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Skype spies on you via chat and conversation 💥

Skype is spying on you

Skype in its best of times

Skype was one of the first and best programs for making cheap long-distance calls and free chats with the ability to send files. It reached its peak around the end of the year 2010 with 660 million users worldwide. This was just before Skype was bought by Microsoft in 2011 for $ 8.5 billion. Microsoft so overthrew this hugely successful program that it is hardly used by anyone today, at least no one I know. In the past, practically all my friends and customers had Skype, now it has dropped to practically zero. Officially Skype still has a sloppy 20 million users, that's possible, but I don't know them.


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Skype started spying soon after...

Skype Microsoft sells your data

Soon after Microsoft took over the popular Skype, Microsoft got a new patent that allowed them to copy conversations and chats without you even knowing, in combination with unauthorized turning on the camera in your laptop and filming you with your own camera.

Virus programs issue warnings if Skype starts using camera or microphone unauthorized. Read more about this on Microsoft's own site (forum). Another worrying factor is of course the privacy policy that Skype has been pursuing since it belonged to Microsoft. In principle, when using Skype, you agree that they may provide any information from Skype from you to government agencies. Governments and the largest corporations practically go hand in hand and are the ones who are after this data in order to one day gain total control of the entire world.

Why Skype users are leaving the program

Skype spies for NSA

People are not stupid of course and it has now been about 10 years that it has been known that Skype is doing all kinds of things behind your back that are not right. Obviously, nobody is pleased with all his conversations and chats being stored somewhere (probably with the NSA). Let alone be illegally filmed whatever is being stored. Most users who have left Skype have switched to Whatsapp. However, it is worrying that Whatsapp was recently sold to Facebook, another untrustworthy party that likes to share your information with interested parties. Read more about how Facebook spies here.

Anyone who used Skype during non-spying times knows that it was a straightforward program that never had a problem. Today, Skype takes minutes to boot on its own. Often the program seems to be busy with other things than sending your messages and not only slows down itself but consumes the entire memory of your laptop, so that nothing works for a while.

Skype makes your PC or laptop very slow

Skype slow computer

It is logical that if a program is continuously sending all your information to locations unknown to you (even if you are not using Skype) it automatically causes the memory of your PC to become overloaded. You will notice this from a computer that occasionally becomes so slow that nothing works anymore.

Skype unsolicited upgrades

Net als Windows dat tegenwoordig doet, zal Skype zichzelf upgraden wanneer het daar zin in heeft. Uw instellingen worden genegeerd want u moet natuurlijk wel de laatste spionage-versie van Skype en Windows geïnstalleerd hebben. Erg vervelend als u net belangrijke dingen aan het doen bent op uw PC zoals een belangrijk gesprek, een online schaakpartij of zeg trading van Bitcoin wat u een hoop geld kan kosten.

Edward Joseph Snowden

Skype Edward Snowden

Better known as just Edward Snowden, known worldwide for uncovering all kinds of government secrets, especially in the field of spying on the ordinary citizen. As an ex-CIA agent and computer expert for the NSA, he had access to as many documents as he wanted. In 2013, he started bringing these secrets into the news little by little. He also specifically mentioned the Skype program as one of the sources of personal data of the ordinary citizen that houses a so-called backdoor. Read: Skype has installed a "back door" for more info.


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