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My Twitter account is locked [2023] 💥

My Twitter account is locked

If you have any restriction Twitter will tell you this. If you don't receive such messages then your Twitter has other more commun problems. Let's explain you the steps to repair a Twitter account that has been suspended, locked, restricted or limited.

Sometimes this happens due to suspicious behavior. Other times, a Twitter account might be locked to protect itself from hacking or cyber attacks. Twitter offers a variety of options to limit access to user accounts. Each method has its own severity. Let's go quickly through the most common restrictions Twitter uses before explaining what to do against it.


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  • A locked Twitter account
  • Twitter will force you to log out of all your devices if an account is locked. This happens because of suspicious behavior or security issues. This could be due to repeated attempts to log into your account with an incorrect password, too many connected third-party services to your account, and/or account activity that is higher than normal.

  • A limited/restricted Twitter account
  • Twitter may ban you from liking, tweeting, and retweeting if you break its rules. Search results will not show previously published tweets from a restricted account. They will be visible only to current followers. Twitter staff can activate these limits, but they are often automatically set up to prevent spamming on the network.

  • A suspended Twitter account
  • This is equivalent to being banned from Twitter. A temporary suspension can sometimes be appealed but is usually permanent. Twitter accounts are usually suspended for spamming, fake news, impersonation of someone else, hacking, or violating Twitter rules.

    1. How to reopen a locked Twitter account?

    It's not something you should worry about if your Twitter account is locked. The entire process takes only a few minutes. If Twitter is locked, it will usually prompt you to log in. This message will explain why and how to unlock it.

    You will receive the notification via email and your mobile number. You will be asked to complete the following steps in the notification message:

    • Click on the link to reset your password.
    • After clicking on the link, enter a PIN number.
    • Combination of all the above.

    2. How to deal with a limited/restricted Twitter account?

    First of all, it is important to show remorse and apologies when you communicate with Twitter staff during appeals. Never be defensive or agressive.

    The appropriate response to a Twitter account restriction will depend on how severe it is. A mild violation could be tweeting and liking too many, while a more serious offense would be to send death threats, cyberstalking, impersonation and participate in targeted harassment campaigns.

    Twitter will communicate with you regardless of the reason for the restriction. This includes a direct message or email. It will explain the reasons why your account was closed and the steps you should take.

    These are just a few examples of the actions that restricted users are often asked for:

    • Verify your email.
    • Verify your number and add it to your account.
    • You must delete all tweets that are associated with rules that were broken.
    • Change your password.
    • This form is used to submit an appeal.

    3. How to get a Twitter account unsuspended?

    If you don't want your account to be restricted or suspended due to suspicions of impersonation or being fake, associate one email and one phone number to your Twitter account. Also link it to your official website if one is available.

    Your Twitter account can be suspended if you have violated the rules of the network. But mistakes are possible and it is sometimes possible to get your Twitter account back.

    Some people who have been suspended will be shown options that they can use to restore their accounts. These actions will vary depending on the user. They usually require you to confirm your identity by email or calling. If you are unable to log in after trying, you will need to appeal to Twitter.


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