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Remove "Built with Storefront & Woocommerce" [2024] 💥

Remove Built with Storefront & Woocommerce

Just like the default Wordpress themes have difficult to remove "Powered by Wordpress", the Storefront theme also has this same issue. What may seem an impossible task to some, can of course be solved in a fairly simple way. Just read on and in about 5 minutes you got rid of the Storefront text "Built with Storefront & Woocommerce".


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1. Remove "Built with Storefront & Woocommerce" with a plugin

By far the best, least dangerous and cheapest solution to remove the Storefront Footer Credits is to use a plugin for it. The plugin does exactly what it was made for and you can't go wrong here and the installation of a child theme is not necessary either. The plugin is called Change Storefront Footer Copyright Text and is easiest to install via your Wordpress back-end as shown below in the screenshot.

Remove Built with Storefront & Woocommerce plugin

Install and activate the plugin. Go to "Settings" >> "Storefront Footer" and place text and links in the box that will replace the default Storefront footer as shown below.

Remove Built with Storefront & Woocommerce plugin settings

2. Remove "Built with Storefront & Woocommerce" with Storefront Powerpack

It is of course also possible to fix the problem with the Storefront Powerpack extension. One of reasons why you are struggling with the footer code is because Storefront was on purpose created this way to be able to sell 20k of these extensions. 20.000 x $59 = $1.2M that they have made this way already. I think that is more then enough and would certainly use method 1.

3. Remove "Built with Storefront & Woocommerce" with CSS

Important: One should never do this as removing links with CSS will result in a Google Penalty!! Therefore I will also not explain how it can be done here. Let's go on to the next way.

4a. Remove "Built with Storefront & Woocommerce" by editing Theme Files

We are going to edit functions.php which is a Storefront theme file. Locate the file using your WP back-end going to "Appearance >> "Theme file editor". You'll find the theme files listed on the right side. To entirely remove the footer credits you have to add the follwong code at the end of the file. You will have to work with a child theme and add the functions.php file in the child theme if you don't want your work to be undone when upgrading the Storefront theme.

add_action( 'wp', ‘ql_remove_credits_storefront' );
function  ql_remove_credits_storefront() {
   remove_action( 'storefront_footer', 'storefront_credit', 20 );

4b. Adding your own Copyright to the footer

Let's suppose you want to change the footer's copyright text. We'll use the following text to create a new string that reads Copyright + Year + Webstick. Then add the following code beneath the one you just placed.

add_filter( 'storefront_copyright_text', 'ql_customize_storefront_footer_copyright_text' );
function  ql_customize_storefront_footer_copyright_text() {
   $text = 'Copyright' date( 'Y' ) . ' Webstick';
   return $text;


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