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Find the best Wordpress themesellers [2021]

Find the best Wordpress themesellers [2021] (Theme websites)

The best sites to find WP themes

Are you looking for a great theme for your new website? As a professional web designer I give you my opinion where you can find the best Wordpress themes. I will show you the absolute 5 toppers here, these are premium themes that cost on average 50 dollars. You can easily find free themes on Wordpress.org

Elegant Themes

Divi Wordpress theme

Divi Wordpress themes

Elegant Themes is world famous for its Divi Theme, with the equally famous Divibuilder. More than 500,000 people bought these themes, many of which are the lifelong version. In addition to it Divi Theme you immediately get access to 86 other premium themes and many top plug-ins. Finding the best Wordpress themes is not difficult here, most people who want to get to know what Divi is, want it right away. Also inculded is the famous Extra Theme which let you build the best magazine sites you can imagine.

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Themeforest best Wordpress themes

Themeforest has the biggest collection of Wordpress themes of all different companies. The Wordpress themes that you find here are also among the top of absolute elite quality. When we talk about the best Wordpress themes, you've come to the right place. Among other things, it also sells the toptheme Avada. This theme has been sold more than 701.000 times.

In our article for the best Wordpress themes of [2021] you will see more than half of the themes that we promote being sold there at Themeforest.

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Best Wordpress themes sales

Best Wordpress themes Templatemonster

Also Templatemonster is a candidate for the best Wordpress themes in [2021]. On this site you can choose to buy single themes or become a member for 199 dollars (17 dollars a month) and get access to practically all themes and plug-ins (+10,000) items) including the top theme Monstroid-2.

The choice of themes made for a specific industry is unprecedented here (2300 Wordpress themes) and you will find 100% sure what you are looking for. A number of top themes are not included but you can buy these as a member for half the price. The themes can be used indefinitely and come with unlimited support for a year and a year of free hosting.

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Creative Market

find the best Wordpress themes

Best Wordpress themes Creative Market

On the web site of Creative Market you'll find many themes that fall into the category best premium Wordpress themes. Many themes with beautiful fonts and a feminine appearance. Unlike what you will find with other builders of themes. You can choose from a sloppy 4000 premium Wordpress themes that can be used for anything. The site has no special membership that gives you access to everything, prices are between 35-89 dollars.

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Best premium Wordpress themes

Best premium Wordpress themes Themify.me

Themify sells a very attractive package with 42 premium themes, 25 add-ons, 12 premium plug-ins and many Photoshop files. All this for just $ 89, a complete package that you can use unlimited on as many websites as you want. Themify offers a one-month money-back guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free. You will certainly find the best Wordpress themes here, especially think of themes such as Ultra and Shoppe Theme.

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As the title of this article says, these 5 websites are the absolute top for selling the best premium Wordpress themes. If you buy a theme for your website, always bear in mind that you will need your theme in the future. upgrade. You do not want to buy a theme so what would ever be withdrawn from the market, you will no longer have any upgrades. Therefore always pay attention to the number of stars in the assessment and the number of times a theme was sold. The higher the better.


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