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The best free Wordpress themes [2024] 💥

best free Wordpress themes

If you're in search of top-notch free WordPress themes, you've come to the right place. This curated collection features themes that have garnered hundreds of thousands of downloads from Wordpress.org and have received exceptional ratings. Typically, the best free themes are backed by professional teams and often have a premium version available. In this overview, we'll provide a concise glimpse into what you can achieve with the free version and highlight the additional features available in the pro version. Below, you'll find two buttons that link to the theme's official website and to a comprehensive theme review.


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The 20 best free Wordpress themes [2024]

1. Astra

Astra PRO best free Wordpress theme [2024]

Astra has been meticulously crafted to offer lightning-fast loading times in web browsers, making it one of the fastest themes available. Its seamless integration with Elementor, the leading WordPress page builder (free version), adds another layer of versatility to Astra. With Astra, you gain access to an array of stunning designs tailored to various niches, and it even comes equipped with a Schema plugin to enhance your search engine visibility through rich snippets—a feature that Google appreciates.

If you decide to upgrade to Astra Pro, you'll unlock a treasure trove of 50 additional widgets and add-ons within Elementor. Furthermore, you can also opt for the premium version of Elementor, known as Elementor Pro. The combination of Astra Pro and Elementor Pro is a dream to work with and comes highly recommended, especially if you have the budget for it. However, the free versions of these tools still provide a satisfying experience, albeit with fewer features.

2. Neve

Neve best free Wordpress themes [2024]

The Neve theme has earned its stellar reputation on wordpress.org, boasting an impressive installation count of over 340,050 websites. This widespread adoption is a testament to the expertise of the seasoned developers at ThemeIsle. Neve is designed with versatility in mind, making it suitable for virtually any type of website. Moreover, it prioritizes loading speed, eschewing jQuery in favor of the faster Vanilla-JS. Neve seamlessly integrates with all the leading page builders, enhancing its flexibility and ease of use.

If you decide to upgrade to the Pro version, you'll unlock a treasure trove of benefits. With Pro, you gain access to a vast library of over 80 exquisite demo layouts, along with enhanced functionality for webshops and design customization. The Neve theme's Pro version is affordably priced, making it an excellent value proposition that won't break the bank.

3. Blocksy

Best free Woocommerce themes Blocksy

Blocksy stands out as an exceptional free WordPress theme, particularly tailored for crafting E-commerce websites. It harnesses the latest web development techniques, showcasing a near-flawless rating with unanimous 5-star acclaim from users. It's undeniably a top-tier theme.

Blocksy's design is primed for seamless integration with the Gutenberg editor and boasts an array of customizable options, ensuring extensibility and adaptability. Its versatility shines through as it harmoniously collaborates with all premium page builders, empowering users to create diverse website types, from portfolios and blogs to online shops, private sites, corporate websites, and beyond.

4. Generatepress

Generatepress best free Wordpress themes [2024]

Generatepress is another standout when it comes to lightning-fast loading times. It's meticulously crafted for speed, much like Astra, and might even edge out as the slightly swifter option. It's a challenge to find a theme with a higher rating on wordpress.org, as it consistently garners almost exclusive 5-star reviews. This theme places a premium on speed and user-friendliness, seamlessly integrating with all leading page builders without redundant features.

Generatepress excels in delivering sleek designs and impressive functionality for web shops, particularly in its Premium version. Opting for the Premium upgrade unlocks a plethora of additional plugins, providing access to top-tier demo layouts and the ability to customize your Woocommerce store to your heart's content. Generatepress Premium is incredibly affordable and extends to 500 websites, offering outstanding value compared to many themes that restrict usage to just one site.

5. Phlox

Phlox Best Free Wordpress themes

Phlox is a modern WordPress theme with a rich set of features, available in both paid and free versions. With its inception dating back to 2013, Phlox proves to be a versatile choice suitable for a wide range of website types, including small businesses, eCommerce stores, portfolios, travel websites, and virtually any other category you can envision. Phlox boasts an impressive array of one-click installable demo layouts, making it exceptionally user-friendly.

