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40 Best Wordpress themes [2024] 💥

Best Wordpress themes [2024]

Each theme specifies the number of sites it can be used on, ranging from a single site to unlimited sites. This is a critical factor to consider when determining the best themes. Pay attention to this! Additionally, the price and its rating on the website where it is sold are also displayed.

40 Best WP Themes [2024]


1. Divi

Divi best Wordpress themes [2024]

Price: $89/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 5.00

Divi AI emerges as a leading force in the WordPress theme arena, maintaining an unparalleled position for over a decade. In the realm of sales and popularity, while themes like Avada may claim similar figures, my insights as an affiliate content creator suggest that Divi AI's sales significantly surpass those of Avada. The comparison between Divi AI and Avada brings to light questions about the veracity of Avada's sales claims. Divi AI not only outshines others in quality and dependability but also integrates the advanced Divibuilder AI page builder at no additional cost.

Divi AI excels in delivering a more robust and superior feature set, offering unmatched value. Unlike many themes limited to single-site usage, the Divi AI Theme can be applied across unlimited websites. With a price tag of $89, Divi AI might appear slightly pricier than the average $69 theme. However, it's a comprehensive membership that includes the top-tier Divibuilder AI, the acclaimed Extra Theme for magazines and blogs, along with several innovative plugins. An extraordinary lifetime subscription is available for just 249 dollars, a noteworthy deal considering the extensive offerings. Utilizing this link affords you a discounted rate for your Divi AI purchase.

2. Astra

Astra PRO Best Wordpress themes [2024]

Price: $59/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 5.00

Astra PRO has been renowned as the quickest-loading theme in WordPress for many years. Astra PRO isn't just about speed; it's a top choice for crafting e-commerce sites and general websites. It boasts a range of beautiful, easily implementable layouts compatible with the Woocommerce plugin, ideal for online stores. Their demo sites are designed for compatibility with 4 distinct page builders, catering to various preferences in page building tools.

In my view, the Astra bundles are almost on par with Divi. While they are slightly pricier than the Astra theme alone, their exceptional quality justifies the cost. Regularly offered with significant discounts, sometimes up to 63%, Astra remains highly accessible and can be used on an unlimited number of sites. Opting for an annual payment plan with Astra comes with a generous 40% discount on renewals, a rarity in the theme market. This makes Astra a worthy contender for the second spot on this list. Its efficiency in website creation and essential value for developers and web design agencies is undeniable.

3. Kadence

Best Wordpress theme Kadence

Price: $129/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 4.90

With a near-perfect rating on Wordpress.org and active installations on over 200,000 websites, the popularity of the theme is evident. The integration of Kadence Blocks with Gutenberg, Wordpress's default editor, transforms it into a fully functional page builder. Additionally, the theme is compatible with both Beaver Builder and Elementor. One of its standout features is the transparent background options. Kadence is also SEO-friendly, offering Schema mark-up, responsiveness across all devices, and a sticky header for enhanced user experience.

The Color Manager feature in Kadence allows for selection from 10 unique color palettes with a single-click installation. You can tailor these palettes further and save your custom style. The theme boasts a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for crafting headers and footers, alongside impressive loading speeds. It comes equipped with 6 pre-designed templates perfectly suited for creating online stores. Kadence stands out as an excellent theme choice. While the Full Bundle offers the best value, it’s important to note that this theme is a bit on the pricier side.

4. OceanWP

Best Wordpress themes OceanWP

Price: $54/year, 3 sites - Rating: 4.90

OceanWP bears a striking resemblance to the Astra Theme, ranked second on this list. Known for its rapid loading times, OceanWP aligns closely with Astra, particularly in their expertise in E-commerce (Woocommerce) integration. OceanWP is available in both a pro and a free version and has been impressively installed on over 700,000 websites. This theme is acclaimed as one of the fastest-loading themes for Woocommerce shop creation. OceanWP initially gained its popularity through its free version, boasting a library of visually appealing demo layouts.

