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WP-Rocket vs WP-Optimize Review [2024] 💥

WP-Rocket vs WP-Optimize review


WP-Rocket vs WP-Optimize, what is the best cache plugin for Wordpress? These plugins are extremely popular and both offer the added bonus of cleaning up your database. They are both easy to install and clear, and can be used by everyone.

WP-ROCKET (WP-Rocket vs WP-Optimize)

We start in this WP-Rocket vs WP-Optimize review with WP-Rocket. This is in no particular order, and does not mean it would be better. WP-Rocket has now been installed on 1.2 million websites.

WP-Rocket review


In this WP-Rocket review, I want to emphasize that it stands out among other cache plugins due to its user-friendly approach and superior performance. While some plugins like W3 Total Cache can be time-consuming with complex settings, WP-Rocket takes a different approach by offering a hassle-free experience without compromising speed.

With WP-Rocket, you can achieve optimal website performance without the need for extensive configuration. It is known for its speed and efficiency, making it faster than many other cache plugins available. The plugin is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that even beginners can easily understand and implement its settings. Unlike other plugins that offer both free and premium versions, WP-Rocket is exclusively available as a premium plugin, requiring a payment for its features and support.

Currently, WP-Rocket has gained popularity and is trusted by over 1.2 million websites worldwide. Its widespread adoption is a testament to its effectiveness in boosting website speed and overall performance. Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, WP-Rocket offers a reliable caching solution that delivers exceptional results.

WP-Rocket review pricing

Having a lightning-fast website ensures more visitors who are also more satisfied with your site. Furthermore, it has a very beneficial effect on conversion and SERP, or better results in Google searches. I don't think it necessary to say that this is well worth paying $ 49 for it.


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Below I show you 2 speed test where it can clearly be seen that especially the loading time improves enormously by using the WP-Rocket cache plug-in. The improvement concerns no less than 70%. This is no guarantee from me that this will be the case for every site, but at least 40-50% will always be the case.

WP-Rocket review speedtest 1

WP-Rocket review speedtest 2


The developers of WP-Rocket have done their best to keep the plug-in as simple as possible and it worked out very well. Everyone is able to configure this plug-in as best they can. Most things work out-of-the-box after installing WP-Rocket. The rest is beautifully divided into chapters and checking the boxes here and there is enough to set everything up optimally.

WP-Rocket review clear dashboard

If there are things that you do not immediately understand, just consult the videos that explain everything in scents and colors. These videos are accessible from the dashboard in the plugin as well as dozens of articles.

WP-Rocket review helpdesk

As can be seen above: a wonderful feature is to be able to chat with the WP-Rocket helpdesk from the dashboard of the plug-in. There is no need to go to their site.


WP-Rocket offers a maximum of functions, while everything remains very easy to operate.

WP-Rocket review caching options

Let's start by discussing all the features


WP-Rocket review cache

WP-Rocket already has cache good by default, but here you have additional settings for caching on mobile devices, the expiration time of the cache. Cache files older than the set lifetime are deleted and re-cached. The plug-in even offers User Cache with which you can set cache for logged in visitors.


The chapter "optimizing files" is quite large. You can set everything here for combining (concatenation) and minifying css and javascript files. I'm trying to keep this WP-Rocket review concise, if you don't know what minifying or concatenation is, click on these links.

WP-Rocket review optimize files

WP-Rocket review optimize files

WP-Rocket review optimize files

The option "load javascript deferred" is something most competitor plugins do not have and something very important to Google. JS files are thus only loaded at the end after the rest of the page is already visible. See here what defer means.


Lazy load means that images are loaded blurry and then become sharper. Also, images that are not displayed on the page are loaded later. In this way, images appear almost immediately, which makes visitors happy.

WP-Rocket review lazy load images

WebP is a type of image file which is 30% smaller than jpeg. Be sure to activate this if you are not using Imagify. Imagify optimizes images for you, I'll get to this later.

WP-Rocket review WebP images


WP-Rocket database clean up

If desired, WP-Rocket immediately cleans your website of excess ballast. This ensures an optimized database which makes your site slightly faster. Aside from revisions, trash posts, and drafts as seen below, WP-Rocket also removes the following for you: spam comments, comments you deleted, and temporary files. It also optimizes the tables in your database for you. You can indicate a time at which this will happen with the planner.


