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How to Report Bugs and Issues on Telegram [2024] 💥

How to Report Bugs and Issues on Telegram

Using Telegram for communication has become increasingly popular. However, like any software, it may sometimes have bugs or issues. Reporting these problems ensures an improved user experience. This guide will walk you through the process of efficiently reporting bugs and issues on Telegram.


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Understanding the Issue

Telegram's FAQ provides insights into common problems users encounter. It's wise to familiarize oneself with these first, as your concern might already have a solution outlined there. Understanding the specific nature of the bug or issue – whether it's a malfunctioning feature or a concern related to Telegram secret chats – is crucial before reporting.

Ensuring Account Safety

Telegram's 2-Step Verification is an added layer of security every user should activate. Especially when detailing an issue, it's essential to safeguard personal data and account access. Additionally, periodic checks of your Telegram sessions will help you recognize any unauthorized access. Always prioritize your safety!

Steps to Report Bugs and Issues on Telegram

1. Navigate to the Telegram Support Form

Telegram's support form is the primary medium through which users can highlight bugs or issues. Accessing this platform is the first step in your reporting journey.

2. Provide Detailed Information

Once on the form, be thorough in your description. Specify the nature of the bug, the steps leading up to its manifestation, and, if possible, include screenshots or videos. Such detailed submissions provide the support team with a comprehensive understanding, paving the way for quicker resolutions.

3. Submit and Await Feedback

Having populated the form with the necessary details, click 'Submit'. The Telegram team will acknowledge receipt and delve into solving the highlighted problem. It's advisable to monitor your email and Telegram messages, as the team may need additional information.

Additional Safety and Reporting Tips

Personal Data and Privacy Settings

While Telegram prides itself on security, users should adjust their privacy settings for an enhanced protection level. It ensures that personal data remains confidential, reducing potential vulnerabilities when reporting bugs.

Use Passlock Codes

For heightened security, especially when highlighting an issue, users are advised to set up a passlock code on Telegram. It adds an additional security layer, ensuring that in scenarios of physical device access, Telegram messages remain inaccessible without the passcode.


Telegram, though robust and popular, is susceptible to the occasional glitch or malfunction. However, with the collaborative effort of the user community reporting these bugs and issues, the platform continues to enhance its service quality. By following this detailed guide, users can contribute to this collaborative effort, ensuring that Telegram remains the gold standard in instant messaging. Always prioritize safety, utilize the platform's resources efficiently, and enjoy a seamless Telegram experience.


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