The available demos are designed for quick and easy website setup. With just one click, you can install a demo and then personalize it with your branding elements. After integrating your logo, text, and images, your site is ready to go. OceanWP simplifies the website creation process, making it seem effortless. The theme is equipped with several unique features tailored for webshops, including Quick-View, pop-up shopping carts, wishlist, and more, enhancing the shopping experience. OceanWP is also competitively priced, making it a highly recommended theme.

5. Generatepress Premium

Generatepress Best Wordpress theme [2024]

Price: $59/year, 500 sites - Rating: 4.95

Designed for speed, Generatepress excels in browser loading times. Its features are akin to those of Astra's basic theme, but with an even lighter footprint; Generatepress's code weighs in at just 15kb, surpassing Astra's minimalism. Both themes boast rapid load speeds, even without additional plugins, as highlighted in the comprehensive Generatepress review (see button below). While Generatepress offers a free version, it's notably more limited compared to its Premium counterpart.

The premium version of Generatepress not only includes exclusive plugins but also provides access to a collection of one-click installable demo websites. These demo designs are simple yet sophisticated, aligning with the modern trend towards minimalism. In an era where users favor less clutter and faster loading sites that perform seamlessly across all devices, Generatepress stands out. If these are the qualities you seek in a theme, Generatepress is an ideal choice.

6. Ultra

Best Wordpress themes Ultra

Price: $89/year, 42 themes bundle - Rating: 4.89

The page builder for Ultra, Themify Builder, is remarkable for its extensive range of demo layouts, boasting over 40 options. These 40 demo websites are readily installable with just a single click. But for those seeking even more variety, the Builder PRO offers over 140 choices. The Builder Pro, an add-on available for just an extra $30, is now included in both the Master and Lifetime versions, granting instant access to all 48+ themes. This package is truly a superb deal.

Ultra has been making significant progress in the recent months, indicating its status as a solid theme choice. Since 2016, Themify has been running a promotional offer which remains active today. Users can switch from their current theme to Ultra, or another Themify theme, by simply submitting an invoice. This entitles them to a 50% discount on their purchase. This page provides all the necessary details.

7. Extra Theme

Extra Best Wordpress themes [2024]

Price: $89/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 5.00

The creators of the renowned Divi Theme, Elegant Themes, have also developed the Extra Theme. Similar to Divi, Extra features the DiviBuilder, recognized as the top front-end page builder globally. With over 974,872+ users, Divi stands as the most popular premium WordPress theme. Tailored for blogs and news sites, the Extra theme simplifies the process of adding new articles to your website, with automatic adjustments for recent news and popular articles. Importing the theme's various blog layouts into your project is a matter of a few clicks.

For just $20 more than the cost of typical magazine or news themes (which are usually restricted to one site), you can obtain the Elegant Themes membership for unlimited sites. This membership not only includes the Extra theme but also the globally acclaimed Divi Theme and several premium plugins. The entire package is also available as a lifetime offer at a very attractive price. Currently, an exclusive discount on Extra and Divi is available through this link.

8. Inspiro

Best Wordpress themes Inspiro

Price: $99/year, 32 themes bundle - Rating: 4.75

The Inspiro theme stands out with its unique features, making it a fitting choice for this selection. Excelling in both photo and video capabilities, Inspiro offers stunning video backgrounds and mobile-responsive video sliders. Its distinct advantage lies in its ability to automatically play videos on all devices, supporting both self-hosted and integrated videos from platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. This theme is highly rated, nearly achieving 5 stars, and ensures swift loading in browsers.

Not only can you use the Inspiro theme independently, but it also pairs well with 36 other superb themes offered by WP-Zoom. Typically, a membership provides more value than a single theme, as is the case with themes like Divi. While Inspiro primarily uses its own page builder, it also boasts compatibility with Beaverbuilder, Elementor, and almost all other WordPress page builders.

9. Neve

Best Wordpress themes Neve

Price: $99/year, unlimited sites - Rating: 4.85

The Neve theme is unmatched in ease of installation. Setting up your website is a breeze, requiring just a few clicks. The free version of Neve has achieved nearly perfect ratings and has been downloaded over 100,000 times. It stands out in my top speed themes list due to its use of Vanilla Javascript, which contributes to its compact size. This is a notable advantage over most premium themes that still rely on jQuery, typically 25% slower.

