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Best free Woocommerce themes [2024] 💥

Best free Woocommerce themes

All of these themes are specifically designed for creating online shops using the WooCommerce plugin. You can freely download these themes from WordPress.org, and some of them also offer a pro version. Following a brief overview of each theme, you'll find two buttons—one leading to the theme's official website and the other to my comprehensive review of that theme.


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These free themes are so popular that they have been downloaded millions of times.

The 15 free Woocommerce themes [2024]

1. Astra

Best free Woocommerce themes Astra

The Astra Theme is one of the most downloaded themes on Wordpress.org. The theme has very good qualities. It specializes in Woocommerce and the Elementor page builder, but it is also one of the fastest loading themes available for Wordpress.

The theme offers a number of 1-click installable demo layouts for all the top page builders out there. This way you can make a flying start with your project regardless of which page builder you use. Users are so satisfied with this theme that it practically has a 100% satisfaction score.

2. Blocksy

Best free Woocommerce themes Blocksy

Blocksy is the most striking free WordPress theme, particularly suitable for building E-commerce websites. It is a theme built with the latest techniques. What immediately stands out is that Blocksy has a practically flawless rating, everyone gives it 5 stars. We are talking about a top theme here.

It was designed to work well with the Gutenberg editor and includes many options that make it extensible and customizable. Blocksy is very versatile and works perfectly with all elite page builders and can be used to build any type of website such as portfolios, blogs, shops, private sites, corporate sites, and more.

3. Kadence

Best free Woocommerce themes Kadence

Kadence Theme, a lightweight but fully featured WordPress theme, makes it easy to create beautiful websites and webshops that load quickly and are easily accessible. You can create any type of header with ease using the drag-and-drop header and footer builders. You can modify the beautiful starter templates with the theme's global font and color controls.

You can quickly create impressive e-commerce websites and course websites as well as business websites by integrating with popular third-party plugins. Kadence is just a great theme with a very good rating and fast loading pages. More than 200k people run websites with Kadence at the moment.

4. Generatepress Premium

Best free Woocommerce themes Generatepress

Generatepress is probably the fastest theme there is, together with Astra (the number 1 in this list), which has a lot to offer. Themes like Storefront and Hello are also lightning fast, but there is practically nothing in them, so we don't count those. The Generatepress theme does not get a very high rating for both free and pro version for nothing.

It has a beautiful design that you can install with one click, with about 10 designs especially for webshops. Generatepress was therefore built to load at lightning speed and for webshops. The theme is also extremely suitable for building blogs and also offers more than 10 demo layouts for that category.

5. OceanWP

Best free Woocommerce themes OceanWP

The OceanWP Theme is a feature-rich option tailored for Woocommerce, making it an excellent choice for crafting stunning and highly functional webshops. It offers a free version that's quite impressive, but there's also a pro version available for those seeking additional features and capabilities.

Notably, OceanWP excels in delivering rapid loading times, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience. Whether you choose to download the free version from their website or WordPress.org, OceanWP consistently earns high ratings and is widely regarded as one of the top themes available for WordPress.

6. Zakra

Best free Woocommerce themes Zakra

Zakra is a versatile, contemporary, and lightweight WordPress theme with a wide range of applications. It offers over 10 starter sites (with more in development) that provide a solid foundation for creating visually appealing websites. These starter sites cover diverse niches, including portfolios, personal blogs, WooCommerce-based webshops, corporate sites, and specialized websites such as those dedicated to spas, education, sports, or charity.

With Zakra, you have the freedom to design your layouts using popular page builders like Elementor. This theme is fully responsive, Gutenberg-compatible, and SEO-friendly. It also offers support for translations, making it a globally accessible choice. Zakra boasts high ratings and currently powers over 60,000 active installations, making it a trusted and popular theme among WordPress users.

7. Neve

Best free Woocommerce themes Neve

Neve, developed by ThemeIsle, was designed with a dual focus on speed and e-commerce capabilities. This makes it an excellent addition to our list of free WooCommerce themes, as the theme is readily available on Wordpress.org at no cost, and its free version offers a robust set of features, earning it high user ratings.

Neve stands out with its visually appealing designs and comprehensive functionality, catering to the needs of professional webshops. For those seeking additional features and design options, there is a pro version available for an upgrade. Neve seamlessly integrates with leading page builders and even provides specialized design demos tailored to each of these page builders, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

8. Botiga

Best free Woocommerce themes Botiga

Introducing Botiga, the ideal theme to showcase your online store. Botiga is fully Gutenberg ready, offering a clean and modern design that goes beyond the ordinary. Despite its novelty, this theme specializes in creating impressive WooCommerce websites, built from the ground up with clean code for optimal performance.

Botiga is a mobile-friendly theme, ensuring a seamless experience on all devices, and it comes with a plethora of customization options. If you're in search of the perfect theme for your online shop, look no further. Botiga is a brand new WooCommerce theme designed to present your products in a simple, clean, and highly customizable fashion.

