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My Whatsapp is not receiving messages [2023] 💥

My Whatsapp is not receiving messages

This is for both iPhone and Android. It can be frustrating for you to miss important messages when WhatsApp stops receiving messages. Follow these 9 quick steps to fix WhatsApp not receiving messages on your phone before you reinstall it.


1. Is Whatsapp down maybe?

First it's time for you to check the status of your WhatsApp service. Check Downdetector to see if WhatsApp has an outage. You won't have the ability to send or receive any messages, download media, make calls, etc. if you see high downtime graphs. Wait for WhatsApp to resolve the issue and you will start receiving new messages.

2. Switch mobile data on

on iPhone

WhatsApp can consume a lot of data if you enable auto-download for incoming media. To prevent this, disable the Mobile Data toggle on WhatsApp to save data. Now it's time for you to turn it on again. Open WhatsApp by going to iPhone Settings. You will be able to receive new messages even if Wi-Fi isn’t available if you enable Mobile Data toggle.

on Android

To check whether mobile data has been turned on or off, follow the steps below. Start the "Settings" app. Next, select "Connections". Tap "Data usage". Mobile data should be turned on. To turn off Mobile data, simply tap the switch.

3. Background refresh for apps

on iPhone

iPhone allows you to disable background refresh for specific apps. You won't get any new messages if you disable the option. Open the iPhone Settings app. Scroll down to WhatsApp. From the menu below, open WhatsApp and activate Background App Refresh.

on Android

Open the Settings app. Tap "Mobile Network" under the Settings menu. Tap "Data usage". Now you can see which apps use the most data. Tap "Data saving". If you wish to make exceptions for specific apps, tap "Unrestricted Apps". You can toggle on any apps that you wish to continue refreshing with mobile data.

4. Did someone block you?

Are you in a fight with someone over a WhatsApp conversation? You might have been blocked by him/her on the platform. You won't see their profile picture and your messages won’t get sent. Also, you won’t be able receive any chat messages.

5. Turn off Focus mode (only iPhone)

Apple's iOS 15 has replaced Do Not Disturb with Focus on iPhone, iPad and Mac. You can also enable Focus automatically. Focus on iPhone users must disable Focus on iPhone from the Control Center menu. Focus on iPhone allows you to remain in a distraction-free environment.

You can add WhatsApp to the exception list and receive messages even in Focus mode. Open the iPhone Settings app. Open the Focus menu. Choose a Focus mode you wish to customize, then tap on "Apps" in the "Allowed Notifications" Menu. You can now receive messages from WhatsApp using Focus by adding WhatsApp as an exception.

6. Muted conversation

WhatsApp allows you to mut a conversation for either 8 hours, 1 Week, or Always. A constant stream of notifications spam or unneeded messages could have caused a conversation to be muted. In such cases, you won't get notifications about muted conversations.

Open WhatsApp to find the conversation you're not receiving notifications from. Tap on the profile name in the top of the conversation to open it. You can unmute the conversation using the following menu.

7. Lock Whatsapp in BG (only Android)

Chinese OEMs like Oppo and OnePlus have aggressive RAM management. To save battery power, they will kill all background apps. You might not receive messages from WhatsApp during this process.

Many Android skins allow you to lock important apps such as WhatsApp in the background. You can lock WhatsApp in the background by opening the multitasking menu. You will still receive messages as normal, as the system won't shut down WhatsApp services running in the background.

8. Un-archive chats

Did you archive WhatsApp conversations? WhatsApp will consider the action spam and not display new messages until it is unarchived. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone. Navigate to the Archived menu. Swipe to the left on conversations, then tap "Unarchive". You should now receive messages from conversations you just unarchived.

9. Close Whatsapp on other devices

WhatsApp allows you to send messages to up to four devices at once and soon on as many as you want with multi-device support. You will still be able to receive messages from WhatsApp on Mac or PC if you connect WhatsApp on PC. There will be a delay when you receive messages from WhatsApp mobile applications.

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