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The best Wordpress themes for 2020 (Premium themes)

The best Wordpress themes for 2020

Experienced web designer shows you his favorite top 10 in Wordpress themes. We discuss each of these best themes for 2020 separately. You are probably looking for a great theme to build your website with. This is my advice.

All these 10 themes are a winner in their own way. They are full of ready-made demo websites and page layouts so that you can work at lightning speed. They all house a good page builder, sometimes self-designed, sometimes from a third party who will make your work a lot easier.

These best Wordpress themes can of course be used piece by piece for creating a blog, webshop, company website or personal website. Certainly with regard to e-commerce possibilities you are in good hands with practically any of these themes. All these themes are packed with options, settings and functions, so you won't need many plug-ins.

It is not for nothing that these themes are so popular and some have been sold more than 500,000 times.

My top 10 very best WP themes 2020

1. Divi

Divi Wordpress theme

Divi by Elegant Themes is the most popular theme in the world. This is the topper in their themes package (86 premium themes for $ 89.00) and is suitable for creating any type of Wordpress website.

Divi is also so popular because of its front-end page builder that can also be used in other themes, The Divibuilder. Everything works with drag & drop and you see "live" the changes, you do not work in the back-end but in the site as you see it online. You build a structure with a number of columns and then fill it super fast with text blocks, images and plug-ins (including buttons, galleries, sliders, price tables, customer ratings, forms).

With the many ready-made homepage layouts and all the essential pages that a website needs, you can build your website very quickly with 1. Divi, especially if you have gained a little bit of experience with it. The same goes for web shops, because Divi is completely prepared for the use of plug-ins for shops like the Woocommerce plug-in.

One of the newest gadgets in Divi is the split test tool. This allows you to optimize elements on your website by creating a different version of a page and offering it distributed to your visitors. You can see which page is the most effective. The import & export function is also very handy so that you can immediately import your favorite settings into a new project.

Divi gets better with every new version. This theme is the absolute favorite of many hobbyists and professional web builders.

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2. Extra Theme

Extra best Wordpress theme

Extra is een ander theme van Elegant Themes just like the number 1 in the list here, Divi. Extra is a theme that has been specially developed for blogs and newspaper websites, possibly in combination with a shop because it works very well with the Woocommerce plug-in.

This theme has the most popular page builder Divibuilder as the heart of the CMS and works flawlessly with drag & drop for all 40 modules for this theme. Everything can be adjusted and styled quickly and easily. It also has custom banner options with which you can easily provide your site with ads. It features an advanced dropdown mega menu which looks great.

Further has Extra various widgets specially developed for bloggers such as a recent post widget, a social media widget, and an author widget.

The Extra theme may require you to increase the memory limit for the server from 64 to 128 at least (256 or 512 is also allowed). You do this by adding the code below to your wp-config.php.

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M');

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3. Avada

Best Wordpress themes

Avada is the flagship of the Fusion Team and, has been sold just a bit less then Divi: 475,000 times. This earned the builder 7.5 million dollars, half for the builders and half for Themeforest where the theme is sold. The good thing about such successful themes is that they will never be taken off the market, so that in the future you will always have upgrades for your website. As far as support is concerned, you in good hands, just like at Divi.

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4. Monstroid-2

Monstroid-2 Wordpress theme

For me, the best Wordpress theme to build web shops is, Monstroid-2. This best Wordpress webshop theme has the Elementor page builder as standard, this page builder can be compared with the quality of the Divi Builder. There are also people who prefer it to the Divi Builder.

My personal opinion regarding these 3 themes as multipurpose themes is the following: Both the Divi Theme and Monstroid-2 work very well, I am less impressed by Avada. This also because the standard font, the standard color and layout are very recognizable so that everyone can immediately see with which theme your site was built with. Furthermore, it is that Divi Theme and Monstroid-2 can be purchased in a bundle so that one immediately has access to dozens of premium themes and plug-ins, that is not the case with Avada.

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5. TheGem

TheGem best Wordpress theme

With more than 200 ready-made website designs TheGem also one of my favorite Wordpress themes for 2020. It has integrated the Bakery Pagebuilder, a very good back-end pagebuilder that uses many themes. The ready-made website designs for this theme are so beautiful that it may have the nicest layouts of all themes. It is clear to see that a lot of time and care has been spent on this.

