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Extra vs Ashe comparison [2024] 💥

Extra vs Ashe

EXTRA THEME (Ashe vs Extra)

The Extra Theme excels in options for blogs and magazines...

Extra Theme Review

The Extra Theme was introduced to the public in 2015 by Elegant Themes marketed as the second most important theme next to their bestseller, the Divi Theme. Extra comes with the same page builder and structure as the Divi Theme, which is highly praised for this. The DiviBuilder, together with Elementor, is the best available in this area. I personally rate the Divibuilder a bit higher. Elementor works very nicely but it doesn't have a real inline text editor (yet). The Extra Theme is therefore equipped as standard with the best possible components.

Extra Theme Ratings

Elegant Themes does not have a rating system on its own site like many other themes, but their rating is maintained by independent websites, which is much more impressive. Click here to take an instant look at the ratings on these sites. Let's set the average rating at about 4.93 out of 5. Those are such great numbers that no other theme or company can match. There are at most a few free themes that have such ratings on Wordpress.org.

Extra Theme Review Rating

Extra Theme Review: Speed

Elegant Themes took the fast loading of their themes pretty seriously about a year ago and made remarkable improvements. Both Divi Theme and Extra Theme have benefited greatly from this and scored fast loading times.

Extra Theme Review Loading Speed

Extra Theme: Blog Lay-out Builder

They call it the Category Builder themselves. With this tool you can build exactly that homepage or other pages as you had in mind. At the top, of course, features posts and in the columns post from different categories or carousels with posts. All very clear, a great tool.

Extra Theme Review Blog Lay-out Builder

Extra Theme: Blog Demo Lay-outs

The Extra Theme also gives you quite a few default homepage layouts that you can use as a starter. Actually superfluous with the presence of the Category Builder that I discussed above, but certainly good to give you an idea of what is possible.

Extra Theme Review Blog Demo Lay-outs

Extra Theme: Blog Page Lay-outs

The posts or page content can also be completely adapted to your wishes. Extra makes your blog shine, the pages look very slick. The DiviBuilder is a master at building beautiful pages quickly with just a little bit of experience with the page builder.

Extra Theme Review Blog Page Lay-outs

Extra Theme: Blog Post Formats

The Extra Theme offers 7 different types of posts that you can use for your articles such as Video Posts, Ads Posts, Featured posts, Masonry posts, Carousel posts, Review posts, standard blog posts, or Tabbed Blog Posts. As mentioned, the Extra Theme is one of the best themes for building blog websites and related items due to its many options.

Extra Theme Review Blog Post Formats

Extra-Theme: Review all kinds of Products

You can easily turn your blog into a review site as the Extra Theme already has special options built in for this. For writers of reviews like myself actually optimal. Maybe I should start using Extra for my next project.

Extra Theme Review Products

Extra Theme: Modules

The Extra Theme is packed with modules that a professional blog might need. Already discussed above in "Blog Posts Layouts" there are no less than 7 different types of posts that you can use for your articles such as Video Posts, Ads Posts, Featured Posts, Masonry, Carousel etcetera. I'm not going to list the rest, they're all in the black image below.

Extra Theme Review Modules

Extra Theme: Review and Share

Under your posts, you can choose whether people can leave a rating in the form of stars and comments, and whether your posts can be shared by them on social media.

Extra Theme Review and Share

Extra Theme Review: Headers

To start with, all headers are provided with Advanced Mega Menus that make the sub-tabs look beautiful and easy to scroll and clear for your visitors. As for the headers themselves, you will find quite a number of pre-styled headers that you can use for your website with 1 click. Further adjustments can be made with the HeaderBuilder.

Extra Theme Review Headers

Extra Theme Review: Portfolios

Would you also like to show a showcase or portfolio to your audience in your blog? No problem because the Extra Theme has practically all the great options that the Divi Theme has for portfolios.

Extra Theme Review Portfolio

Extra Theme: Woocommerce Webshop

Some of you will certainly want to sell things through his website in addition to having a blog. The Extra Theme is of course at home in all markets and offers particularly attractive layouts for shops. Of course you have all possible Woocommerce elements and options at your disposal via the DiviBuilder. I'm not going to show all of that here, but rather read my Divi Theme, the Extra Theme has the same options, such as different shop styles. Incidentally, you also get Divi if you want to purchase the Extra Theme.

