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My Youtube account was hacked [2023] 💥

My Youtube account was hacked

YouTube uses Google's account. This means that if YouTube is hacked, it's most likely that the hacker can access all your Google services such as Gmail, Google+ and many more.

You noticed a video that was published on your channel but which you have never seen before? Did you notice that videos you had published disappeared suddenly or that information, such as video titles, has been altered? Most likely, your YouTube channel was hacked.


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1. Change your Google password

Straight away go here to change your Google password. Make sure you use lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and digits to create complex passwords. You can also add special characters such as exclamation points or hash. It should not exceed 8 characters. Avoid using dictionary words.

2. What were the last logins?

It is important to determine if the hacker was after your YouTube or Gmail. If you have Gmail, log in to your account and scroll to the bottom. Click on the "Details” button in the lower right corner. A pop-up window will open with a list containing the last access sessions. This may indicate that your account was hacked.

3. Google's security check

Google makes it easy to run a security checkup on your account to see if any changes have been made and take appropriate action if something is found to be suspicious. Simply go to your account page and click "Get Started" in "Security Checkup".

4. Recent activity

You should review all activity in your account if you suspect that a hacker may have had or has access to it. Go over posted videos, likes, etc. To ensure that nothing was done under false pretenses, If you find any activity, such a posted video or other content, please report it to YouTube. Follow this link to check your activity.

5. PC Anti virus

Trojan horses, which were installed on victims' computers, are used by many attackers to gain passwords. It is not possible to change the password if the malware has infected your computer. Instead, the malware will steal the password and send it to hackers. Therefore you must have an anti virus program on your computer. Also don't be silly and give direct permissions to dodgy programms to install on your computer.

6. Don't reuse passwords

Re-using your password on other websites such as Facebook and iCloud is a violation of your privacy settings. You should immediately change these passwords. You should ensure that you can still log in to these services. Password re-use is a common but dangerous technique used by attackers to gain access to other accounts.

7. Use 2SV

To secure your account further and make sure no one is able to access your account, enable the Two-Step Verification on your Google. Google will ask you to enter a unique code every time you sign in. This code will be displayed on your mobile's "Google Authenticator" app. This will provide you with an additional layer of security that is both important and efficient.


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