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What is tagline in WordPress? [2024] 💥

What is a tagline in WordPress


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Where find the tagline?

What is the tagline in WordPress and where can it be found? It is just another word for the meta description. Problem with the tagline is that it is not flexible at all. The tagline can be edited in your WP back-end going to "Settings" >> "General" as shown below.

Editing tagline in WordPress

The same Wordpress tagline can also be located using the Wordpress Customizer. Go to "Appearance" >> "Customize" >> "Site Identity". This is the same tagline, so if you edit it here, it will also be edited in the "Settings".

Editing tagline in WordPress Customizer

Where is the tagline used by WP?

The tagline will show up when you hover over the browser tab. Go to your site and hover with your cursor over the browser tab and the tagline will show as a pop up as can be seen below in the screenshot.

What is a tagline WordPress Show

Do we need the tagline?

The tagline is no more then your meta description for the page or post. For good SEO practice we want a unique meta description on every single page. It is therefore recommendable to leave the tagline and the title empty on the spots where we found the tagline earlier (Settings and Customize). To be able to use meta descriptions we will install the Free Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO plugin (free)

The Yoast SEO plugin is completely free and perfect to set up meta titles and meta descriptions for all your pages and posts. Download it using the link at the beginning of this frase and install and activate, or directly install the plugin from your WP backend at "Plugins" >> "Add new".

What is a tagline WordPress meta description

When you open a post or page, just scroll down to the Yoast section and enter a title and meta description for the page. The plugin will help you entering the best amount of characters. The plugin as a matter of fact will show you green dots for all SEO aspects that are correct on the page, and orange or red dots where improvements can be made.


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