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My Twitter account is locked [2024] 💥

My Twitter account is locked

If you have any restrictions, Twitter will notify you. If you don't receive such messages, then your Twitter account might have other more common problems. Let's explain the steps to repair a Twitter account that has been suspended, locked, restricted, or limited.

Sometimes this happens due to suspicious behavior. Other times, a Twitter account might be locked to protect it from hacking or cyber attacks. Twitter offers a variety of options to limit access to user accounts, each with its own level of severity. Let's quickly go through the most common restrictions Twitter uses before explaining what to do about them.


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  • A Locked Twitter Account
  • Twitter will force you to log out of all your devices if your account is locked. This can happen due to suspicious behavior or security concerns, such as repeated incorrect login attempts, too many third-party services connected to your account, or unusually high account activity.

  • A Limited/Restricted Twitter Account
  • Twitter may restrict your ability to like, tweet, and retweet if you violate its rules. Tweets from a restricted account will not appear in search results and will only be visible to current followers. These restrictions can be manually applied by Twitter staff or automatically set up to prevent spam on the network.

  • A Suspended Twitter Account
  • Being suspended from Twitter is equivalent to being banned. While temporary suspensions can sometimes be appealed, they are usually permanent. Reasons for suspension include spamming, spreading fake news, impersonating someone else, hacking, or violating Twitter's rules.

1. How to Reopen a Locked Twitter Account?

Don't worry if your Twitter account is locked. The entire process to unlock it usually takes only a few minutes. If your account is locked, Twitter will typically prompt you to log in and provide an explanation for the lock and instructions on how to unlock it.

You will receive a notification via email and your mobile number. The notification message will ask you to:

  • Click on the link to reset your password.
  • Enter a PIN number after clicking the link.
  • Or a combination of both.

2. How to Deal with a Limited/Restricted Twitter Account?

When appealing to Twitter staff, it's important to show remorse and apologize. Never be defensive or aggressive.

The appropriate response to a Twitter account restriction will depend on the severity of the violation. Mild violations could include excessive tweeting and liking, while more serious offenses could involve death threats, cyberstalking, impersonation, and participating in targeted harassment campaigns.

Twitter will communicate with you regardless of the reason for the restriction, typically through a direct message or email, explaining why your account was restricted and what steps you should take.

Common actions often requested of restricted users include:

  • Verifying your email.
  • Adding and verifying your phone number.
  • Deleting all tweets associated with rule violations.
  • Changing your password.
  • Submitting an appeal using a specific form.

3. How to Get a Twitter Account Unsuspended?

To avoid restrictions or suspensions due to suspicions of impersonation or being fake, associate one email and one phone number with your Twitter account. Link it to your official website if available.

Your Twitter account can be suspended for violating network rules, but mistakes happen, and it's sometimes possible to get your account reinstated.

Some suspended users will be presented with options to restore their accounts. These actions vary depending on the user and usually require you to confirm your identity via email or phone. If you're unable to log in after trying, you'll need to appeal to Twitter.

If you're still experiencing issues with your Twitter account not functioning properly, we have more comprehensive solutions for you. Check out our detailed guide here for further assistance in resolving your Twitter problems.


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