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Unlinking and Removing Connected Apps from Your Facebook Account [2024] 💥

Unlinking and Removing Connected Apps from Your Facebook

Over time, you may have connected various apps and services to your Facebook account for convenience or enhanced functionality. However, it's important to review and manage these connected apps to ensure your privacy and security. This article will guide you through the process of unlinking and removing connected apps from your Facebook account, empowering you to take control of your data and online presence.


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1. Assessing App Permissions

Start by evaluating the apps connected to your Facebook account. Visit the Apps and Websites section in your Facebook settings. Review the list of apps and their associated permissions.

2. Evaluating App Privacy Policies

Before disconnecting an app, review its privacy policy. Click on the app's name in the Apps and Websites settings to access its privacy policy. Assess how the app collects, uses, and shares your data. Make an informed decision based on your comfort level with the app's privacy practices.

3. Unlinking Apps from Facebook

To unlink an app from your Facebook account, click on the app's name in the Apps and Websites settings. Then, click the "Remove" or "Edit" button and follow the prompts to disconnect the app. Review the permissions requested by the app before finalizing the removal.

4. Removing App Data

While unlinking an app disconnects it from your Facebook account, it may still have retained some of your data. To remove this data, click on the app's name in the Apps and Websites settings. Look for options to delete associated data or activity history. Proceed with caution, as deleting data may impact your experience within the app.

5. Managing App Notifications

Connected apps may send notifications to your Facebook account. To manage app notifications, visit the Notifications section in your Facebook settings. Adjust the settings for each app to control the type and frequency of notifications you receive.

6. Protecting Your Privacy

Regularly review and manage your connected apps to protect your privacy. Avoid connecting unnecessary apps and consider the permissions and privacy policies of the apps you choose to connect. Be mindful of granting access to sensitive information and revoke permissions for apps you no longer use or trust.

7. Strengthening Account Security

Alongside managing connected apps, take steps to enhance the security of your Facebook account. Enable two-factor authentication, use strong and unique passwords, and regularly monitor your account for any suspicious activities. These measures can safeguard your account and personal information.

8. Staying Informed

Stay updated on Facebook's privacy and data practices. Visit the Facebook Data Policy to learn how your information is handled. Familiarize yourself with Facebook's privacy settings and periodically review them to ensure they align with your preferences.


By taking control of the apps connected to your Facebook account, you can protect your privacy and data. Regularly assess the permissions, privacy policies, and notifications of connected apps. Unlink and remove apps that no longer serve a purpose or raise privacy concerns. Strengthen your account security and stay informed about Facebook's privacy practices for a safer and more controlled online experience.

For more information, visit the Facebook Help Center or contact Facebook Support for assistance.


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