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Divi vs Enfold themes comparison [2024] 💥

Divi vs Enfold

Theme Comparison Guide: Divi vs Enfold

Embark on an insightful comparison between Divi and Enfold, two prominent WordPress themes. Our comparison begins with a detailed table outlining key features, followed by extensive reviews of each theme. This analysis will equip you with the necessary information to decide which theme best suits your website's needs and design preferences.

Feature Divi 5 Enfold
Rating 4.9 on Trustpilot No Rating on Trustpilot
Customization ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Advanced with Divi Builder 5) ⭐⭐⭐ (Functional, but basic compared to Divi)
Performance ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Optimized for top performance with Divi 5) ⭐⭐⭐ (Adequate, not as optimized as Divi)
Pre-built Templates ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Vast selection, top-quality designs) ⭐⭐ (Limited range and less versatile than Divi's)
Price ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Superior value with extensive features) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Affordable, but offers less value than Divi)
Ease of Use ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Highly user-friendly with enhanced visual builder) ⭐⭐⭐ (Intuitive but lacks the comprehensive features of Divi)
Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Dedicated and comprehensive support) ⭐⭐⭐ (Support is available but not as responsive as Divi's)
Community ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Large, highly engaged community) ⭐⭐⭐ (Smaller community, less active forums)
Flexibility ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Highly adaptable to complex web needs) ⭐⭐⭐ (Flexible but with fewer options than Divi)
Updates and Improvements ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Constant innovation with significant updates) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Regular updates but less impactful than Divi's)

DIVI THEME (Divi vs Enfold)

Divi is the best-selling Wordpress theme ever...

Divi 5 Theme

Dear readers, let's take a moment to appreciate a milestone. The Divi theme has been a cornerstone in the WordPress ecosystem for a decade. The advent of Divi 5 marks a significant leap forward. Imagine transforming from a single superhero into an elite team of heroes. Now's your chance to acquire your Divi license at an exceptional value.

This isn't just another mundane overview. You'll find all the standard details on the Elegant Themes website. Here, we aim to keep the conversation engaging and insightful, much like a gathering orchestrated by Divi itself. Have you visited the Divi website lately? It's not merely a website; it's a digital work of art, reminiscent of the finest creations in the web domain.


Divi Ad 680px

DIVI AI (Text & Image Generator)

Advanced Content Customization: Divi AI excels in tailoring content that speaks with your brand’s voice. Start with basic inputs and let it create a connection through content that deeply reflects your audience's likes and interests.

Efficient Image Customization: Need that perfect image in a snap? Divi AI generates precise visuals quickly, intuitively syncing with the context of your content requirements.

Seamless Content Creation: Elevate your content strategy with Divi AI, which allows you to generate text and images effortlessly, or even complete sections in a few clicks, offering a streamlined approach to content creation.

Precision Photo Editing: Perfect your nearly ideal images with Divi AI’s editing capabilities. It adjusts visuals to fit exactly what you envisioned, acting like your very own photo editing expert.

Dissolving Writer’s Block: Divi AI acts as your creative companion, providing fresh ideas and effective solutions to ensure you never face a blank page alone.

Rapid, Quality Content Production: Divi AI doesn’t just create content—it crafts compelling, high-quality content quickly based on your themes and specifications, functioning like an in-house content specialist.

Refined Copy Editing: Enhance your content's impact with Divi AI's editing skills, fine-tuning tone and clarity to polish your work to its finest.

Divi AI


Unlock superior design aesthetics with Divi's Advanced Gradient Builder, a tool that offers capabilities akin to Photoshop. It provides an extensive palette and sophisticated gradient effects that can dramatically enhance the look and feel of any website.

