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WP-Optimize cache-plug-in Review for [2022] 💥

WP-Optimize review


Today we're going to take a look at what the plugin has to offer in this WP-Optimize review. The plug-in's specialization is to optimize the Wordpress database, and it is one of the best cache plug-ins. Basically the opposite of WP-Rocket wat in de eerste plaats een cache plug-in is die ook uw database optimaliseert.


The redundant content in the website that the plugin removes is exactly the same as with WP-Rocket, namely revisions, transients, unnecessary drafts and unnecessary comments. The fact that trackbacks and pingbacks are removed is unique.

WP-Optimize clean database

It is of course advisable to always have a fairly recent backup of your database somewhere. This is only necessary if your server is not backing up your entire account.


You can set the degree to which your images are compressed. Better yet is to use a program like Imagify which actually adjusts the images and offers visitors WebP-images.

WP-Optimize compress images


Apart from the compression, it is definitely recommended to switch Lazy Load on (PRO version). The Premium version offers several extras that make it a top plug-in, although the free version is certainly okay.

WP-Optimize lazy load


WP-Optimize Review page cache

Again, WP-Optimize offers the same as WP-Rocket. You can generate separate files for mobile, there is a separate cache for logged in visitors, the cache life can be set. You can find our WP-Rocket review here.


WP-Optimize free version

You can download the free version here. Although the premium version is of course a lot better and gives you the possibility to set all actions of WP-Optimize on time and date and gives full support, the free version should certainly not be underestimated. See in the image above how 900,000 people have downloaded this plugin and it has an amazing rating.


WP-Optimize Premium pricing

Especially for people with 2 websites, this top cache and database clean-up plug-in is cheap. The prices are generally reasonable.


First of all, thank you very much for reading my WP-Optimize review to the end. This plugin is certainly worth its money in terms of cache and database cleaning, let's say it has all that one can dream of. Everything is very clear and can be used by inexperienced website builders without any problems. If something is not clear, you can solve this quickly via their great support staff.

WP-Optimize Premium

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