Personally, I chose the Phlox theme for another one of my websites, primarily due to its fantastic demo layouts, and I've been thoroughly satisfied with its performance. It's worth noting that very few themes integrate with Elementor as seamlessly as the Phlox Theme does. Of course, Phlox offers much more than meets the eye, so if you're intrigued, you can learn more by exploring the buttons below.

6. Ocean-WP

Ocean-WP best free Wordpress themes [2024]

Similar to Astra, the Ocean-WP theme enjoys immense popularity and boasts an impressive rating on Wordpress.org. This theme excels in lightning-fast loading times and is among the top choices for crafting professional webshops. Whether you opt for the free version or the feature-rich Pro version, Ocean-WP offers an abundance of Woocommerce options, guaranteeing a seamless and premium shopping experience. The theme seamlessly integrates with all top page builders, and its elegant designs leave little room for criticism, which clearly reflects in its high regard among users.

Choosing to upgrade to the Pro version unlocks an array of additional Elementor widgets, a multitude of plugins, and an extensive selection of demo designs. Ocean-WP also pairs exceptionally well with Elementor Pro. However, it's worth noting that the free version offers all the essential tools for creating an exceptional website.

7. Botiga

Best free WP themes Botiga

Botiga is the ideal theme for announcing your online store, boasting full Gutenberg compatibility. This clean and modern theme is tailored for the creation of Woocommerce websites, despite being a relatively new addition to the theme market. Built from the ground up with clean code, Botiga prioritizes optimal performance. It is fully mobile-optimized, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices and providing extensive customization options for your site.

Botiga offers a fresh approach to website design, and its clean code foundation contributes to its exceptional performance. With a focus on mobile optimization and a wide range of customization possibilities, Botiga is an excellent choice for establishing your online shop.

8. Hestia

Best free Wordpress themes Hestia

Hestia is renowned for its user-friendly design, making it a versatile choice for various purposes, including businesses, startups, online agencies, portfolios, e-commerce ventures, and freelance work. Developed by Themeisle, the same company behind the Neve Theme, Hestia stands out as a multipurpose theme that offers ease of customization. It boasts compatibility with WooCommerce and Gutenberg, two essential features for modern websites. Furthermore, it supports most page builders, ensuring flexibility in design.

Hestia's versatility extends to its one-page design with a widgetized footer and dedicated blog/news pages. The theme maintains a clean and professional appearance, making it suitable for various content types. It is also equipped with features like responsiveness, WPML compatibility, retina readiness, SEO-friendliness, and utilizes the Material Kit for its design elements.

9. Kadence

Best FRee Wordpress themes Kadence

Kadence, like its counterparts in the top 10, boasts an almost perfect rating on Wordpress.org and is currently installed on over 200,000 websites. Its popularity can be attributed to several standout features. Firstly, Kadence offers an intuitive drag & drop header and footer builder, enhancing customization options for users. Additionally, the theme is celebrated for its exceptional loading speed, ensuring a smooth and efficient browsing experience.

One of Kadence's strengths lies in its extensive library of stunning starter templates (demos), with a dedicated selection catering to webshop construction. This theme seamlessly integrates with popular page builders such as Elementor and Beaver Builder, providing flexibility in design. Other notable features include the Color Manager, offering a choice of 10 pre-set color combinations that can be effortlessly applied, as well as the ability to make further personalized adjustments. Kadence Blocks enhance compatibility with Gutenberg, the default WordPress editor. The theme also offers transparent backgrounds, robust SEO capabilities with Schema Markup, full responsiveness across all devices, a sticky header, and CSS pre-loading in the header for optimal performance.

10. Airi

Best free Wordpress themes Airi

Airi offers a plethora of stunning design options through its demo sites, catering to a wide range of needs, including agencies, companies, magazines, shops, restaurants, and even bands. What sets Airi apart is the professional and high-quality design found across all its demos. Unlike many free themes that often lack a polished appearance, Airi's designs rival premium themes in terms of aesthetics. It's worth noting that Airi shares its developer with the Botiga theme, which also speaks to its credibility.

