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Theme packages for web design agencies [2024] 💥

Theme packages web design agencies

If one wants to start a web design agency, a number of things are very important. For example, every designer must have a good internet connection and it is important that the different computers in the network can communicate with each other in order to be able to share existing programs and more. Clients of a web design agency always need hosting. Working with third-party hosting is cumbersome and often even disruptive, so always make sure that the agency has a good Dedicated Server. I would put the company website on an extremely good hosting such as WP-Engine so that it is quickly available and safe everywhere in the world. This is also additional revenue, as the same complaints also require SSL certificates and maintenance for their website(s).


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However, this article is about what a professional web design agency needs in theme packages and a few programs to assess the SEO of client websites is also very nice. I say customer websites, but her own website is perhaps even more important to attract new customers via Google. I am writing this article with 15 years of experience as a director and of a professional web design agency. Let's start with the first and most important package that comes to mind.

Divi Theme by Elegant Themes

Divi Theme-package

If there is a package that stands head and shoulders above the rest, it has to be the Elegant Themes membership. You can buy this pack for life for the bargain price of $249. If you follow the link of my Divi ad in the right column, you will get another 20% off. It can be used on as many websites as you want, perfect for companies with many customers.

The Elegant Themes membership includes the Divi-Theme, the Divibuilder as a separate plug-in that can be used in all 3rd party themes and 86 other niche themes. You are probably always working with the Divi Theme unless you are going to create a blog website or news website for a customer, because then you will of course use the Extra Theme. Just like Divi, the Extra Theme has the Divibuilder as its editor, which is a well-oiled machine for creating beautiful websites at lightning speed. The Extra Theme, like Divi, is the best of its kind.

WP-Astra Pro

Astra Pro theme-package

There are many customers who would like to work with a particular page builder, two good examples are Elementor and Beaverbuilder. In such cases it is not wise to work with Divi but I would switch to WP-Astra which is 100% prepared to work with these two page builders and even a few other page builders. This perfect collaboration comes in the form of starter templates, so-called demo websites that are made with these different page builders. This means that you can install such a demo and immediately continue working on it with your favorite page builder.

Theme packs like Astra or Divi regularly have great offers. The Astra-Theme may be a bit more expensive to purchase, but it should by no means be missing from the arsenal of a professional web design agency. You will learn that the combination of Elementor Pro + Astra Pro works just as nicely as the Divi system. Both Divi and Astra have every imaginable feature that you would want to use in a Woocommerce website. Both teams are basically multipurpose teams but in a one on one match against a specialized Woocommerce-theme more than hold their own. Astra also hosts a set of perfect Plug-ins and much more, check out their own site. I'm not going to list everything here.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro pagebuilder-package

Since you can't demand decent money from customers if you run a free Elementor version, the Pro version just a good investment. Note that if you have a limited budget you only take the Elegant Themes membership for life for the time being and the rest only when money comes in from created websites. The Elementor Pro version is next to the Divibuilder the cream of the crop to work with.

Everything runs so smoothly is obvious and they work very fast. There is so much in this page builder that practically every theme is jealous of the number of demo websites it contains if you know what I mean. It is therefore not necessary if you work with Elementor to use an expensive theme. It must be said that Astra is an exception because Elementor and Astra Pro work practically as a whole and complement each other perfectly.

Semrush SEO

Semrush SEO solution

With Divi, Astra and Elementor in your suitcase you will never need anything else unless a customer asks for specific stuff. In such cases I usually turn down assignments because working with material that is not properly upgraded or of questionable quality is bad for your portfolio and reputation as an Elite Web Design Agency. The only other thing I recommend that costs money is Semrush, the perfect SEO program.

This program shows you exactly how your SEO compares to your direct competitors (or those of your customers). By the way, as a web designer you should certainly also work with SEO, there is often much more money to be made than with the web design itself. It shows all possible statistics and what is wrong with your SEO, it does keyword research for you, closely monitors your link building. In short, too much to mention, take a look at the Semrush Website.

Of course you should also have Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools for all the websites you work on. Good luck with your business!


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