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15 Secret TikTok Features Unveiled [2024] 💥

15 Secret TikTok Features Unveiled

TikTok, the global sensation of short videos, is always updating with new features. But some remain hidden or under-utilized. Let's unveil 15 secret features you might not be using on TikTok.


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1. Voice Effects

Did you know that you can change the tone of your voice on TikTok? After recording a video, tap on ‘Voice Effects’ and choose from multiple fun effects. It's a fun way to add uniqueness to your content.

2. Save Videos Privately

Want to save a video but not share it immediately? TikTok User Guide suggests saving your videos as ‘Private’. This way, only you can see them unless you decide to post publicly.

3. Two-Step Verification

TikTok’s 2-Step Verification ensures better security for your account. To enable, go to your profile, tap on the three dots, choose 'Security', and activate the two-step verification.

4. Duet with Only Friends

Instead of dueting with anyone, set your videos to allow only friends to Duet with you. To set this up, visit Privacy settings and adjust the 'Who can Duet with me' option.

5. Screen Time Management

Worried about spending too much time on TikTok? You can set a time limit for your daily TikTok usage. It's found under the 'Digital Wellbeing' options in the settings.

6. Hide from Public Search

You can choose to be invisible in public search on TikTok. This is handy for users who want more privacy. Adjust this in the 'Privacy and Safety' settings.

7. Use TikTok on Desktop

Many users aren't aware that TikTok can be enjoyed on desktops too. Although the experience might differ slightly, the option to watch videos on a larger screen is great. If you face any issues, our guide on TikTok desktop not showing videos might help.

8. Filtered Comments

Don't want certain words appearing in your video comments? You can add words to your 'Filter Keywords' in settings, ensuring any comment with those words won't be displayed.

9. Scan TikCode to Follow

Just like QR codes, TikTok has TikCodes that users can scan to quickly follow others. To access, tap on the profile icon and then on the square icon next to your username.

10. Customize Share Settings

If you've ever faced issues with sharing, check out our fix for TikTok download errors. Additionally, you can also customize where and how your videos are shared by tweaking the ‘Allow others to find me’ option.

11. Restricted Mode

This is a feature for younger users. It filters out content that might be inappropriate for children. Parents can activate it and set a password to ensure a safer environment for their kids.

12. Video Analytics

If you're keen on understanding your video's reach and performance, TikTok offers in-depth analytics for that. Dive into our guide on TikTok analytics for viral success to maximize your content's potential.

13. Add Videos to Favorites

Like a video and want to come back to it later? Tap on the share icon beneath the video and select ‘Add to Favorites’. You can access it later from your profile.

14. Report Issues Directly

Experiencing glitches? Instead of grumbling, report the problem directly to TikTok. They are continually working on improving the app, and your feedback is crucial.

15. Accessibility Features

TikTok also caters to users with special needs. In settings, under 'Accessibility', you'll find options like 'Animation and Effects' which reduces motion effects, useful for those sensitive to rapid animations.

In conclusion, TikTok is a diverse platform with a myriad of hidden features waiting to be explored. If you run into issues, don't forget our articles on fixing feed refresh issues or how to handle video deletion mistakes are here to help. Dive deep, explore, and make the most of your TikTok experience!


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