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Best PREMIUM Wordpress themes [2022] 💥

Best premium Wordpress themes

Here I show you my favorite collection of the best premium Wordpress themes. If you are not familiar with what kinds of themes are available, this is a very good way to get to know the top in 1 go. Below the short descriptions on this page, you will find a button that leads to my extensive review for that theme, the other button goes directly to the site of that theme.

My best 10 premium WP-themes [2022]

1. Divi

Divi best premium Wordpress themes

Divi is a theme that comes with its own page builder. That is not unique, several themes do that, but in the case of Divi we are talking about the DiviBuilder that is considered by many to be the best page builder out there. The Divi Theme excels in practically every aspect compared to other themes, with the exception perhaps of the Astra theme, which has very special properties and is in place 2 in this list.



You do not buy a Divi Theme separately, but an Elegant Themes membership that includes the Divi Theme, the DiviBuilder, a large number of premium plug-ins and 86 other themes, including the Extra Theme. This is too much value for money when we realize that they only charge $89 for a year and you can build as many sites with it as you want. Some other themes charge $69 for a single theme. With Divi you have the best there is, and also very competitively priced. That's why it's number 1 here.

2. Astra PRO

Astra PRO best premium Wordpress themes

The sales figures of Astra have risen very fast this year, no wonder because this is also a fantastic theme. Astra PRO is the fastest loading theme which is there but at the same time houses a sea of features. A particularly striking feature is that Astra offers demo designs for each individual top page builder that you can install with 1 click. I don't know of any other theme that has this so extensive in its range. Most themes offer designs for Elementor and nothing more.

Astra has great options for building blogs, but is even better when it comes to web shops. The theme is completely prepared for Woocommerce and it has all possible gadgets for shops such as pop-ups, ajax-cart, infinite scroll, wishlist, quick view and more. In addition, Astra makes it easy for you to build up all the pages in the shop the way you want. No HTML or other technical knowledge is required for this. Astra has so much more like Schema-Markup, header and footer builders. Check their site if you were interested, and check their prices because the Astra theme is not expensive at all.

3. Genesis Framework

best premium Wordpress themes Genesis

Google's Matt Cutts and the Founder of Wordpress himself, named Matt Mullenweg, have been giving years on the Genesis Framework is about the best one can find for a Wordpress website. The Genesis theme is based on an error-free code and is therefore very fast in its loading times. I have to tell you right away that Genesis is certainly not a cheap solution, but something for companies that just need a really good website, or for private individuals who don't care about money.

To take 100% advantage of all the benefits that Genesis offers, it is best to conclude a managed hosting contract with them that includes the complete Genesis Pro. Its name is WP-Engine and costs $30 a month, which is not a big cost for a company of course. You can choose from all the child themes that Genesis offers and the absolute fastest hosting imaginable and therefore also the fastest possible loading site. WP-Engine uses the lightning-fast Google Cloud servers, the VM C2.

4. OceanWP

Best premium Wordpress theme OceanWP

OceanWP is known as one of the best themes for building webshops, after all, it was developed for that. The webshop features that the theme offers are among the best in its class, and that is how the most professional webshops are built. The free version of Ocean-WP breaks all records but the pro version is of course much better. If you like working with the Elementor pagebuilder Ocean-WP has good news for you because you can choose from more than 50 designs built with Elementor that you can install with 1 click.

Ocean-WP also offers a huge list of extensions, also called plug-ins. Below are again a sloppy 45 extra elements for Elementor, many of which are for Woocommerce. This makes upgrading to Elementor Pro virtually unnecessary, at least when it comes to the number of elements. In addition to the extra elements for Elementor, the pro version also includes plug-ins such as Stick Anything, Full Screen, Popup Login, Instagram, Whitelabel and many more useful gadgets. Check it out on there website!

5. Generatepress Premium

Generatepress best premium Wordpress themes [2022]

Generatepress is also a nice tool to build beautiful webshops. The theme offers both the Elementor pagebuilder and the Beaverbuilder beautiful pre-processed designs. These demo designs have already been created with the relevant page builder and so you can take over immediately. With 1 click you can install one of these designs and then adjust the logo, texts and images and your website is already half done.

