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Best Divi vs Elementor comparison [2021]

Divi vs Elementor


Two extremely popular WordPress page builders under the microscope!

Both the worldwide best-selling Wordpress theme Divi with his DiviBuilder, made by the boys of Elegant Themes, as the also super popular Elementor page builder steal the show today. There are a number of other good page builders out there, but these 2 are the best.

The Divi Builder and the Elementor pagebuilder can be used in practically any Wordpress theme. The main difference between the two page builders is that Elementor has a free version and is therefore used a bit more than Divi. Elementor runs on 3 million websites. On the other hand, much more money has been made with Divi. I start in this Divi vs elementor comparison with Divi, which doesn't mean it would be better.

DIVI REVIEW (Divi vs Elementor)

What is Divi? Divi is the absolute top product from Elegant Themes. This theme has been sold more than 767.154+ times worldwide due to its versatility, diversity, precision with the creation of website components and its fantastic page builder. The Divi package comes as a theme with pagebuilder and so I will discuss the whole, not just the DiviBuilder pagebuilder.


The first version of DIVI came on the market in 2013 and was an instant success, but became better and better over time and eventually became the most popular theme for Wordpress. In terms of quality, other Themes with pagebuilder slowly came close to Divi, but Divi recently released its latest version 4.0 and is taking a step back.

Divi 4 Theme builder

Divi Theme Builder

Yes you are right, we are talking about Theme Builder and not about Page Builder anymore. DIVI has always been known for its very precise and beautifully working front-end Page builder. However, with Divi 4 there are a number of major updates that literally let every part of your website be edited, exported and imported for use in other websites. We are talking about posts, pages, search pages, 404 pages, footers, headers, archive pages, category pages of your blog. Everything can now be adjusted.

Woo Builder

Divi Woobuilder

What is the Woo Builder? Since its version 4, Divi now works perfectly with the most popular Webshop plug-in Woocommerce. The Woo Builder lets you perfectly edit and style all category pages and product pages of your webshop. Until now, HTML and CSS knowledge was required to style these types of pages. Now no longer with the Divi-4 Theme builder for Woocommerce. The same applies to check-out pages and all other shop pages.

Divi webshops

This theme works hand in hand with Woocommerce, the most popular plug-in for web shops. Divi offers a special shop module that you can install if you are going to build a webshop! I can't explain it better than Elegant Themes itself so watch the video below and you will immediately know everything. Takes only 10 minutes.

Divi Drag & Drop Visual page builder

The drag & drop Page Builder is the perfect tool for building pages at lightning speed. The is one of the features that have made the Divi Theme so popular. Of course everything has improved since version 4. Compared to other Page Builder, the Divi Builder is delightful and well-arranged.

Divi visual editor

Divi 4.0 Review video

To quickly get an impression of the improvements since Divi 4.0, it is a good idea to quickly watch the video below, which takes 4 minutes.

Divi vs Elementor: Drag & Drop

Elements can be dragged within the editor using drag & drop, sections can be scaled (also with your mouse) and so you quickly build the layout for your page that you had in mind. (shown in video)

Divi Fonts and Text Styling

Being able to adjust more than 600 different fonts in every possible way? This is possible with the Divi text editor. Almost as many options as in a program like Photoshop. There are more page builders with good editors, but the Divi editor is the crown here.

For some time the DIVI THEME received its front-end WYSIWYG visual editor during a previous upgrade. During your work you always have a live preview of what the site will look like. Everything can be clicked, moved and you have access to an inline text editor with 600 fonts.

Divi text editor

With the help of the drag & drop editor you can move items, sections and columns very quickly or add new ones. Using your mouse, resizing is also an option, working with this editor is a pleasure. It is extremely easy to create exactly the layout that you have in mind.

Divi History

Divi history editor

The Divi history editor works much like the same function that Wordpress itself has but much better and clearer. This function allows you unlimited access to previous edits. Very useful if you have done a few things wrong to be able to fall back on an earlier state of your page or post.

Divi content modules

Divi content modules

Under the Divi page modules you will find everything standard modules that all editors have. Think of galleries, buttons, text, images, etc. But DIVI offers much more. You also have the choice of modules for which you would have to install additional plug-ins with a different editor such as price tables, sliders, sliders, portfolios, testimonials and more. You also have access to all Woocommerce modules of course.

