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Tackling the User Not Found Error on Telegram 💥

User Not Found Error on Telegram

Experiencing the "User Not Found" error on Telegram can be frustrating. Fortunately, a plethora of solutions are available to address this common issue. In this guide, we'll dive deep into ways you can remedy this problem, ensuring a smoother Telegram experience.


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Understanding the "User Not Found" Error

Telegram FAQ explains that the "User Not Found" error usually indicates that the person you're trying to contact has either deleted their account or changed their username. Sometimes, it could be a result of you being blocked by that user or due to network issues. Identifying the root cause is essential to find the right solution.

Steps to Address "User Not Found" Error

1. Verify Username and Search

Begin by ensuring you're searching for the correct username. Even a minor typo can lead to the "User Not Found" error. If possible, ask the person (through a different platform) to confirm their Telegram username.

2. Check Your Network Connection

A weak or unstable internet connection could sometimes cause errors. Try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network or switch to mobile data to see if the problem persists.

3. Consider the Possibility of Being Blocked

If a user blocks you on Telegram, you won't be able to view their last seen or online status. In most cases, you'll see the "User Not Found" error when trying to open their chat. While it's not a pleasant scenario to ponder, it's essential to keep this possibility in mind.

4. Check Their Profile Through Shared Groups

If you and the user are members of a shared group, try accessing their profile through the group's member list. If you can view their profile this way, it might indicate that they have changed their username or privacy settings. You might want to go through this guide on adjusting privacy settings on Telegram to understand more.

5. Enquire About Account Deletion

Users can opt to delete their Telegram account for various reasons. Once deleted, their account won't appear, leading to the "User Not Found" error. It's best to check with the person on a different platform to confirm if they have deleted their Telegram account.

Preventive Measures and Solutions

1. Encourage 2-Step Verification

Telegram 2-Step Verification enhances the security of Telegram accounts. By setting it up, users add an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access. If your friends frequently face account issues, encourage them to enable 2-Step Verification. Detailed steps can be found in this guide on setting up a passlock code on Telegram.

2. Ensure Active Sessions are Monitored

By monitoring active sessions on Telegram, users can ensure their account is accessed only from trusted devices. If unfamiliar devices are accessing their account, they can terminate those sessions immediately. Here's a tutorial on checking active sessions on Telegram for Android and iPhone.

3. Utilize Secret Chats

Telegram secret chats offer end-to-end encryption, ensuring only you and the recipient can read the messages. These chats are secure and can be set to self-destruct, leaving no trace on Telegram's servers.

4. Contact Telegram Support

If you've tried the aforementioned solutions and still face the "User Not Found" error, it's time to contact Telegram Support. They can offer insights into any ongoing issues or server outages that might be causing the error.


While the "User Not Found" error on Telegram can be bothersome, understanding its root cause and implementing the solutions can often address the issue. From verifying usernames to enhancing account security, these measures will ensure you and your contacts enjoy an uninterrupted Telegram experience.


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