The swift loading times of Neve don't compromise its other standout features, such as an extensive library of one-click demos for easy installation. It's particularly suited for building online stores, being fully equipped for Woocommerce integration. With Neve's Woobooster, customizing your shop is straightforward, requiring no HTML knowledge. Neve also includes Elementor, the second-best WordPress page builder, free of charge. Even in the free version, you get nine extra widgets with Neve's Elementor booster. For more details, you might want to check out my review.

10. Sydney

Best Wordpress theme Sydney

Price: $99/year, 5 sites - Rating: 4.90

While the Sydney theme boasts its own Building Blocks, it also seamlessly integrates with Elementor and Beaverbuilder, the second and third most popular page builders in the market. Renowned for its quick loading times, Sydney can be easily installed with just one click, and this simplicity extends to its demo designs. It enjoys an almost perfect rating on Wordpress.org.

As a WordPress theme, Sydney has amassed over 200,000 active installations, owing to its effectiveness as a business theme. It provides numerous features like frontpage blocks and excellent SEO. However, it currently lacks Schema mark-up. The theme is fully responsive on all devices and includes features like parallax backgrounds, Crelly Slider support (in the Pro version), and captivating full-screen backgrounds. If Sydney has piqued your interest, more information can be found on their website.

11. Botiga

The best Wordpress themes Botiga

Price: $99/year, 5 sites - Rating: 4.93

Botiga stands as the ideal theme for showcasing your store, tailored specifically for WooCommerce online businesses. It presents your products in a minimalist, elegant design that offers extensive customizability. Fully compatible with Gutenberg, Botiga is not just a theme but an extension of your brand, offering a clean and contemporary aesthetic.

As a relatively new entrant in the market, Botiga focuses exclusively on creating WooCommerce websites. Developed from the ground up with clean code, it is optimized for a strong start. The theme is known for its rapid loading times and robust SEO performance. Botiga is also mobile-friendly, ensuring a seamless display on all devices, and comes packed with numerous customization options. Could Botiga be the ideal choice for your online store?

12. Hestia

The best Wordpress themes Hestia

Price: $99/year, 3 sites - Rating: 4.82

Hestia is renowned for its user-friendly design, making it a great fit for startups, freelancers, and various businesses. It's a creation of Themeisle, a Romanian company, also responsible for the widely acclaimed Neve Theme. As a versatile multipurpose theme, Hestia offers straightforward customization options. The one-click import of pre-made starter websites provides a significant advantage in kickstarting your website development.

Once imported, you can simply add your content and your site is set to launch. Two notable features of Hestia are its compatibility with WooCommerce and Gutenberg, though it works well with all page builders. This theme is an excellent choice for those with experience in website building, suitable for any business type. Users can look forward to an exceptional user experience and high performance with Hestia.

13. Ashe

Best WP-themes Ashe

Price: $29/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.94

While Ashe is primarily designed for blogging, it's versatile enough to create a blog-based online store, thanks to its compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin. This theme stands out with its unique style and aesthetic appeal. Despite being relatively new to the scene, Ashe has already garnered over 60,000 active installations.

Ashe is not only fast-loading but also maintains compatibility with most popular plugins. It is translation & RTL (right-to-left language) ready and adheres to the best SEO practices in its coding. Key features include support for both text and image logos, fullscreen slider, and header image. Additionally, Ashe is compatible with all major drag-and-drop page builders, including Elementor, Beaver Builder, WP-Bakery, and SiteOrigin, offering flexibility in website design.

14. Blocksy

The best Wordpress themes Blocksy

Price: $49/year, 1 site - Rating: 5.00

Blocksy is a nimble and swift WordPress theme, crafted with the latest web technologies. It's specifically optimized for the Gutenberg editor, offering a plethora of customization and extension options. Blocksy's versatility allows it to be apt for various types of websites, including business agencies, online stores, corporate sites, restaurants, blogs, portfolios, landing pages, and more.