Divi vs Elementor: Pre-made layouts and templates

The Divi Builder currently has +800 layouts, that is excluding the +100 website packs. With virtually every upgrade, new layouts and packs are added. Both the packs and the individual page layouts can be placed anywhere on your website. This works much faster than making your pages from scratch which is of course possible.

Divi designs

Each of these pre-created layouts can be edited via the aforementioned Divi Builder, giving you sufficient control over what your website looks like. After you have made your adjustments, you can save your own layouts for repeated / future use.

Ready-made layouts

Divi Ready-made homepage lay-outs

Divi has a series of impressive portfolio layouts with which you can present your work in a particularly beautiful way.

Divi portfolio lay-outs

Open source photos

Divi intern page lay-outs

DIVI brings out new layout packages with practically every new version. These are usually announced in advance via the blog of Elegant Themes. In this extensive library of demos you will find a large collection of images that you can use. These are open source photos with which you can do whatever you want, these are also included in the demos. Other themes use stock photos in their demo on their site, but if you install a demo these photos are not included. Instead, images with demo are used, which is not pleasant. These must all be replaced by you, so a lot of work.

Divi leads split test tool

This perfect SEO tool gives you the opportunity to create different layouts and these are shown half-half to your visitors. This way you can see which version has the most effect, so conversion. The same applies to texts, buttons, and other call 2 action items. This way you learn what works and what doesn't work on your site. No other theme has such a tool. When I wrote this Divi vs Elementor review, it immediately caught my eye, it is a great tool. This tool is already available from Divi 2.7 and has since been improved, but just as impressive.

Divi SEO optimization tool

The A-B test tool from Divi Leads makes guesswork superfluous, one can now actually see what works better on a website. Of course it is labor-intensive to create websites in this way, but for affiliate marketers and companies that need to be found very well, the tool is of course perfect.

Divi AB-test tool 2

The tool works very easily. You click on any element in your design and the option is offered to create multiple variants. If you have finished this work, you only have to wait for the results. Depending on how well visited a page is, this will take a few weeks to be sure what works better and that there is no coincidence in the game.

Theme options

The Divi theme options have their own panel, an unprecedented number of changes can be made to your website here. Everything that needs to be set on the theme can be found here. Every premium theme comes with such a panel, but Divi offers a lot of settings, some say too much.

Divi theme options

Transferability between websites

For people with multiple sites or professional web designers, it is important to be able to work quickly and with ease. Here Divi comes out really well. With DIVI, it is extremely easy to export complete designs, settings, pages, footers, and practically everything else you want from one site and import it into another. It is never necessary to perform a task multiple times, you simply copy your work to the following website. This saves time and effort.

Divi membership fees

Divi membership fees

You can become a member of Elegant Themes for $ 89 a year, sometimes there are offers and you have it cheaper. With this you have access to Divi, but also the Extra Theme and 86 other premium themes. I would almost forget the many plug-ins and other extras. In short, for a little bit more than another premium theme costs, you get this complete package. So value for money.

Another and in my opinion more interesting options is a membership for life for the price of $ 249. You get exactly the same and are entitled to all upgrades and access to all forums. The only difference is that you have already saved money after 3 years.

Do you want to try Divi without risk? That's possible because you can request a refund for 30 days if you were not satisfied. These 30 days you just have unlimited access to everything that other members have.

Divi conclusion

DIVI is a great theme that is well worth the money. It would be worth its price without all the extra themes and plug-ins. That also applies to Elementor, I already mention here, that is only a theme no membership.

To Divi website!

ELEMENTOR REVIEW (Divi vs Elementor)

Elementor pagebuilder review

The Elementor page builder is booming. In the meantime Elementor has been installed on 5,000,000+ sites, an impressive number, although we are of course talking about free and pro versions. Elementor can be compared to the best themes out there in terms of possibilities such as the Divi Theme. That's because Elementor lets you download their free Hello Elementor theme, which basically comes with Elementor.

You do not need another theme with Elementor although it could be better to my taste and recommend that if you have the money for it you use Astra Pro as a supporting theme , or optionally Astra Free. This offers many more possibilities, but as said Hello Elementor is enough, although the theme has practically nothing in it. It only provides a framework for making Elementor work perfectly.