Extra Theme Review Woocommerce Webshop

Below you can watch a video of the Extra Theme created by its builders: Elegant Themes.

Extra Theme Youtube Video

Extra Theme review conclusion

Extra left a very good impression on me. The Theme has impressive and many options for blogs and is an absolute must. The fact that the DiviBuilder is already optimized in this theme is of course also great. There is no better page builder to work with and exceeds even Elementor. The Extra Theme is not for sale separately but comes for only 89 dollars minus discounts that are often there together with Divi, the DiviBuilder as a separate plugin + a number of other elite plugins and 86 other themes as a package. I don't think there is a better deal in the web design world, an absolute must for every design agency.

Visit Extra Theme

ASHE THEME (Ashe vs Extra)

Ashe Theme review

In this Ashe Theme review we take a look at key features of this theme. Ashe has a virtually flawless rating on Wordpress.org and is currently installed on over 60.002+ websites. It is a blogger specific theme, but works perfectly with Elementor page builder and Woocommerce.

Ashe theme review: Rating

Ashe theme review rating

If we check Ashe's rating on Wordpress.org, we see that practically all raters gave 5 stars out of two haters after then. The image above also shows that the theme has now been installed on more than 60,002+ websites. For a theme that is practically only used by bloggers, that is a very high number.

Ashe theme review: Demos

Ashe Theme review demos

The Ashe theme offers a series of beautiful demos that can be installed with 1 click. The choice is quite wide but will certainly be expanded even further. The cool thing about demos is that you can get started quickly with them. The website is already online but with the wrong photos and texts. So place your logo in it, adjust texts and photos and you are well on your way to having your own site.

Ashe theme review: Webshops

The theme is 100% compatible with Woocommerce, but if you are going to build a webshop then choose a theme like Astra or another theme from my top 10 for webshop themes. With the Ashe theme you can certainly build a good webshop, but there is simply better than this. Ashe is a real blogger theme.

Ashe Theme review webshops

Ashe theme review: Speed

Ashe Theme review loading speed

The Ashe theme is one of the fastest themes out there for Wordpress and should actually be in my selection for fastest WP themes. The bare theme with no extra plugins with just a well-configured cache plugin produced the result presented above. Of course you can optimize your website yourself for loading time. Follow this tutorial here.

Ashe theme: Editor/Pagebuilder

Ashe Theme review customizer

Ashe Theme review Elementor

The Ashe theme uses the Gutenberg pagebuilder by default, but is compatible with Beaverbuilder and is even supported by Elementor Pro page builder recommended as a great theme to work with. I know few other themes that received a recommendation from Elementor. I definitely recommend installing Elementor for free, but even better, the pro version.

Ashe theme review: Colors

Ashe offers a color palette that allows you to create any color you want and use it in your content, header and footer. Ashe also offers special font options such as the choice of 12 font pairs that are used site-wide.

Ashe Theme review color mixer

Ashe: More features

Ashe also offers the following features that I won't go into in detail: 100% Responsive on all devices, Sticky Header, CSS Pre-loading, Featured Slider, Promo Boxes, Translation & RTL ready Ashe is built with SEO in mind. Check their site for these features if this review has piqued your interest.

Ashe theme review: Conclusion

It is a fact that Elementor was full of praise for the themes of WP-Royal and for good reason. I also personally believe that this theme is one of the best to build a blog with because of its options and appearance. In principle, all themes from WP-Royal like Ashe, have a beautiful feminine appearance in one way or another. A real blogger should have this theme 100% certainly in his collection of themes.

Ashe vs Extra Conclusion

First of all, thank you for reading this Ashe vs Extra comparison to the end. I'll start with the good points Ashe has to offer. The designs are very unique and particularly suitable for female bloggers. The theme loads quickly, and offers everything a good blog needs plus options for expanding with a webshop. On the other hand, we have Extra, which is actually Divi but the "Extra" version means that it is specialized for blogs. Knowing how good the Divi Theme and the DiviBuilder are, we can only declare Extra as the best theme here. Ashe is of course a lot cheaper and in the end the choice is yours.


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