Moreover, Blocksy is highly compatible with renowned WordPress page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and even the innovative Brizy. A glance at Blocksy's ratings on Wordpress.org reveals an impressive record: nearly all raters have given it 5 stars, with only one rating of 4 stars. This near-perfect average score is a testament to Blocksy Theme's exceptional quality and user satisfaction.

15. Genesis Framework

Best Wordpress themes Genesis

Price: $360/year, 42 themes bundle - Rating: 4.79

The Genesis Theme stands out as an exemplary theme, boasting clean code that ensures rapid website loading. Its compatibility with WordPress updates is seamless, typically without any errors. This reliability has garnered endorsements from notable figures like Matt Cutts of Google and Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress and a self-proclaimed user of the Genesis Framework, who consider it the best theme available. However, the Genesis Framework is not the most cost-effective option, particularly due to the premium pricing of its child themes.

Yet, for a company, opting for the cheapest solution isn't always advisable. When it comes to hosting, the premium choice is WP-Engine. At $30 per month, WP-Engine stands apart not just for its hosting capabilities but also for including the complete Genesis package. Leveraging Google Cloud's lightning-fast VM C2 servers, WP-Engine provides WordPress users with exceptionally rapid, reliable hosting, ensuring impressive loading speeds.

Note: The themes mentioned below are excellent in quality, but they are sold via a marketplace that necessitates purchasing a separate license for each of your websites. I would advise opting for these themes only if you are searching for a theme for just one website.

Below: Top WP Themes with single license [2024]

16. Pressmart

Best Wordpress themes Pressmart [2024]

Price: $39/once, 1 site - Rating: 5.00

The PressMart WordPress theme stands out as a distinct Elementor WooCommerce theme. It comes with an impressive array of 05+ Prebuilt Home Pages, versatile enough to craft any type of online store, be it for furniture, electronics, or fashion. The theme is equipped with several advanced e-commerce functionalities, including Ajax Search, Ajax Add-to-Cart, Quick Buy, Bought Together, and a Mini Cart, enhancing the shopping experience in PressMart-powered stores.

PressMart is adept at serving various types of online stores, including those for clothing, furniture, and cosmetics. This professional theme is user-friendly and boasts a clean design. It features a robust admin panel with over 450 customizable options for headers, page layouts, typography, and more. The best part? You can create your store without any need for coding knowledge.

17. Woodmart

Woodmart Best Wordpress theme [2024]

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.95

Primarily a WooCommerce theme, Woodmart excels in creating E-commerce websites, though it's also capable for corporate or blog sites. It provides all the necessary features for a visually appealing and efficient webshop. Initially bundled with the Bakery Pagebuilder, Woodmart now also supports Elementor from version 5.0 onwards, a notable enhancement considering Elementor's status as the second most popular page builder for WordPress, after the DiviBuilder.

Woodmart boasts over 60 shopping layouts, all installable with just one click, facilitating rapid website development. These ready-to-use designs cover virtually every niche imaginable. The theme's excellence is reflected in its 4.95 out of 5 rating on Themeforest, a score that is nearly unmatched by any other theme on that marketplace.

18. Essentials

Best wordpress themes Essentials

Price: $64/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.95

The Essentials theme, despite being a recent release from the end of 2020, offers a plethora of features. While compatibility with the Gutenberg editor is now a standard for most themes, Essentials stands out with its extensive range of demos created using Elementor and WP-Bakery, two of the top page builders available.

Although they claim to possess the largest template library, my experience suggests otherwise, though they certainly rank near the top. These templates are not full site demos but rather individual design elements or sections. Moreover, the theme is equipped with a variety of unique gadgets, which, in my view, seem to draw inspiration from Divi. Nonetheless, Essentials earns commendation for these features.

19. Minimog (WP)

best wordpress themes Minimog

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.94

Minimog represents the next generation of highly-converting, adaptable WordPress themes, designed to kickstart your online presence effortlessly. As an ultimate solution for e-commerce, Minimog is bundled with a suite of features specifically tailored to enhance your store's capabilities, all without additional fees. This theme is perfectly suited for creating webshops and even includes instructional videos to ease the setup process.