Elementor Pagebuilder review video

Watch the video below, it will give you a good idea of how to get started with the editor/page builder yourself. This is a very simple short video, but very clear.

Elementor Navigator review

The Navigator is still fairly new to Elementor and lets you edit each individual element through this Navigator. Just right click on an element and you will get a pop-up menu with all kinds of options especially for this element. Very useful, check out the video below to see the Navigator at work.

Elementor Editor

Elementor has the most advanced editor along with Divi-Builder. Everything, including footers, headers and the total content can be adjusted front-end. From the start that you start working with Elementor it will seem as if you have known the editor for years, everything is so clear and smooth.

Elementor Finder

Elementor has the perfect search system to find anything you want in an instant. This applies to all types of pages within your website as well as, for example, a widget that you are looking for.

Elementor Reuser

Elementor allows you to store anything you want in memory to use on other pages. This way you can present not only custom elements or blocks, but complete sections in seconds on new pages you are working on. A great feature.

Elementor Motion effects

Parallax scrolling effects that can be used by everyone. Elementor Motion effects is the cream of the crop in this field and any beginner can use it, as well as all the other features that Elementor offers.

Elementor Freehand

One editor is not the other and some can be worked more precisely than others. They call it Elementor Freehand and placing elements perfectly is a simple task with Elementor.

Elementor review Shape Dividers

A more impressive feature without requiring much effort for the builder are Elementor's Shape Dividers. Easily build stunning pop-out backgrounds behind transparent photos. I must honestly say that most of the features were first seen in the Divi Theme but despite the fact that a lot was copied from Divi, the quality of the feature is very high.

Elementor colors & fonts

Of course, Elementor also has the function of being able to adjust fonts and colors all over the site at the same time. In principle, all good themes have had this for about 7 years, but a little less advanced than Elementor.

Elementor pagebuilder review kleuren & lettertypes

Elementor Landing Page Builder

The best Landing Page Builder says Elementor and it's all beautiful. But I certainly think Thrive Architect is better for Landing Pages. Thrive Architect is also a very good page builder and specializes in Leads and Conversion and has many beautiful Landing Pages.

Elementor pagebuilder review Landing Page Builder

Elementor Pop Up Builder

With Elementor you have the best possible popups and build them without much effort. Forget about pop-up plugins because you don't need them anymore. Click on the image below for more info about the Pop Up Builder.

Elementor pagebuilder review Pop Up Builder

Elementor Forms

And plugins for building forms are also redundant with Elementor. It has a Formbuilder in it that can measure itself with the top in this area. Click on the image below for more information about the Formbuilder.

Elementor pagebuilder Formbuilder

Elementor Elements

Elementor Pro has an unprecedented number of elements, but the free version also has enough. Additionally there are Theme elements and Woocommerce elements.

Elementor pagebuilder basic elements

Bekijk Woocommerce en Theme elementen

Elementor review Themebuilder

The Theme Builder gives a quick overview of all your pages. This way you can quickly see where something goes wrong or is missing. This way you can check your site better, you can quickly check if your site looks the same everywhere and it saves a lot of time too.

Elementor & Woocommerce

Above in the "Elements" chapter you will find the link to the additional Woocommerce widgets, but Elementor offers a lot more. For starters as seen below, lots and beautiful demo templates & kits. You can view these demos for both the free and pro versions here.

Elementor page builder Woocommerce demos

Watch a small video below on how to create product and archive pages in Elementor for Woocommerce.

Elementor Pricing

Elementor review pricing

Elementor review conclusion

There is so much more to say about Elementor, but if your interest was piqued, you can check it all out on their own site. I think there is no denying that Elementor is one of the 2 top page builders along with Divi. Elementor is well worth the money.

Divi vs Elementor: Conclusion

My personal conclusion is that both page builders are great to work with, although I prefer Divi. At Divi, however, one gets 5 times more value for money, I think, certainly with a "for life" membership. For unlimited sites for a year, you pay almost the price at Elementor that Divi gives you for the rest of your life. It is no comparison.

I could mention much more in this review for Elementor vs Divi but I think I you have given a good impression of both candidates. Many reviews make whole lists with negatives, I have tried to avoid negativity as much as possible. Both themes are great and my opinion is that you can hardly fault it.




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