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My Twitter is not working - 15 Fixes [2024] 💥

My Twitter is not working

Is your Twitter not functioning properly? Undoubtedly, Twitter is a social media platform that enables users to express their thoughts and ideas through brief messages known as tweets. Errors and issues on Twitter can be frustrating, particularly for users who rely on Twitter for communication, news, and marketing. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem.


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1. Bad or no internet

It's wise to start with the simplest things when we're trying to get Twitter up and running again. So, first check whether your internet is working; otherwise, it's not surprising that your Twitter is not working, of course. On your computer, you can open a new tab in your browser and do some Googling, for example. On your mobile phone, open another app, like YouTube. If these things work, your internet is okay. If not, check whether your internet bill has been paid and, if so, restart your modem.

2. Twitter might be down

Even big networks like YouTube or TikTok can be down, so why not Twitter? Twitter can have issues sometimes, but it is normally reliable. You can use DownDetector to check if Twitter is down, or search "Has Twitter gone down?" It is possible to search for it on Google. You will be redirected to several websites that provide the relevant information.

3. Restart computer or mobile phone

A computer or mobile phone that hasn't been restarted in a while can start giving you all sorts of problems without you noticing it right away. To rule this out, please restart your PC or phone. Who knows, it might be that simple.

4. Restart your browser or app

The same goes for browsers and apps. As they run longer without rebooting, errors can creep in that can cause things like your Twitter to suddenly stop working. To rule this out, restart your browser or app. Just close and reopen, and see if Twitter works again.

5. Upgrade your browser or app

Sometimes restarting an app or browser is not enough, but it is necessary to upgrade it. Sometimes not everything on your PC or phone is compatible anymore, and you just have to upgrade to get rid of certain problems. Go to the Google Play Store and search for "Twitter." To check if an update is available for an iOS device, go to the App Store.

6. Try a different device

To rule out that what we have already tried above did not go wrong somewhere, it is good to use another phone or PC in between. Ask a family member or colleague to see if Twitter works on their device. If they don't experience any problems with Twitter, you know it's your device, and you can continue looking for the solution. But then you already know a little more what can be pleasant.

7. Clear your cache

Browsers and websites use cache to load faster. Certain things are loaded from memory, which is much faster than following certain requests over and over. However, this cache can sometimes also cause problems. If you are having problems with a Twitter application on your website, you can temporarily disable your cache plugin. In case you use Twitter on your PC in a browser, then clear your cache. The easiest way is to have a "Clear Cache Add-on" already installed; you just need to click on its button.

8. Uninstall then re-install your Twitter

This applies to the Twitter app on your mobile phone. Go to your "Settings" >> "Applications" and uninstall the app. Then go to the Google Play Store and search for "Twitter." To check if an update is available for an iOS device, go to the App Store. Reinstall the app.

9. Do a password reset

It could be that for some reason, Twitter sees a security problem, which sometimes happens when people have not changed their password for a long time. It's well worth a try if you haven't had any success with the list of solutions so far.

10. Temporarily disable your VPN

Many people these days use a VPN service that redirects your internet through other servers and countries. This provides extra security on your computer and sometimes gives more options if a country in which you live is excluded from certain things. However, having your VPN activated isn't the best way to look for problems, so be sure to turn off your VPN if you're using one.

11. Try using a VPN

Suppose you are just in a country such as Russia, where a lot of things are excluded; it is a good idea to turn on your VPN if you have one. In these circumstances, it is almost certain that your access will simply be blocked. A VPN bypasses this problem for you.

12. Is your account locked or suspended?

You may be required to verify your account if your account has been blocked or suspended. If your Twitter account is locked or restricted to certain account features only, it could be compromised or in direct violation of Terms of Service.

The first thing to do when this happens is to verify that you are the correct account owner. You may receive a message asking you to verify your Twitter account to ensure it is safe. This message will ask you to verify ownership via e-mail, re-captcha, or mobile phone. You can also click this link to go directly to the Twitter page where you will be explained how to verify.

13. Upgrade your operating system

It should be clear that especially Windows always makes every effort to let you upgrade as soon as there are upgrades. In fact, I suspect they are deliberately slowing down your PC and causing problems so that you upgrade voluntarily. If you're having trouble with your Twitter right now, it's a good time to upgrade. The same goes for Apple systems.

14. Clear mobile device storage

Twitter, a video-hosting app, will need lots of RAM and storage space to function properly. If you don't have enough RAM or storage space on your device, Twitter may not be working. Clear some space.


This is how you can check your storage space on an Android device:

  1. Start the Settings app on your device.
  2. Use the search function to find Storage.
  3. Tap "Storage."

You'll see the apps and files that are taking up most of your storage. You may even be able to see the largest files on some devices. These files can be reviewed to determine if they are still needed. It's better to delete them if you don't.

For more information, check out our tutorial on how to free up space on Android devices.


These are the steps to check your iPhone's storage:

  1. Start the Settings app.
  2. Go to "General."
  3. Scroll down to "iPhone Storage."
  4. Wait for the screen to fully load.

You'll see, just like on Android: a breakdown of how much storage each file type and app has currently used up. You can see which ones are still needed and which you can delete to free up space.

15. Contact Twitter support

If all these tips have not paid off and your Twitter is still not working, you can finally ask Twitter for advice. Click here to go directly to their helpline.


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