In today's digital landscape, building a website or shop from scratch is almost unheard of. Utilizing a demo website provides an instant design foundation, which can then be customized to fit your brand's style. The Minimog Theme boasts over 60 such demos, each uniquely designed for webshops, presenting a remarkable array of shopping-focused templates.

20. Porto

Porto Best Wordpress themes [2024]

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.93

The Porto Theme is versatile, primarily serving business and WooCommerce websites. It's equipped with numerous elements and robust features, enabling you to tailor your website to specific needs. As a multipurpose WordPress theme, Porto includes over 130 niche demos, making it a longstanding favorite in the web design community. It is regularly updated to align with the latest design trends and best practices.

Porto's appeal extends to its swift loading speed, making it an excellent choice for all types of businesses. Additionally, Porto offers a highly sought-after HTML version, currently ranking as the most popular HTML5 theme on Themeforest. While I personally recommend Porto for building web shops, there are arguably better themes for other types of websites. Porto is also featured among the best Shopify Themes.

21. Hub

best wordpress themes Hub

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.89

Hub is a comprehensive web builder known for its high performance, intuitive editing interface, unique features, and an award-winning collection of designs. It boasts an impressive array of over 700 section templates, 80+ pre-built websites, and more than 100 inner pages. These numbers are particularly remarkable for a theme as new as Hub. Reportedly, Hub has been recognized as the WordPress theme of the year by Envato, its marketplace. This accolade likely refers to its rapid rise in popularity rather than it being the number one theme overall.

Aligning with other top-tier themes, Hub is compatible with Gutenberg, Elementor, and WP-Bakery. While the latter two are commendable page builders, I personally recommend steering clear of Gutenberg due to its limitations as an editor. Despite its relative newness, having entered the market only in mid-2021, the Hub theme is already distinguished by its wealth of features and high-quality elements, placing it among the better options currently available.

22. Uncode

best wordpress themes Uncode

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.89

Uncode stands out as one of the most popular creative themes on ThemeForest, boasting over 100,000+ sales. It offers more than 70 professionally designed demo layouts, which users can easily import and customize to their needs. Additionally, with the Uncode Wireframes plugin, there’s access to over 550+ section templates. These templates can be used to craft an entire website or individual landing pages, offering immense flexibility in design.

This creative WordPress theme excels in versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of website types, including portfolios, agencies, blogs, and even top WooCommerce themes for online shops. Uncode comes with an enhanced version of the WPBakery Page Building Tool, offering both the traditional Backend Editor and a more modern Frontend Editor. This dual option allows for editing directly on the website’s frontend, facilitating a smoother and quicker design process.

23. Impreza

best wordpress themes Impreza

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.89

Impreza, a WordPress theme, is quickly rising in popularity, offering over 20+ website demos and 300+ page demos. These resources are especially valuable for beginners, as they vastly simplify the process of launching a new project compared to starting from scratch. The ease of use of these demos allows for rapid website creation – just replace logos, text, and images, and your site is ready to go in minutes.

Impreza is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, making it an excellent choice for building online shops. A practical approach is to start with one of the shop demos and then tailor it to match your brand's style. The theme also features a versatile header maker with 14 different styles, enabling you to make minor or major adjustments easily, even without technical expertise. Additionally, Impreza allows for the use of different headers on various pages, further enhancing its customization capabilities.

24. Qwery

Qwery Best Wordpress Themes [2024]

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.87

The Qwery theme is a significant consideration in the selection of the right WordPress theme. Featuring a modern and trendy design, Qwery was just released in 2021, making it a fresh entry in the market. It is equipped with all the necessary tools and features to help you launch your website swiftly. The Qwery WordPress theme is compatible with all top page builders, offering the same advantages as the WordPress Customizer.

Though relatively new, this theme has quickly climbed the ranks to reach near the top — or let's say, the sub-top. Qwery is a promising theme, poised for increasing success in the future. Impressively, despite its recent inception, it already provides over 100+ pre-built demo websites, which is quite substantial for a theme of its age.

