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Best Wordpress Page builder [2023] 💥

Best Wordpress pagebuilder

If you are looking for the best WordPress page builders on the market, both free and pro versions, read this article and the individual articles for each page builder available via the buttons below. Then you are ready to decide which page builder is the best for you.


1. Divi

Divi best Wordpress pagebuilder

Divi is at the top here. It is the best page builder out there for Wordpress. But Divi also offers the best theme there is for Wordpress for the same price, the Divi-Theme. In addition, you get 86+ other great themes and quite a few elite plug-ins. Divi offers a host of great designs for every niche imaginable, including online stores. Divi has the most unimaginable features, things you never thought of, but Divi has it. This page builder with theme gets better and better every year, and this will certainly continue in the coming years.

2. Elementor

Elementor best Wordpress pagebuilder

Elementor is insanely popular as a free page builder, but the pro version is so much better than many people are switching. The ease of work at Elementor is almost comparable to Divi and hence place 2, this is an antisocially good page builder. Elementor also lets you install a lot of beautiful designs with 1 click, you don't need a theme either. That means you can just use Elementor's own minimalist theme with it, called Hello Elementor. However, I do recommend using Astra Pro with Elementor, it's lightning fast and made for Elementor.

3. Zion-Builder

Zion-Builder best Wordpress pagebuilder

The Zion-Builder has been around for years in the Kallyas Theme. I have been working with this theme for about 8 years because it is one of the best themes for building webshops. The page builder has been available separately as a plug-in for a while so that it can be used in any other themes. Knowing the Zion-Builder without having to research it, I can immediately say that the page builder is great. Zion-Builder is available as a free and a premium version.

4. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect best Wordpress pagebuilder

Thrive Architect is another fairly new page builder that mainly focuses on leads and conversion. They did a very good job in that and if that is your goal, this page builder might be the best for you by far. In addition, Thrive offers the best inline text editors among all these page builders. Thrive Suite offers some great tools such as A/B testing, building courses, building quizzes, collecting testimonials and much more. Many features that other page builders do not have. Thrive has improved a lot in the last year and more and more beautiful features are added.

5. Brizy

Brizy best Wordpress pagebuilder

Brizy has only been on the market since 2020 and is already very popular. The Brizy team has prepared the page builder well and it is very complete. For example, you have 400+ demo designs available, an unprecedented number for such a new page builder. The basis of the page builder is the React-javascript from Facebook which is of course great. This is the only page builder young enough to have this. The page builder offers top features such as pop-ups, header builder, special padding and much more. The Brizy page builder could well be the future, and be at the top in a few years.

6. Beaverbuilder

Beaverbuilder best Wordpress pagebuilder

De Beaverbuilder has been popular for years and we ranked it for best Wordpress page builder in fourth place. This is probably the best page builder for absolute beginners. Working with Beaverbuilder is extremely simple and precise. The page builder offers quite a few good 1-click demo designs. The Pro version includes the Beaverbuilder theme. Otherwise, it's best to work with Astra Pro (Theme). There are more additional Beaverbuilder designs in Astra. Beaverbuilder is 100% responsive, has a very good SEO. The Beaverbuilder offers white labeling which makes it attractive for web design companies.

7. WP-Bakery Pagebuilder

WP-Bakery Pagebuilder best Wordpress pagebuilder

WP-Bakery Pagebuilder is a page builder that I have worked with a lot. This is because this plug-in is often integrated into premium themes. WP-Bakery is a very solid page builder for which many separate plug-ins are available in addition. For example, I think with WP-Bakery you can have more elements at your disposal than with any other page builder. The annoying thing about this plugin is that it is very expensive because every website you have has to buy a separate license of 64 dollars. In my opinion, the WP-Bakery Pagebuilder is a bit over its time and is losing out to the new better pagebuilders mentioned above.

8. Fusion-Builder

best Wordpress pagebuilders Fusion-Builder

The Fusion-Builder has been around for years in the Avada Theme. Although the page builder would certainly be suitable for use as a separate plugin in other themes, that has still not happened. I don't think the contracts they have with Envato allow that though the Fusion Builder could be sold as a plugin through that same marketplace. Well, if you want to work with the Fusion-Builder you need the Avada Theme.

9. UX-Builder

UX-Builder Best Wordpress pagebuilder

The UX-Builder is an astonishingly good page builder that you may not know yet. The page builder is not sold separately as a plugin, at least not yet and is therefore only known to those who Flatsome Theme. This high-scoring theme is sold through the infamous Themeforest marketplace. You can read my review for the Flatsome Theme here.

10. Gutenberg

Gutenberg best Wordpress pagebuilder

Gutenberg is included by default in Wordpress and can be downloaded for free from Wordpress.org. This page builder does not have a pro version. Other than that, Gutenberg is just a failed project and it's easy to see if you look at the rating it has. You can read my tutorial about it by clicking the button below. In principle, the page builder is far from finished and Wordpress users are used as guinea pigs. It is hard to understand how Wordpress could close this deal, but luckily there are other page builders. Gutenberg is certainly not the best Wordpress page builder out there but I thought I'd put it at the bottom so you can see the contrast.

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