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Meta description and meta title for Google SEO 💥

How many Characters meta description and title [2024]

Understanding the importance of well-structured metadata, like Meta titles and descriptions, is essential in the realm of SEO. In this article, we'll explore the optimal lengths for both and discuss why these aspects significantly impact your website's search engine performance.


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Perfect Number of Characters for Meta Description and Meta Title

Answer: The meta description for pages can best be between 160-320 characters long. The page title (meta title) 53-63 characters. Is this accurate? Check the date of this article and you know when we have last edited our information on this page. We are always using the data provided by Yoast leading SEO expert company to update the number of characters.

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Make sure the meta description does not remain empty

If you use the Wordpress SEO plugin Yoast and it is up-to-date it will automatically indicate the best number of characters for both meta title and meta description. If you do not specify anything yourself, Google will determine what will be in the snippets when they show you. However, it is important to be in control and to ensure that potential visitors to your website get a beautifully optimized snippet from you.

Extra SEO tips

Extra SEO tips (125)

Meta tags is one of the most important SEO factors, because the title and description, together with good content, are very important. If you want more Google SEO tips for [2024], read our much-read article with more than 125 search engine optimization tips. Written by SEO specialist.

Linkbuilding tip

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