25. Soledad

Soledad best Wordpress themes [2024]

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.86

Soledad's extensive collection of 6886+ demos might just offer the best selection of ready-to-use templates and layouts. These demos cover a vast array of website types, making them suitable for virtually any project. They can be utilized exactly as they are or serve as a foundation for further design customization. Particularly noteworthy are the six portfolio styles Soledad provides, ideal for anyone looking to create an online portfolio with WordPress. Additionally, its compatibility with the popular WooCommerce Store Builder plugin makes it an excellent option for building an online store.

The customization possibilities with Soledad are extensive, featuring more than 200 blog layout and slider combinations. The integration of the Elementor page builder enhances the ease of making website changes, offering a live preview of alterations as they occur. This functionality eliminates the need to save changes, switch browser tabs, or refresh the page, streamlining the web design process.

26. TheGem

TheGem Best Wordpress theme [2024]

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.86

This theme is highly versatile and suitable for creating any type of website with WordPress. Boasting over 400 demos, the quality of these website demos is noteworthy. Constructed to high standards, TheGem provides users with an impressive array of demo websites, a key factor in its high ratings.

Despite placing a strong emphasis on design and pre-built content, the creators of TheGem haven't overlooked the crucial aspects of a successful theme. Websites built with TheGem will load quickly and be mobile-friendly. As a popular choice among users, TheGem is fully compatible with all top third-party plugins, including Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, and WooCommerce. Additionally, it includes a number of premium third-party plugins at no extra cost, adding even more value to the theme.

27. JNews

JNews Best Wordpress themes [2024]

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.85

Launched in October 2017, the jNews theme is a versatile solution tailored for desktop publishers, bloggers, writers, marketers, and agencies. It is particularly well-suited for building a news portal or a magazine. jNews comes equipped with an array of impressive pre-built themes, easily importable via the Theme Options Panel. The theme offers flexibility in choosing a page builder, which influences the selection of demos available for use.

For creating posts and performing other simple tasks, Gutenberg's editor is a straightforward option. However, I would recommend considering the use of WP Bakery Pagebuilder or Elementor for a more enhanced experience. With its latest update, jNews has improved in terms of cleanliness and speed – a crucial focus for any high-quality theme. Themes that lag in loading times are becoming outdated. Overall, jNews stands out as an excellent theme choice.

28. Ohio

Ohio Best Wordpress Themes

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.83

The Ohio Theme is a versatile, multi-purpose theme with a minimalist yet striking design, ideal for showcasing creative portfolios. It has been meticulously crafted to equip users with all the necessary tools for constructing a functional, contemporary website, catering to the sale of products or services.

Included in the theme are the WPBakery Page Builder plugin (formerly known as Visual Composer) and ACF Pro, enhancing the theme customization experience. With Ohio, creating a modern and sleek WooCommerce store, portfolio, or blog website is straightforward and requires no coding skills. The theme supports both WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor, offering flexibility in the website building process, allowing users to choose their preferred method.

29. BeTheme

BeTheme Best Wordpress Themes

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.83

The Be theme is a WordPress theme renowned as one of the top WP themes for quickly finding the right demo for any industry, thanks to its vast selection of demos. Its flexibility allows for rapid deployment, saving valuable time — a crucial consideration since time equates to money. Consistently ranked in the top 5 best-selling WordPress themes on Themeforest, its popularity is well-founded.

This theme has gained widespread popularity, and I have personally used it to build numerous sites. The Be Theme is known for being exceptionally lightweight and user-friendly. It is also an excellent option for professionals seeking to quickly design websites for clients. However, for crafting an A1 website, a different theme like Divi might be a more suitable choice.

30. Newspaper

best wordpress themes Newspaper

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.82

This theme excels in blogging and is equally adept for WooCommerce, shops, stores, or news sites, including the capability to play YouTube videos. It's mobile-ready, supports AMP, and offers RTL & multilanguage support. Additionally, the theme is GDPR-compliant and boasts fast performance. It's versatile enough for various niches including cryptocurrency, fashion, food, lifestyle, modern, personal, and luxury websites.