With regard to the loading times of this theme, we can say it is second to none. Perhaps Generatepress is still a bit faster than Astra, the number 2 in this list. Generatepress was specially developed for speed. It is not a theme that, like many others, has been around for a long time, used to be slow, which was improved later. Generatepress has a code of only 19kb, and was the fastest theme for Wordpress from the start, together with Astra.

6. Neve

Best premium Wordpress themes Neve

The Neve theme has a code of 28kb, a little more than Generatepress but loads on excellent hosting in 0.6 seconds. I once clocked my fully optimized HTML5 website at 0.25 seconds, but for a Wordpress website, 0.6 seconds is lightning fast. All these theme at the top of this list also differ very little in this area. Neve promises you flawless integration with all top pagebuilders such as Divi, Beaverbuilder, Elementor and Brizy.

The Neve theme offers more than 80 different demo designs that can be installed with 1 click. Between this demo you will find a large number of things that were made with Elementor, just like most of the themes above in the list do. Neve limits herself here to Elementor where Astra PRO has them for all page builders. Neve is a great theme for building webshops and also offers a number of beautiful plugins that make your website complete.

7. Extra Theme

best premium Wordpress themes Extra

The Extra Theme is in the same membership as the Divi Theme which is number 1 in this list. The Extra Theme is basically the perfect Newspaper theme with the Divibuilder in it, just like Divi has. That means you have practically the same options as with Divi, but there are additional features like the rating and review system like people can rate your articles and leave comments on them. Making adjustments to the columns, rows and elements used in the theme is easier than you thought possible with the Divibuilder.

However, here too, you need a Elegant Themes purchase a membership to own the Extra Theme. This costs only a little more than the average single theme, and the result is that you also immediately have the Divi Theme and 86 other premium themes, plus many premium plugins. The Extra Themes offers many different blog and magazine layouts from which you can start. In the Divibuilder you will find another 800+ other layouts that you can use in your blog.

8. Avada

Avada best premium Wordpress themes [2022]

Avada is a very well known theme and a very good theme indeed. They almost claim to have higher sales figures than Divi, although I don't believe much of this. Who does not want to say that they have the best theme, because that automatically generates extra buyers. Since I promote both themes, I know that Divi sells much better than Avada, but despite that, the theme is an all-rounder. A disadvantage of Avada is that it requires a separate license for each separate website, which makes the theme expensive compared to other themes that you can use on as many sites as you want.

Avada has its own page builder, called Fusion Builder. Although this page builder does not belong to the real top of pagebuilders, it is a great tool to build beautiful sites and shops. New in Avada is the Performance Wizard with which the SEO of websites created with Avada can be considerably improved. If you don't use a certain plug-in or element, it can be turned off, which has a favorable effect on the loading speed. The same goes for the optimization of CSS & JS which can be minified and compressed.

9. TheGem

TheGem best premium Wordpress themes [2022]

TheGem is mainly characterized by its large number of demos, more than 400 to be exact. That way you will always find a suitable demo for each niche to start your project from there. Most of these demos can be edited with Elementor and with WP-Bakery pagebuilder , The choice is yours. Like many other themes, TheGem has recently paid attention to its loading speed and it has improved considerably.

TheGem contains a large number of expensive plugins that you get for free with the theme. These include Layerslider and Slider Revolution, 2 of the very best slider plug-ins. Furthermore, the theme has ensured that it is compatible with all known plug-ins and page builders out there, is 100% responsive on all devices and easy to translate. Finally, TheGem (like many other top themes) is now also able to save blocks and section for reuse to work faster. A good theme, but this theme also requires a separate license per website from you.

10. Kallyas

Kallyas best premium Wordpress themes

The Kallyas theme has always been one of my favorite themes due to the Zion Pagebuilder it contains. This is not a well-known page builder but works flawlessly and very precisely and has recently also been available separately for use in any theme. Apart from the great page builder, the theme is particularly specialized in the construction of webshops. The webshop layout demos that are offered are eye-catching and 100% professional and in total there are no fewer than 70+. Considering the high quality of the demos, this is a great number.

Kallyas does not get a very good rating for nothing, the theme can do everything, is 100% responsive and looks very good on all devices. Kallyas doesn't just come with the Zion Builder but other plugins like the Revolution Slider, my favorite slider plugin. The only downside, as with a few themes above, is that a separate license is required for each website you own.


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