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The best free Woocommerce themes for [2022] 💥

Best free Woocommerce themes

All these themes are completely specialized in building webshops using the Woocommerce plug-in. The themes below can be downloaded for free via Wordpress.org, but some also have a pro version. Below the brief discussion of each theme you will find buttons that refer to the website and/or complete review of that theme.

These free themes are so popular that they have been downloaded millions of times.

My best 6 free Woocommerce themes [2022]

1. Astra

Best free Woocommerce themes Astra

The Astra Theme is one of the most downloaded themes on Wordpress.org. The theme has very good qualities. It specializes in Woocommerce and the Elementor page builder, but it is also one of the fastest loading themes available for Wordpress.

The theme offers a number of 1-click installable demo layouts for all the top page builders out there. This way you can make a flying start with your project regardless of which page builder you use. Users are so satisfied with this theme that it practically has a 100% satisfaction score.

2. OceanWP

Best free Woocommerce themes OceanWP

The OceanWP Theme has a lot to offer in terms of Woocommerce. The theme was specially developed for it and you can create beautiful professional webshops with it. Ocean-WP is very good as a free version but also has a pro version for those who expect a little more.

Apart from the fact that this theme is perfect for shops, it also has extremely fast loading times. The free version can be downloaded from their own site or from Wordpress.org. Ocean-WP appears in many rankings, gets a very high rating and should be considered one of the better themes out there for Wordpress.

3. Hello Elementor

Best free Woocommerce themes Hello

The Hello Elementor theme was released by Elementor itself as the base theme for Elementor Pro and the free version of Elementor. The theme in itself is too minimalistic to do much with it, but the secret is in the Elementor page builder with which practically everything is possible.

They make beautiful shops with it and that is what this is about. Hello Elementor is completely free and does not have a pro version either. Elementor also works perfectly with both themes mentioned above.

4. Storefront

Best free Woocommerce themes Storefront

The Storefront theme is very similar to Hello Elementor. Just like that theme, it was released by its owner as the basis for the main product, in this case Woocommerce itself. Storefront, like Hello Elementor itself, can do practically nothing, but of course it works perfectly with Woocommerce for which it was designed.

The Storefront theme is free and can be downloaded via Wordpress.org. The theme does not have a pro version, if you want some more options, I recommend using one of the themes above, in the order in which they are listed.

5. Neve

Best free Woocommerce themes Neve

Neve was built by ThemeIsle with 2 features in mind, speed and web shops. Since the theme is also available for free on Wordpress.org, it is a perfect candidate for this list of free Woocommerce themes. The free version has a lot to offer and is therefore very highly rated.

Neve offers beautiful designs and all the functions that a professional webshop needs. If you want some extra features and designs, there's the pro version that you can upgrade to. The Neve theme is a theme that works perfectly with the top pagebuilders and also offers special design demos for each of these pagebuilders.

6. Generatepress Premium

Best free Woocommerce themes Generatepress

Generatepress is probably the fastest theme there is, together with Astra (the number 1 in this list), which has a lot to offer. Themes like Storefront and Hello are also lightning fast, but there is practically nothing in them, so we don't count those. The Generatepress theme does not get a very high rating for both free and pro version for nothing.

It has a beautiful design that you can install with one click, with about 10 designs especially for webshops. Generatepress was therefore built to load at lightning speed and for webshops. The theme is also extremely suitable for building blogs and also offers more than 10 demo layouts for that category.

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