With Airi, you have the flexibility to start from scratch or utilize one of the pre-made Elementor layouts to streamline your website creation process. Whether you're running an e-commerce business or need a versatile theme for other purposes, Airi has you covered. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, allowing you to set up and manage your online store efficiently. This makes Airi a suitable choice not only for webshops but also for a wide range of website types, providing versatility and user-friendly customization options.

11. Virtue

Best free WP themes Virtue

Virtue is a highly versatile theme, fully equipped for Woocommerce, making it a great choice for crafting an eye-catching online store. It also offers portfolio pages and posts to elegantly showcase your work. This adaptability extends to the theme's suitability for various website types, including businesses, portfolios, or personal websites. Virtue provides all these features free of charge, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Furthermore, it boasts a responsive and mobile-friendly design to ensure your website looks exceptional on all devices.

The clean and modern design of Virtue is constructed using HTML5 and CSS3, harnessing the power of Bootstrap's responsive framework to achieve full responsiveness and mobile-friendliness. With support for fullwidth and wide blocks, Virtue enhances your website's visual appeal and functionality. It seamlessly integrates with Woocommerce, equipping you with the essential tools to create an exceptional online store that meets your unique needs.

12. Inspiro

Best FREE Wordpress themes Inspiro

I've selected the Inspiro Theme for this collection due to its unique and specific features tailored for photo and video content. This theme excels in offering beautiful video backgrounds and video sliders, even on mobile devices. What sets it apart is its ability to autoplay videos on all devices, providing a seamless viewing experience. You have the flexibility to use self-hosted videos or seamlessly integrate YouTube and Vimeo content. The Inspiro theme boasts an impressive rating, with nearly 5-star reviews, and ensures fast loading times in web browsers.

But that's not all—the Inspiro theme doesn't stand alone; it comes bundled with 36 other exceptional themes as part of a comprehensive selection curated by WP-Zoom. Memberships like these often offer exceptional value, giving you access to a variety of themes. Much like Divi, the Inspiro theme includes its own page builder by default, but it's also fully compatible with popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and virtually all the top page builders available for WordPress.

13. Ashe

Best free Wordpress themes Ashe

Ashe is primarily designed as a theme for blogs but can also be effectively utilized to create an e-commerce blog. Its seamless integration with the WooCommerce plugin makes it an excellent choice for those looking to combine blogging with online sales. Ashe boasts a unique and appealing style that sets it apart. Despite being relatively new, it has already garnered an impressive 60,000 active installations.

One of Ashe's standout features is its speedy loading times, ensuring a smooth user experience. It offers compatibility with numerous popular plugins and is translation and RTL (right-to-left language) ready. The theme has been developed following best SEO practices to help improve your website's search engine visibility. Additionally, Ashe provides support for Text & Image logo, Fullscreen Slider, Header image, and Instagram slider widget. It seamlessly integrates with major drag-and-drop page builders, including Elementor, Beaver Builder, WP-Bakery, SiteOrigin, and Divi, making customization a breeze.

14. Royal Elementor

Best free Wordpress themes Royal Elementor

Royal Elementor stands out with its impressive range of features, offering users access to 75+ widgets, 45+ Elementor WooCommerce Builder, Elementor mega menu builder, Elementor popup builder, Elementor template kit, Theme Builder, and Elementor WooCommerce Builder. These widgets are designed to be intuitive and creative, enabling you to elevate your WordPress website to new heights. The best part is that all of these widgets are available free of charge, although there is a Pro Version that offers even more advanced functionality.

With Royal Elementor, you essentially get all the benefits of the pro version of Elementor without having to pay for it separately. This theme is particularly well-suited for building E-commerce websites. Despite being a relatively new theme, it has already achieved significant success and is steadily gaining popularity.