Through WP-Rocket you can choose to use their own CDN for a fee of $ 8 per month. In the chapter "Add-ons" you can use Cloudflare for free. Since WP-Rocket is prepared for this, the installation of both CDNs is very easy.

WP-Rocket CDN


WP-Rocket review add-ons

WP-Rocket also works perfectly with Facebook, Google Analytics (Statistics for visitors), Varnish (Server cache-program), Sucuri (Website Security), and like said before Cloudflare (CDN). In this WP-Rocket plug-in review we have to give full marks for this.


WP-Rocket optimize images

Here you can find another add-on: Imagify. Imagify is perfect for optimizing your images. Even if you already did that yourself, Imagify makes everything even smaller. Among other things, by replacing all images with WEBP images. Imagify can be used for free up to so many images but it doesn't cost too much anyway. This saves you a lot of work and ensures a better SERP ranking as it makes your site a lot faster.


WP-Rocket review tools

In the chapter "Tools" you will find the possibilities to export and import the complete settings of the plug-in. If you have several websites, you can simply take over the settings and you do not have to set anything at all. It is also possible to undo this after upgrading the plug-in.


It will have become clear to you that WP-Rocket is the cream of the crop when it comes to cache plug-ins. It works perfectly with all other known tools for Wordpress. Setting up the plugin is extremely easy and it is also the fastest plugin you can find. WP-Rocket is well worth the $ 49 charged for it.

Explore WP-Rocket

WP-OPTIMIZE (WP-Rocket vs WP-Optimize)

In this WP-Rocket vs WP-Optimize review, we now continue with the review of WP-Optimize.

WP-Optimize review


Today we're going to take a look at what the plugin has to offer in this WP-Optimize review. The plug-in's specialization is to optimize the Wordpress database, and it is one of the best cache plug-ins. Basically the opposite of WP-Rocket wat in de eerste plaats een cache plug-in is die ook uw database optimaliseert.


The redundant content in the website that the plugin removes is exactly the same as with WP-Rocket, namely revisions, transients, unnecessary drafts and unnecessary comments. The fact that trackbacks and pingbacks are removed is unique.

WP-Optimize clean database

It is of course advisable to always have a fairly recent backup of your database somewhere. This is only necessary if your server is not backing up your entire account.


You can set the degree to which your images are compressed. Better yet is to use a program like Imagify which actually adjusts the images and offers visitors WebP-images.

WP-Optimize compress images


Apart from the compression, it is definitely recommended to switch Lazy Load on (PRO version). The Premium version offers several extras that make it a top plug-in, although the free version is certainly okay.

WP-Optimize lazy load


WP-Optimize Review page cache

Again, WP-Optimize offers the same as WP-Rocket. You can generate separate files for mobile, there is a separate cache for logged in visitors, the cache life can be set. You can find our WP-Rocket review here.


WP-Optimize free version

You can download the free version here. Although the premium version is of course a lot better and gives you the possibility to set all actions of WP-Optimize on time and date and gives full support, the free version should certainly not be underestimated. See in the image above how 900,000 people have downloaded this plugin and it has an amazing rating.


WP-Optimize Premium pricing

Especially for people with 2 websites, this top cache and database clean-up plug-in is cheap. The prices are generally reasonable.


First of all, thank you very much for reading my WP-Optimize review to the end. This plugin is certainly worth its money in terms of cache and database cleaning, let's say it has all that one can dream of. Everything is very clear and can be used by inexperienced website builders without any problems. If something is not clear, you can solve this quickly via their great support staff.

WP-Optimize Premium

WP-Rocket vs WP-Optimize: Review final conclusion

We are going to round up this WP-Optimize vs WP-Rocket comparison. We can say with confidence that these plugins are the number 1 and 2 in the world of cache plugins. WP-Rocket is the very best there is, winning practically in every area of WP-Optimize which is a very close second. Both plug-ins are well worth the money, WP-Optimize is a bit cheaper and also has a free version. Regardless of which plugin you choose, you will be very satisfied with it. Both plugins practically have a 99% satisfaction score from people who bought them.


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