 20 Feminine WordPress Themes [2023] 💥

Celebrating Motherhood with 20 Feminine WordPress Themes

The digital age has given mothers a unique platform to share their journeys, connect with fellow moms, and transform their passions into successful online businesses. Whether you're sharing personal stories, favorite recipes, fashion tips, or parenting advice, the aesthetics of your blog play a crucial role in attracting and retaining readers. This article introduces you to a curated selection of the finest feminine WordPress themes available today. Whether you're a newbie blogger or a seasoned professional, there's a theme here that's perfect for you.


1. ChicSplendid

ChicSplendid is the quintessence of sophistication and elegance combined. Designed specifically for female bloggers and entrepreneurs, this theme offers a blend of modern design and timeless beauty.

Key Features:
  • Fully responsive design
  • Customizable color palette
  • Multiple layout options
  • Integrated social media icons
  • SEO-friendly

2. Astra

Astra is a powerhouse of flexibility and performance. Despite being lightweight, it offers an extensive library of pre-designed templates, making it suitable for any niche.

Key Features:
  • Super-fast performance
  • Extensive library of starter templates
  • SEO optimized
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Custom layout settings

3. Fargo

Fargo stands out with its artistic flair, making it perfect for photographers and creatives. It's not just about aesthetics; Fargo ensures your content shines with the same brilliance as your visuals.

Key Features:
  • Unique portfolio grid
  • Responsive and retina ready
  • Customizable fonts and colors
  • Smooth parallax scrolling
  • Integrated with popular plugins

4. Velure

Velure embodies a trendy, magazine-style design with a myriad of post and layout options. It's a match made in heaven for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers.

Key Features:
  • Featured slider and posts area
  • Multiple blog layouts
  • Sticky navigation menu
  • Color and font customizations
  • WooCommerce support

5. Ashe Pro

Ashe Pro combines minimalistic design with powerful functionality. Its clean, clutter-free layout is especially conducive for bloggers who want their content to take center stage.

Key Features:
  • Responsive & retina ready
  • One-click demo import
  • Custom widgets & footer Instagram slider
  • Translation and RTL ready
  • Multiple post formats support

6. Magazine Pro

Magazine Pro is tailor-made for those who aim to build an online magazine or news portal. Its crisp typography and flexible layout options ensure your content gets the spotlight it deserves.

Key Features:
  • Advanced typography settings
  • SEO optimized and schema integrated
  • Multiple header layouts
  • AdSense optimized
  • Speed optimized for better user experience

7. ChicServe

ChicServe is a go-to for female service providers. This theme doesn't just look pretty; it's built to convert your visitors into paying clients.

Key Features:
  • Optimized for service providers
  • Multiple layout configurations
  • Customizable header & footer
  • Newsletter signup form
  • Testimonial showcase

8. Vandana

Vandana is crafted with coaches, speakers, mentors, and consultants in mind. It's not only visually appealing but also optimized for lead generation.

Key Features:
  • Strategically placed newsletter section
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • SEO optimized & schema friendly
  • Speed optimized
  • One-click demo content import

9. ChicRadiant

ChicRadiant appeals to those who adore modernity intertwined with classic charm. This theme is perfect for the creative soul who wants to stand out.

Key Features:
  • Responsive design & retina ready
  • Multiple homepage layouts
  • SEO-friendly coding
  • Custom widgets and page templates
  • Easy color customization

10. Noah

Noah brings a contemporary design aesthetic that suits photographers and visual artists alike. With its exquisite image layouts and smooth transitions, it offers an incredible user experience. The theme's adaptive design ensures that your content looks stunning regardless of the device or screen size.

Key Features:
  • Unique gallery layouts.
  • Smooth animations and transitions.
  • Adaptive image rendering for various screen sizes.
  • Custom fonts integration.
  • Easy customization with no coding required.

11. Velure

Velure embodies elegance and sophistication, ideal for lifestyle and fashion bloggers. Its soft color palette and striking typography make it a top choice for those looking to make an impression. It comes with a variety of post layout options and an Instagram bar integration.

Key Features:
  • Several unique homepage layouts.
  • WooCommerce ready for online sales.
  • Instagram bar integration.
  • Flexible customization options.
  • Sticky navigation menu.