Divi Theme Advanced Gradients


Revolutionize your design workflow with the Divi Layout Cloud, a powerful tool that stores everything from video files to custom page layouts. It’s like having a creative arsenal in the cloud, ready to deploy detailed, personalized web designs faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Divi Theme Layout Cloud


Divi Theme Webshops

Divi 1-click demo lay-outs

Divi Theme Online Stores

Explore the capabilities of the Divi WooCommerce-Builder by watching our informative video. This tool excels in customizing online stores with its advanced WooBuilder and WooModules, making it easy to tailor product and category pages. Check out our extensive demo library to see the variety of applications for these features.

The demos illustrate the flexibility of Divi's design tools, offering elegant and ready-to-implement shop layouts that streamline the design process. Coupled with Elementor Pro, it provides a comprehensive solution for building modern, user-friendly websites.

DIVIBUILDER (Pagebuilder)


DiviBuilder is renowned for its precise control and user-friendly interface, making it an ideal choice for WordPress site development. It offers an extensive array of design elements and effects, streamlining the creation process for efficiency and ease.

Additionally, when you acquire Divi, you gain the flexibility of using the DiviBuilder as a standalone plugin. This allows for its use with other themes, enhancing your capacity to create diverse web environments. Discover its full potential by testing the DiviBuilder on the Divi website, where you can engage with its features firsthand.


Divi Theme Speed

Divi 5 has transformed the landscape of WordPress themes by delivering performance that doubles the speed of Divi 4 and halves the memory usage. This advancement is akin to transitioning from a regular commuter train to a high-speed bullet train in terms of efficiency and speed. Explore how these enhancements can benefit your website by watching the video on Divi 5's revolutionary performance upgrades.


Divi Theme Effects

With Divi, enhance your photos with professional-grade editing tools that allow precise exposure adjustments and color manipulation, along with unique effects such as sepia, all while ensuring the original image quality remains unaffected. Divi transforms your device into a virtual photo studio, eliminating the need for other editing software.

Beyond image editing, Divi enriches user interaction with its innovative scroll effects, including parallax and slide-in animations. Features like the multi-layered parallax hero create a sense of depth, while an animated timeline featuring a sports car enhances narrative engagement by revealing text sequentially. More details are available here.


Divi Theme Transforms

Discover the advancements in Divi's Transforms tool with the release of Divi 5.0 by clicking here. The update is designed to accelerate web page performance and streamline operations, which reflects the latest in WordPress technological evolution for superior web design practices.

With a revamped API, developers now have greater leeway to innovate through custom modules, enhancing Divi's utility. These updates secure Divi’s role as a critical web design tool, equipped for complex edits and customizations akin to Photoshop.


Divi Theme Shape Dividers

Unleash your creative potential with DiviBuilder's Shape Dividers, a feature that makes adding stylish, customizable shapes to your website straightforward. Whether you aim for elegance or edge, these shape dividers are designed to complement any design aesthetic. Discover how to transform your site's visual appeal by watching this video.


Divi Theme Bulk Edit

Revolutionize your web design approach with Divi's Bulk Edit feature, which simplifies the process of making widespread changes across your website. Apply comprehensive style updates or configure multiple settings simultaneously, enhancing productivity and design fluidity.

This feature is a game-changer for web professionals looking to optimize their workflows and reduce project timelines. Explore the capabilities of Bulk Edit by watching this video.


Divi Theme Drop Shadows

Add depth to your website's images effortlessly with Divi's Drop Shadows feature, designed to be accessible directly within the Divi Builder. This tool offers a quick way to enhance visuals with realistic shadows that can be adjusted for angle, distance, and blur to create the perfect visual effect for your site's aesthetic.

Discover how to easily apply and adjust these shadows to enhance the depth and professionalism of your website's design by watching this video.


Divi Theme split testing

Take full advantage of the upgraded Divi Split Testing capabilities. By integrating Divi Leads within the Divi Builder, you gain the power to quickly adjust and test variations of your site’s content. Find out what attracts and retains user attention with real-time feedback that guides your adjustments.