15. Sydney

Best Free Wordpress themes Sydney

The Sydney theme comes with its own Building Blocks, but it's also compatible with popular page builders like Beaver Builder and Elementor Pro. Elementor Pro, in particular, is highly recommended if you plan to use Elementor extensively. The Sydney Theme is known for its fast loading times and can be easily installed with just one click.

With over 200,000 active installs, Sydney is a popular choice for businesses using WordPress. It offers a range of features including Frontpage Blocks, strong SEO capabilities (though lacking Schema MarkUp), full responsiveness across all devices, Parallax Backgrounds, Crelly Slider Support (Pro), and stunning Full-Screen backgrounds. If Sydney has caught your attention, you can explore further details on their official website.

16. PopularFX

Best free Wordpress themes PopularFX

The PopularFX theme has undergone significant improvements that we'll delve into now. Like most modern WordPress themes, PopularFX offers a selection of ready-made demo websites that can be installed with a single click. What sets this theme apart are its unique qualities, boasting a whopping 350+ demo options with eye-catching designs.

PopularFX is both user-friendly and robust enough to cater to any website's needs. It includes a page builder equipped with numerous design options and tools, streamlining the website creation process for quick and efficient results. With visual editing capabilities, you have the flexibility to customize your website layout to your exact specifications.

17. Go

Best free Wordpress themes Sydney

Go, launched in January 2020, has garnered over 90,000 users as of the time of writing this article. It's a free WordPress theme developed by GoDaddy, a renowned domain registrar and hosting company. Go is characterized by its flexibility, user-friendliness, minimalistic design, and high degree of customization. It seamlessly integrates with Gutenberg CoBlocks and boasts full compatibility with Gutenberg's content editor, which is recommended by the theme.

CoBlocks enhances your content with various Gutenberg blocks for posts or pages and is presently used by a user base exceeding 500,000. It effectively functions as a page builder. The Go Theme stands out as an excellent, free theme choice. However, it's important to note that Go Theme doesn't have a paid version, which means it can't be upgraded beyond its free offering.

18. Zakra

Best free Wordpress themes Zakra

Zakra is a robust, free multipurpose WordPress theme developed by ThemeGrill, and it boasts compatibility with all elite page builders. This theme is a versatile choice for creating various designs, whether it's for your business, blog, agency, or eCommerce website. Zakra offers the convenience of importing pre-built demos with just a single click, making it a premium WordPress multipurpose theme. Similar to most top free themes, Zakra also offers a pro version.

When it comes to integrating the popular WooCommerce plugin, Zakra makes the process a breeze and is fully prepared for it. With Zakra, you have the freedom to style your shop pages to your liking, all without requiring any HTML knowledge. As a result, webshops created with this theme have a highly professional appearance.

19. Hello Elementor

Hello Best free Wordpress themes [2024]

The Hello Elementor theme is refreshingly straightforward. It was released by Elementor in April 2020. Elementor is widely regarded as the best page builder available, and any features not found in the theme can be added through Elementor. The Hello theme serves as a basic foundation that seamlessly integrates with Elementor, eliminating the need for redundant functions that many other themes might include.

The combination of Elementor Free with the Hello theme is excellent. If you decide to upgrade to Elementor Pro, you'll have a powerful website-building setup with Elementor Pro and Hello, without the need to spend money on a separate theme. It's no wonder that this theme is downloaded 3000 times a day—it offers great value.

20. Storefront

Storefront best free Wordpress theme [2024]

The Storefront theme was purpose-built by the creators of the WooCommerce plugin to seamlessly integrate with it. WooCommerce is the leading and most widely used e-commerce system for WordPress. As a result, this theme is exceptionally well-suited for creating online shops and may not be the best choice for other types of websites. While this theme doesn't have a Pro or Premium version, it is developed by a highly professional team.

Storefront comes with a variety of child themes that can be used to quickly set up shops in various niches. It also provides numerous widget areas where you can showcase elements like "best selling" and "best-rated" products, replicating features commonly found in online stores. The theme offers all the essential features needed for an e-commerce site and is straightforward to configure when used in conjunction with WooCommerce.


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