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What is the best WordPress Theme with Split-Testing [2024] 💥

What is the best WordPress Theme with Split-Testing

The digital realm is more competitive than ever before. As websites compete for visitors' attention, user experience and design play a pivotal role in determining success. The key to achieving this success is understanding user behavior and tailoring website design accordingly. This is where Split-Testing comes into play. So, what is the best WordPress theme that provides robust Split-Testing capabilities?


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After delving into various themes and functionalities, it's clear that one theme stands tall above the rest when it comes to Split-Testing: the Divi Theme. With its advanced DiviBuilder, Divi not only offers flexibility and customization but also incorporates an AI-driven Split-Testing feature that's unrivaled in the industry.

Why is Divi's Split-Testing a Game Changer?

Divi's Split-Testing, also known as Divi Leads, provides a comprehensive system that seamlessly integrates with the Divi Builder. This allows website owners to present different versions of a webpage to distinct visitors, providing invaluable insights about which version is more effective at achieving specific goals.

Whether you're looking to test different colors, headlines, or entirely diverse layouts, Divi Leads equips you with the data to decide which variation enhances clicks, sales, and overall user engagement. The process is streamlined. Once a test concludes, you can effortlessly choose the highest performing variation, ensuring optimal results for your website.

Bringing Divi Leads to the Visual Builder

The true prowess of Divi Leads shines when it merges with the Visual Builder. This combo enables the creation, management, and tracking of split tests via a modern, user-friendly front-end interface. The Visual Builder's intuitive design paired with Divi Leads' capabilities offers an unmatched experience for Split-Testing.

One of Divi Leads' salient features is its integration within the builder. This means you can test virtually any element. Be it changes to individual modules like adjusting button colors or heading text, or testing disparate sections of content, Divi Leads is your ultimate Split-Testing companion. It allows a systematic improvement approach, starting with a broader focus and gradually narrowing down based on test outcomes.

How Divi Leads Works

Beginning a test is hassle-free. By right-clicking on any page element, you can initiate a Split-Test. The selected item is automatically duplicated, paving the way for customization of each variant. If there's a need for multiple variations, duplicating items further enhances testing capabilities.

In the Visual Builder, cycling through each Split-Testing variation is achieved with arrows that emerge when hovering over the test. This provides a snapshot of all test variations in the Wireframe Mode. Once a test subject is chosen, Divi Leads prompts you to select a goal for the test, making every Split-Test outcome-oriented.

Real-life Scenario

Consider a scenario where you own a local coffee roaster and leverage WooCommerce with the Divi Shop Module to sell coffee. On the sales page, there's a Header Module, a row of Testimonial Modules, and the Shop Module showcasing your coffee varieties. The ultimate goal? Boost coffee sales through the Shop Module.

Let's say you have a plethora of testimonials but wish to display only three. Which three will drive the most sales? This is a prime situation to harness the power of Divi's Split-Testing. By testing various testimonials and observing their impact on sales via the Shop Module, Divi Leads provides the answers. Once the test concludes, the testimonials driving the most sales become evident, optimizing the site for better conversion rates.

Tracking and Insights

With a Split-Test initiated, Divi Leads starts tracking results in real-time. These results are meticulously presented through graphs and charts, offering insights into how each version is performing. This data-driven approach ensures that by the end of the test, the highest performing variation is apparent and can be selected with confidence.

Accessing results is a breeze. The stats icon, which appears amongst the test subject's hover buttons, offers a glimpse of various tables, charts, and graphs that paint a clear picture of each variation's effectiveness in comparison to others in the test.


Split-Testing, as a tool, provides the essential insights required to make well-informed decisions about the design and content of a page. And with Divi's intuitive Visual Builder interface coupled with the new Divi Leads integration, the Split-Testing experience is taken to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned web designer or someone just starting out, the Divi Review reaffirms that the Divi Theme with DiviBuilder is an unmatched asset in the world of Split-Testing.

There are also 2 page builders that offer a very good AB testing system, called Elementor and ThriveThemes.


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