Divi's pricing plans are meticulously tailored to support a wide range of web design needs. The standard plan is attractively priced at $89 per year, offering unlimited access and continuous support, a perfect fit for regular users. For those requiring more advanced features, the Divi Pro plan at $277 annually provides enhanced tools such as Divi AI and extensive cloud storage, suitable for high-end professional use.


Divi, recognized for its comprehensive and versatile web design capabilities, serves as an invaluable asset for digital creators. With tools that simplify complex design tasks, Divi supports creators across the globe. Its user community's insights significantly contribute to its ongoing refinement. Experience the community's feedback on Trustpilot here.

Visit Divi theme

ENFOLD THEME (Divi vs Enfold)

Enfold vs Divi: Enfold review

In this Divi vs Enfold comparison we'll now continue with the Enfold theme. Enfold claims to be the best rated theme on Themeforest. It is difficult to trace without examining all themes, but we will take it from them. The theme's rating is 4.82 out of 5 and 9912 buyers rated it. That is indeed a very high average, although I know that a theme like Astra scores 4.99. Has to be said the Astra theme is not being sold by Themeforest.

The high rating has its reason. The theme is very easy to set up in a minute or two. The Enfold support theme is also very competent and responds quickly to tickets. Another point is the beautiful layout of the theme on all devices (PC-laptop-tablet). There are many more pluses, but we will discuss them at ease below.

Enfold review (Premium Wordpress Theme)

Enfold Theme review

Enfold not only has a great rating but has since been sold over 245.385+ times which is at least equally impressive and another sign of how good this theme should be. The 9-man team of Kriesi from Austria has already developed many themes, but Enfold is their best project.

Enfold page builder

As seen below, with Avia, Enfold's own page builder, you can build your pages super fast. There are better page builders but Avia works quite well.

Enfold page builder Avia

Enfold makes starting your website simple by offering beautiful layouts that can be installed with 1 click. Enfold gives you a wide choice of dozens of complete designs, multiple demos are available for each niche. Once installed, you will work with the professional page builder to edit the content. Add your own logo, customize photos and texts. This way you can quickly build your own layout.

Enfold demo lay-outs

Enfold style-generator

Without any technical knowledge you can develop your own style with the style generator. You start by choosing one of the color combinations, which you can further refine later. In this Enfold theme review, we should definitely mention that Enfold is made for your convenience, as it works flawlessly and smoothly.

Enfold theme review style generator

Enfold header styles

Another great example of how easily and quickly you can work is the ease with which you can adjust the header. Choose from multiple beautiful styles with just 1 click.

Enfold theme review header styles

Enfold Webshop

Enfold is prepared for Woocommerce and therefore works perfectly with it. The 1-click demo websites also contain many shop layouts from which you can start your shop. Good to know for people who want to develop a restaurant site is that Enfold works perfectly with WooCommerce bookings. WooCommerce bookings is one of the best plugins out there to optimally process your booking.

Enfold theme review WooCommerce bookings

Enfold SEO

Enfold does not want to burden you with a slow loading website and has therefore taken the utmost care to write a clean code. Fast loading websites are simply better visited and people hang around longer. Google also sees which site is fast and which is not, this is again very good for your search results.

Enfold summary

You can imagine that much more is possible with Enfold. Therefore, we are not going to bore you with listing every option it has to offer but have limited ourselves to the main features. You can get complete details on Enfold's own site.

Enfold vs Divi comparison conclusion

Enfold is currently number 2 of the best-selling themes on Themeforest just after the Avada theme. The theme is available for $ 59. That is a standard price for most themes and for Enfold you certainly do not pay too much. The Enfold theme loads fast, you can build any website and shop imaginable with it, the page builder works fast and well, we are talking about a top theme here. If you want to get acquainted with more elite themes, read our article for the best themes of [2024].

The Divi theme is the best-bought theme in the world and scores at least 8/10 for all facets and is in many ways the best in its field. In our Enfold vs Divi comparison it is difficult to say which theme is better but my personal choice would be Divi, although I have to work with everything as a web designer. Both themes are great!


Divi Ad 680px

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