TheGem also has an import / export function built in with which you can copy all theme settings from one website to another. The theme is full of settings that can easily be set. All in all a top theme.

In addition to the beautiful 200 website layouts is TheGem very fast charging, looks very good on mobile and has several premium plug-ins built in for which you pay nothing extra. Think of Contactform7, Woocommerce, Revolution slider and more.

6. Jupiter

Fast loading Wordpress theme

The number of WordPress users has grown enormously in the last few years. Not only regular freelancers and bloggers, but even established companies do not use any means to benefit from the benefits of WordPress. With 125,000+ sales is the Jupiter theme of Artbees one of the best-selling WordPress themes of all time at ThemeForest. Apart from that, it also has a 4.75 star rating on more than 5.000 reviews, which means that most buyers are very satisfied with their purchase. If you are looking for the fastest loading Wordpress theme among the absolute top themes, then look no further. Jupiter theme has everything you need and is super fast.

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7. Kallyas

Kallyas best Wordpress theme

Kallyas is one of the best Wordpress themes for creating a webshop that I have chosen for 2020. I have personally built more than 20 shops with it and therefore know what I am talking about. This theme has its own Page Builder that works flawlessly and once people know it well, they will love it. He does not work very quickly, but very precisely, one can really make everything exactly as one had in mind.

Which is also perfect about the Kallyas Theme is the simplicity with which one can use different images in headers, a different header on every page without much hassle.

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8. Brooklyn

Best Wordpress Portfolio theme

One can argue about taste but if I have to build a website in which different categories of products have to be shown without it being a shop (direct sale), I like to use Brooklyn because it houses such a practical portfolio system. For me, Brooklyn is the best Wordpress theme for portfolios on the market. If it were a shop where items are sold, I would probably prefer working with Kallyas.

The Brooklyn theme is a very popular, versatile WordPress theme, developed by United Themes, a German web development agency. Originally created in November 2013, the theme has been updated several times and new, advanced features are constantly being added. Brooklyn currently has more than 33,000 sales and scores 4.66 out of 5 stars. One of the highest open classifications on the Themeforest marketplace. The distinguishing features of the theme are the great flexibility and the wide range of adjustment options.

9. Soledad

Soledad Wordpress theme

Soledad and its 5,000 demos may have the most to offer when it comes to ready-made templates and layouts.

The Soledad demos cover almost every category of websites that you can imagine. Regardless of the type of project you are planning, there must be a demo that you can use as it is or as the basis for your own website design.

For example, if you want some inspiration for your project and a better idea of what this theme can do, there is a selection of practical examples of websites created with the Soledad theme on the sales page.

When it comes to customizing the Soledad demos and page templates, there are an impressive number of theme settings and options to use. And not only that, but there are also more than 200 possible slider and blog layout combinations to choose from. Changing your website is very easy thanks to the use of the WordPress Customizer interface. This gives you a live preview of your changes as you make them, so you don't have to constantly save your work, switch browser tabs, and refresh tabs.

If you are planning to create an online portfolio with WordPress, the six different portfolio styles would be that the Soledad theme contains, must appeal to you. This theme is also a good choice for creating an online store, thanks to full support for the popular WooCommerce Store Builder plugin.

Soledad has a demo version for every occasion and needs no further explanation as to why this is one of the most popular Premium WordPress themes of the moment.

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10. Refrakt

Refrakt Wordpress theme

The theme Refrakt specializes in photo presentations. If you buy this theme, it should be for that purpose, otherwise you'd better find another theme that specializes in your industry or an all-round theme. For photo presentations, however, this is the best Wordpress theme I know.

If you click on the link above to go to the demo, click further on "Left logo menu" the basic version of the theme. When you arrive there you will see how beautiful the photos have already been placed there without scrolling up or down. If you now click on the circle at the bottom right, all texts and the menu at the top disappear from the screen and only the photos remain that you can scroll through with the arrows at the bottom right. You can also view the extra options via the "Homepages" button such as Photorama, Photowall, Ken Burns, Swiper slides, Particles Show and more.

Tip: Build your website with Wordpress theme DIVI with the world's best page builder, sold 580,000 times!


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