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Fixing TikTok Video Draft Loss on Android and iPhone [2023] 💥

Fixing TikTok Video Draft Loss on Android and iPhone

Lost TikTok video drafts can be a creator's nightmare. Whether you're an Android or iPhone user, it's essential to know how to recover these invaluable content pieces. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to tackle this issue and prevent future losses.


Understanding TikTok Drafts

Before diving into the solutions, it's vital to understand what TikTok drafts are. These are videos that creators have filmed and edited but haven't published yet. Saved within the TikTok app, they allow users to revisit, modify, or post them later. Unfortunately, there are times when these drafts may seem to disappear, leading to potential content loss.

Reasons Behind TikTok Video Draft Loss

There are various reasons for losing a TikTok draft. Some common culprits include:

  • App crashes or unexpected shutdowns.
  • Software updates that interrupt app functionality.
  • Accidentally deleting the draft.
  • Storage issues on the device.
  • Failed backup or sync with TikTok servers.

Steps to Recover TikTok Video Drafts

1. Check TikTok Drafts Folder

TikTok's User Guide mentions that the first step should be checking the drafts folder. To access this:

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Locate the "Drafts" tab right beneath your account statistics.
  • Here, you should see all your saved video drafts.

2. Restart the TikTok App

At times, a simple app restart can help retrieve your drafts. Close the app entirely, then reopen and check the drafts folder again.

3. Update the TikTok App

If your TikTok app isn't updated, there's a chance it could cause issues. Visit your app store (Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhone) to check for updates and install if available.

4. Check Device Storage

A lack of sufficient storage space can sometimes hinder the proper saving of drafts. Ensure you have ample space by deleting unnecessary files or transferring them to external storage.

5. Use 2-Step Verification

TikTok's 2-Step Verification can help safeguard your account and its contents. It provides an extra layer of security, ensuring that only you have access to your videos and drafts.

6. Report the Issue to TikTok

If none of the above steps work, consider reporting the problem to TikTok. Their support team may offer solutions or retrieve lost content for you.

Preventing Future Draft Losses

After addressing the immediate issue, it's wise to take measures to prevent future draft losses:

  • Regular Backups: Consistently back up your device and sync your TikTok account to preserve your content.
  • Avoid Overloading the App: Too many apps running in the background or overloading TikTok with large video files can lead to crashes. Regularly clear your cache and close unused apps.
  • Use Reliable Internet: When saving drafts, ensure you have a stable internet connection. This guarantees seamless synchronization with TikTok servers.

Additional TikTok Troubleshooting Resources

If you're experiencing other issues with TikTok, consider checking out our other articles on why your TikTok has no sound, resolving TikTok malfunctions, or delve deeper into using TikTok for business. For influencers and brands, our guide on TikTok influencer marketing and collaborating can also be invaluable.


While losing TikTok video drafts can be frustrating, several solutions can help recover and prevent such losses. Whether you're on Android or iPhone, understanding the cause and using the steps outlined can ensure a smoother TikTok experience. Always remember to keep your app updated and maintain regular backups to safeguard your content.

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