The Newspaper Theme simplifies website creation, eliminating the need to start from scratch. With over 120+ demo website designs available, you can import your chosen template with just one click. Start with the demo closest to your vision and customize it directly on the frontend. The theme integrates seamlessly with Instagram, bbPress Forum, and BuddyPress. It also supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense. Given its popularity and functionality, the Newspaper theme is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress themes for bloggers.

31. Flatsome Theme

Best Wordpress themes Flatsome

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.82

Flatsome is an essential inclusion in any list of top WordPress themes. The shopping features of Flatsome are particularly noteworthy, including a wishlist, sticky headers, live product search, and unlimited forms. This theme encompasses everything needed for a professional online shop, making it an ideal choice for e-commerce websites, backed by its array of attractive and numerous demos.

Flatsome also excels in webshop construction, standing as one of the best-selling themes on Themeforest. Its UX Builder is an impressive page builder, complemented by a user-friendly drag-and-drop header builder. This allows for bespoke header creation without any need for coding knowledge, adding to the theme’s appeal.

32. Salient

Salient Best Wordpress theme [2024]

Price: $60/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.81

Salient utilizes WP-Bakery's page builder for page creation, featuring more than 65+ elements. The theme is equipped with over 1000 settings, allowing comprehensive customization without the need for technical expertise. Its quick loading time is crucial in today's digital environment, marking it as a high-quality theme. Additionally, Salient includes 350+ section templates for easy integration into your website. It is exceptionally suited for blogs, portfolios, corporate, and nature-themed websites.

The theme offers a variety of header layouts to choose from, simplifying the process of building webshops. Salient comes with several unique e-commerce features, including quick view and ajax shopping cart, enhancing the online shopping experience. It is responsive and SEO-optimized, ensuring better visibility on search engines like Google. Overall, Salient is an outstanding theme choice.

33. Enfold

Best wordpress themes Enfold

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.80

Enfold is not only highly rated but also boasts an impressive sales record of over 230,577+ times, further testifying to its excellence. Developed by Kriesi, an Austrian team of nine, Enfold represents their most successful venture. Tailored for WooCommerce, Enfold seamlessly integrates with it, offering a variety of shop layouts to kickstart your online store. It's also an excellent choice for creating restaurant websites, with integrated WooCommerce bookings, one of the most powerful plugins for optimizing reservations.

Enfold is user-friendly, ensuring a smooth website launch with its easy installation. It features aesthetically pleasing layouts that can be implemented with just a few clicks. The theme caters to a wide range of needs with its diverse designs and demos for every niche. Once installed, you can utilize its professional page builder for content editing, easily adding your logo, photos, and text to tailor your layout quickly and efficiently.

34. Vault

Best wordpress themes Vault

Price: $29/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.79

Vault offers the flexibility to craft your website using over 500 pre-designed pages and sections. You have the freedom to select and combine blocks that suit your style, ensuring a stunning outcome regardless of the combination. Remarkably, Vault provides free access to Elementor, including the pro version. This addition transforms you into a power user, allowing your website to reach unprecedented levels of sophistication and functionality.

With more than 200 elements at your disposal, Vault enables the creation of nearly any layout imaginable, all within the Elementor page builder. The theme boasts extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor almost every aspect of your site. Key features include responsive controls, global colors, global fonts, and advanced background options, equipping you with the tools needed to create a truly unique and responsive website.

35. Avada

Avada Best Wordpress theme [2024]

Price: $69/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.78

Avada has reigned as the most popular theme on Themeforest for approximately 8 years, with over 858,338+ licenses sold. This theme enjoys robust support and consistent updates, ensuring its relevancy and functionality. However, I have some reservations about their claimed sales figures, especially when compared to Divi, the top theme on this list.

Avada includes the Fusion Builder, a highly competent page builder. While there are a few superior page builders out there, Fusion Builder is nonetheless excellent and offers a satisfying user experience. Avada is a comprehensive theme that caters to a wide range of needs, making it one of the top 20 most well-developed themes. It's perfect for blogs, web shops, corporate websites, home pages, and personal websites.