12. Superb Pixels

Superb Pixels is, as its name suggests, perfect for those who prioritize sharpness and clarity in their content presentation. With a minimalist design, it allows your content to shine without distractions. It's particularly suitable for photographers, artists, and designers.

Key Features:
  • Crisp, minimalist design.
  • Customizable header and footer.
  • SEO optimized for better rankings.
  • Fast loading times.
  • Responsive design for mobile and tablets.

13. Bard Pro

Bard Pro is a creative and stylish theme designed for writing and reading. With a focus on typography, it provides a delightful user experience for bloggers and readers alike. Whether you're sharing stories or informative articles, Bard Pro elevates your content presentation.

Key Features:
  • Typography-centric design.
  • Multiple post format support.
  • WooCommerce compatible.
  • Custom widgets and post sliders.
  • One-click demo import feature.

14. Magazine Pro

Magazine Pro offers a professional layout catering to news and magazine websites. With its adaptive design, you can feature a multitude of articles in a structured manner, ensuring readers don't miss out on any content.

Key Features:
  • Multiple category page layouts.
  • Newsletter section for email capture.
  • Advertisement ready.
  • SEO optimized for search performance.
  • WooCommerce compatible.

15. ChicSplendid

ChicSplendid offers a delicate balance of luxury and simplicity. Ideal for mommy bloggers looking to showcase their daily adventures, favorite products, or parenting tips. Its design encapsulates a sense of grace, making it a must-have for those looking for a blend of functionality and beauty.

Key Features:
  • Responsive design for mobile optimization.
  • WooCommerce ready for a seamless shopping experience.
  • Multiple layout options for homepage and blog pages.
  • Customizable header and footer regions.
  • SEO optimized to boost your blog’s visibility.

16. Petite Stories

Petite Stories is a minimalist WordPress theme tailored for storytelling. This theme, with its clean design, allows for easy navigation and emphasizes your stories, making it perfect for sharing all the sweet moments and challenges of motherhood.

Key Features:
  • Intuitive theme customizer with real-time previews.
  • Optimized for speed and performance.
  • Custom widgets to enhance functionality.
  • Multiple post format support.
  • SEO friendly to rank higher in search results.

17. Fargo

Fargo stands out with its bold, distinctive design that is well-suited for visual artists and photographers, but also for mothers wanting to document and share their journey visually. It's a canvas for your memories, capturing the essence of every special moment.

Key Features:
  • Full-screen galleries for impactful visual storytelling.
  • Dynamic and adaptive image display.
  • Easy-to-use project builder.
  • Customizable fonts and colors.
  • Optimized for speed and SEO.

18. Vasco

Vasco is a travel blog theme with a unique twist, making it just as fitting for charting the unpredictable journey of motherhood. It offers varied layouts and customization options that enable bloggers to create a site as dynamic and multifaceted as their adventures.

Key Features:
  • Modular system for a customizable homepage.
  • Visual style manager for easy personalization.
  • Native fonts integration.
  • Dynamic page layouts.
  • Adaptive image loading for faster performance.

19. Fashion Pro

Fashion Pro is a chic theme designed specifically for fashion bloggers, making it an excellent choice for stylish mommies out there. Showcase the latest trends, your family's outfits, or even daily mommy attire with this polished and sophisticated theme.

Key Features:
  • Multiple homepage sections with easy drag-and-drop customization.
  • Newsletter section integrated with Mailchimp.
  • SEO optimized for organic traffic.
  • Speed optimized for better performance.
  • WooCommerce ready for online shop integration.

20. Shopexcel Pro

Shopexcel Pro takes the online shopping experience to the next level. For mommy bloggers who review products, offer recommendations, or even sell their own products, this theme provides a seamless shopping experience for visitors.

Key Features:
  • Dynamic product search for easy navigation.
  • Featured product display on the homepage.
  • Multiple blog page layouts.
  • One-click demo import for a swift setup.
  • Speed and SEO optimized for a seamless user experience.


Whether you're starting your mommy blog journey or revamping your existing site, WordPress offers a plethora of feminine themes to help you make your mark in the blogging world. Choosing the right theme is crucial, as it not only reflects your style but also the essence of your content. From visually-rich designs like Fargo to chic styles like Fashion Pro, there's something for every mommy out there. For those focusing on photography, don't miss our compilation of 20 Feminine WordPress Themes for Photographers.

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