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My Whatsapp is not opening [2024] 💥

My Whatsapp is not opening

This guide is for troubleshooting the Whatsapp desktop application. If you're experiencing issues with Whatsapp on your mobile device, please refer to this article. It's essential to have a stable internet connection for Whatsapp to work properly. The official Whatsapp application for Windows and Mac can be sluggish and may occasionally crash. There are instances when Whatsapp won't launch on a PC, compelling users to rely on the browser version for communication. Here's how you can address these problems with the app.


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1. Same Wifi for mobile phone as Whatsapp desktop

Whatsapp is working on this, but for the moment a flawless connection between your mobile phone and Whatsapp PC can only be guaranteed if both are on the same Wifi. If for any reason this is not the case, then change that immediately. Then open Whatsapp on both devices and connect them.

2. Shut down Whatsapp completely

Even if you don't see anything of it, it is possible another Whatsapp is already running with errors in the background. You cannot open 2 of them. We have to close that ghost version of Whatsapp, and we will do this with the "Task Manager". Click Windows + R on your keyboard. Write "taskmgr". At the bottom click "more details". Now right click the Whatsapp you see in the "processes" tab. Choose "Finalize task". Now open your Whatsapp again.

3. Repairing Whatsapp

Windows has a built-in feature to repair your apps. Click Windows + I on your keyboard. Navigate to "Apps" >> "Apps and features" menu. Scroll down to Whatsapp, and choose "Advanced options". Select Repair from the Reset menu and let Windows do the troubleshooting for you. This is all a risk free operation. Now try to open your Whatsapp again.

4. Troubleshoot PC internet

Windows comes with an integrated internet troubleshooter that can fix network issues. Click Windows + I on your keyboard. Go to "Update & Security" >> "Troubleshoot" >> "Additional troubleshooters" >> "Internet Connections". Click the troubleshooter to fix internet-related problems on your computer. Now try to open your Whatsapp again.

5. Resetting Whatsapp

This extreme solution will fix Whatsapp not opening on your PC if it isn't working. This extreme step will erase all data from Whatsapp, so we had to mention it. To create a Whatsapp account, you will need to start from scratch. Go to Windows Settings, then go to "Apps" >> "Features & Apps". Open "Whatsapp" >> "Advanced options". Under the Reset menu, select the Reset button. The app data will be deleted and the app will become functional again. Afterwards try to open your Whatsapp.

6. Reinstalling Whatsapp

Whatsapp won't open for you so you can't update to the most recent version. You will need to reinstall Whatsapp from the official website. First, uninstall the app using the Windows Settings menu. Here are the steps. Use Windows + I keys to open the Settings app. Scroll down to Whatsapp by going to "Apps" >> "Apps & Features" >> "Whatsapp".

To remove WhatsApp from your computer, click on the WhatsApp uninstall button. Click this link to visit the official WhatsApp website. The latest build is available there to download and install.

7. Use Whatsapp in your browser

The Whatsapp app has a lot of issues, unlike the browser version. Just open your browser, for example Firefox and go to this URL: https://web.whatsapp.com/ and there is no need to install anything. The browser version is just as capable as the app version.

Read here how to upgrade Whatsapp on an iPhone or Android phone.


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