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Fastest premium Woocommerce themes [2023] 💥

fastest premium Woocommerce themes

Premium means the cream of the crop, which is why these are not free themes, although some also have a free version. To be ranked in this selection it is also required that the themes load very fast in a browser and below you see "The best of the best" in this area.



These fast themes are so popular that they have been sold hundreds of thousands of times.

The fastest premium Woocommerce themes (top 8)

1. Astra PRO

fastest premium Woocommerce themes Astra

Astra Pro leads the way in this area. This theme is a lot better with every upgrade and I have seen the sales of this theme increase considerably in recent years. No wonder because the theme offers everything you need to build beautiful websites and shops. A very strong point of Astra is that it offers pre-made designs for all top pagebuilders.

Regardless of which page builder you want to work with, you have a large number of demo designs available that you can install with 1 click, great. I don't know of any other theme that offers this, usually at most for Elementor and sometimes for WP-Bakery page builder, that's all. Apart from the fact that Astra is a great theme, it is the fastest WP theme along with Generatepress mentioned below.

2. OceanWP

fastest premium Woocommerce themes OceanWP

Het OceanWP Theme is in 3rd place in my list for fastest themes, but is such a fantastic theme that we find it even higher in this list. The theme was also developed to be fast and it also had to excel in the construction of webshops. It offers beautiful designs created with Elementor, so you can edit them further with Elementor, your favorite page builder.

The features offered for shops such as ajax-cart, quick view, wishlist and more are at the highest level. With Ocean-WP you can build insanely professional webshops. The prices for this theme are more than reasonable, which makes the theme even more interesting.

3. Generatepress Premium

fastest premium Woocommerce themes Generatepress

Generatepress is, together with Astra, the fastest loading theme when we talk about good themes, so without including themes such as Storefront or Hello Elementor . Generatepress offers another series of demo designs that are easy to edit with their own Block Editor or with Elementor. Very easy, because many people are hesitant to start a website from scratch.

Of course the theme is 100% compatible with all other top pagebuilders like Beaverbuilder or Brizy. All these page builders also offer a free version, so it does not have to cost you anything. Generatepress offers about 10 special Woocommerce demo designs.

4. Genesis Framework

fastest premium Woocommerce themes Genesis

The Genesis Theme was recommended by both Joost de Valk of the Yoast SEO plugin, by Matt Cutts of Google, and recommended by Matt Mullenweg (founder of Wordpress). This is not a cheap solution as it is best to use one of their child themes as a base, which unfortunately are not free.

If you have a business and really want a top notch website that loads super fast, it's a good idea to get WP-Engine. This is Genesis itself's fully managed hosting system. Genesis-Pro is already included in WP-Engine and you have access to all the material they offer. WP-Engine costs $30 a month, but as said you're working with the best possible material.

5. Neve

fastest premium Woocommerce themes Neve

Neve was built by ThemeIsle. The theme is well specialized on the webshop and offers a large number of demos for it. That way you can quickly start your project. The design is already there and you only adjust everything to enter your own logo and products. In addition, Neve offers a large number of demos that were built with Elementor although I must admit that most of them are only in the pro version.

Another feature of Neve is that it produces super fast loading times. The theme is also highly ranked in my rankings for fast WP-themes. A standard Neve installation on a good hosting takes only 0.6 seconds to load. Neve has many more striking features, feel free to take a look at their site for more info.

6. Divi

fastest premium Woocommerce themes Divi

The Divi Theme is probably known to everyone. Divi sells on an assembly line and breaks all records for appreciation. The theme is so all-round that it is better for webshops than many themes that specialize in it. And even though Divi is certainly not the fastest theme that can be found for Wordpress, it is fast enough to appear in this list.

Well, if speed is your main wish then you should definitely choose Astra Pro. But the Divi Theme is number 1 when it comes to regular premium WP themes, surpassing Astra in every way except speed. When I come to the Divi website, I always immediately think that it is a work of art, they show for themselves what is possible with Divi.

7. Flatsome Theme

fastest premium Woocommerce themes Flatsome

Of course, Flatsome should not be missing from this page. The theme is doing better and better and usually leads the list for most sales that month on the Themeforest marketplace after Avada. In addition, the theme is very highly rated. The Flatsome theme clearly specializes in building webshops and offers many special features that make your webshop really professional such as wishlist, quick view, ajax cart, and more.

You can style all webshop pages exactly as you want, even if you have absolutely no technical knowledge. A disadvantage of Flatsome is that it requires a separate license per website where most of the themes above are purchased for an unlimited or large number of websites. That makes the theme expensive if you have multiple sites.

8. Avada

fastest premium Woocommerce themes Avada

Avada, like Flatsome, is sold through the Themeforest marketplace. That also makes the theme expensive if you had multiple websites. That does not alter the fact that Avada is very fast and very suitable for building webshops, because it even has a special Woocommerce-Builder. The theme is said to be sold better than the Divi theme, but since I promote bidding themes, I have a somewhat different view.

I'd say the Divi-Theme is actually sold 10x more often than Avada, but that's just my opinion. Since the last upgrade, Avada has a Performance Wizard that allows you to optimize CSS and JS. You can disable things that are not used, and the theme has become a lot faster with this. Unfortunately I still have something to say about Avada. If you need support, it is good to know that only half a year is included and half a year of extra support costs almost as much as the theme itself.


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