36. Bridge

best wordpress themes Bridge

Price: $69/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.78

The Bridge theme has consistently been a top choice on Themeforest for nearly 7 years. As a versatile multipurpose theme, it is adept at creating WooCommerce websites. Bridge boasts a substantial library of 610 demo websites, an impressive number by any standard. Many of these demos are perfectly suited for web shops and come with additional WooCommerce-friendly features like quickview and wishlist.

Bridge is equipped with two excellent page builders: Elementor and WP Bakery Page Builder, both of which are among the top five in the market. This gives you the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your needs. Additionally, Bridge offers a diverse range of portfolios and blogs. The theme also includes various slider plugins at no extra cost, adding to its value.

37. The7

The7 Best Wordpress themes

Price: $39/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.76

The7 has embraced the trend of fast-loading themes, now promoting itself as a "lightning-fast theme." While it is indeed a great theme, I wouldn't primarily associate The7 with speed. For those prioritizing rapid loading times, I would recommend exploring one of the fastest themes, especially since some longstanding themes have not significantly updated their code for speed optimization. The7 is a top 5 theme on Themeforest and is known for being one of the most affordable options, fully compatible with Elementor.

The theme includes about 50 demo layouts, but these are complete demo sites rather than mere pages, allowing even those without technical expertise to modify every aspect of their website. This ease of customization is further supported by offering access to over 1000 settings. The7 is especially suitable for creating professional-looking webshops. Additionally, it comes with several excellent plugins at no extra cost, like Revolution Slider, which is arguably the best WordPress slider available.

38. Jupiter

best wordpress themes Jupiter

Price: $59/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.72

Jupiter has recently undergone significant improvements, becoming a fast-loading and modern theme. It stands out with its extensive array of "Builders" tools. This series includes a Header Builder, Footer Builder, Mega Menu Builder, Blog Customizer, Portfolio Customizer, Pop-up Builder, Magazine Builder, and a Form Builder. These tools simplify the customization process, allowing you to tailor everything in your theme effortlessly, even without technical expertise.

Jupiter essentially provides three page builders: Gutenberg, Elementor, and WP-Bakery Page Builder, giving users a range of options for site construction. The theme is particularly geared towards building webshops, offering numerous features to enhance the professionalism of your online store. Notable functionalities include Dynamic Discounts at checkout, Smart Coupons, Smart Checkout Notices, and Advanced Shop Analytics. Additionally, the theme incorporates sales funnels, offering an all-encompassing solution for e-commerce needs.

39. Kallyas

Kallyas best Wordpress theme

Price: $69/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.71

Kallyas ranks as one of my favorite WordPress themes for creating webshops. I've personally utilized this theme to build over 20 online stores. It features the Zion Builder, an excellent page-building tool. Once you familiarize yourself with it, you'll find it works flawlessly, offering both speed and precision in design. It's versatile enough to accommodate any creative vision you have for your site.

The simplicity of the Kallyas Theme extends to its header customization, allowing different images to be used for headers on each page effortlessly. The demo designs of Kallyas, particularly its shopping demos, are aesthetically pleasing and can be implemented with just a single click, streamlining the website setup process.

40. Phlox

Phlox Best Wordpress theme [2024]

Price: $39/once, 1 site - Rating: 4.66

I've had the opportunity to create several websites using the Phlox theme, and I must say, I'm quite impressed by its performance. It pairs exceptionally well with the Elementor page builder. Despite my reservations about the company's support services, Elementor remains the second-best page builder available, following the DiviBuilder. My choice of the Phlox theme was largely influenced by its attractive demo designs, which provided a significant headstart in my website construction projects.

Phlox is a versatile WordPress theme that offers robust features and is available in both free and paid versions. It has been on the market since 2013 and caters to a wide range of website types, including eCommerce sites, small business websites, portfolios, and even travel websites. Phlox provides an array of impressive demo layouts that are straightforward to install. If you're interested in learning more about this theme, feel free to explore further by clicking the buttons below.


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