9. Hestia

Best free Woocommerce themes Hestia

Hestia is renowned for its user-friendliness, catering to a wide range of purposes including businesses, startups, online agencies, portfolios, e-commerce, and freelancers. Created by Themeisle, a Romanian company also responsible for the Neve Theme, Hestia is a versatile theme that offers easy customization.

Key features of Hestia include WooCommerce compatibility, making it perfect for e-commerce, and seamless integration with Gutenberg. This theme is also compatible with most leading page builders, making it an excellent choice for those experienced in website development. Hestia's outstanding rating reflects its widespread popularity among users.

10. Airi

Best free Woocommerce themes Airi

Airi offers a variety of stunning designs for different website types, including agencies, companies, magazines, shops, restaurants, and even bands. These demo sites impress with their professional and high-quality design, setting Airi apart from many other free themes that often lack a polished look. Airi's designs can easily rival those of premium themes.

Created by the same developers as the Botiga theme mentioned earlier, Airi is not limited to webshops but can be used for various website types such as blogs, portfolios, and business websites. It's worth noting that Airi can be purchased together with all other themes from aThemes at an attractive bundle price, making it a valuable choice for anyone in need of a reliable Woocommerce theme.

11. Ashe

Best free Woocommerce themes Ashe

Ashe is primarily designed as a blog theme but can also serve as an excellent choice for creating a blog with e-commerce capabilities. Its seamless integration with the Woocommerce plugin makes it a versatile option. What sets Ashe apart is its unique and appealing style, making it a standout theme. Despite being relatively new, Ashe boasts an impressive 60k active installations.

Ashe not only offers aesthetic appeal but also delivers in terms of performance. It ensures fast loading times, compatibility with numerous popular plugins, and supports translation and RTL (right-to-left language) functionality. Additionally, the theme adheres to best SEO practices. It features support for Text & Image logos, Fullscreen Sliders, Header images, Instagram slider widgets, and is fully compatible with major drag-and-drop page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, WP-Bakery, SiteOrigin, and Divi, providing users with extensive customization options.

12. Royal Elementor

Best free Woocommerce themes Royal Elementor

Royal Elementor boasts an impressive array of features, including 75+ widgets and 45+ Elementor WooCommerce Builder, as well as an Elementor mega menu builder, Elementor popup builder, Elementor template kit, Theme Builder, and Elementor WooCommerce Builder. These widgets are designed to be both intuitive and creative, allowing you to elevate your WordPress website to new heights. The best part is that all these widgets are available for free, although the Pro Version offers even more advanced functionality.

With Royal Elementor, you essentially gain access to the benefits of the Pro Version of Elementor without the associated cost. This theme is particularly well-suited for building E-commerce websites and has rapidly gained popularity despite being relatively new. Its success and growing user base make it a noteworthy choice for WordPress website development.

13. Hello Elementor

Best free Woocommerce themes Hello

Hello Elementor is an offering directly from Elementor itself, serving as the foundational theme for both Elementor Pro and the free version of Elementor. The theme on its own is minimalist in nature, providing limited functionality. However, the real power lies in the Elementor page builder, which enables practically limitless possibilities in terms of design and functionality.

While Hello Elementor may seem basic, it is entirely free and does not come with a pro version. The true magic happens when you pair it with the Elementor page builder, which allows you to create stunning and fully functional online shops, making it an excellent choice for those looking to build beautiful E-commerce websites. It's worth noting that Elementor works seamlessly with the themes mentioned above as well.

14. Storefront

Best free Woocommerce themes Storefront

The Storefront theme shares similarities with Hello Elementor in its approach. Much like Hello Elementor, Storefront was developed by its owner, Woocommerce, as the foundational theme for its core product. Storefront, like Hello Elementor, is quite basic on its own, offering limited features. However, it excels when used in conjunction with Woocommerce, for which it was specifically designed.

Storefront is available for free and can be downloaded from Wordpress.org. Unlike some other themes, Storefront does not have a pro version. If you're seeking more extensive customization options, I would recommend considering one of the themes mentioned earlier in the list.

15. Virtue

Best free Woocommerce themes Virtue

The Virtue theme is a classic and timeless WordPress theme that predates the introduction of Gutenberg's block editor. While it has been updated to support the block editor better, it still retains elements of the traditional WordPress theme. Virtue is known for its versatility, offering a wide range of customization options and an array of impressive features.

Virtue is fully optimized for Woocommerce, making it an excellent choice for creating visually stunning online stores. It also includes dedicated portfolio pages and posts that elegantly showcase your work. Whether you're building a business website, portfolio, or personal blog, this adaptable theme suits a variety of purposes. Its clean and modern design is highly customizable, and it boasts full responsiveness and mobile-friendliness.


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