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How Facebook spies and uses your data 💥

Facebook spies on your location

Facebook is extremely interested in your location

Facebook will always do its best to follow you via GPS and find out exactly what you are doing there on location. This allows them to direct you targeted advertising as they know exactly what products or services you are interested in.

Facebook personally targeted advertisements

Personally targeted advertising with such precision is of course a multi-billion dollar business. Read more about Facebook and its device tracking.


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Facebook datasharing with government agencies

In 2018, it came to light that Facebook had labeled Russian users in certain categories that according to their algorithm, they might be interested in treason against their government. This is of course no coincidence, why should Facebook be interested in such statistics for itself. Of course, not only the Russians are interested in the potential that Facebook offers, but governments around the world. Here you can read an extensive article about this from Forbes Magazine.

People feel betrayed

Most people do not know the complete truth behind what Facebook does with their data and what kind of data they store and sell, but everyone has heard about it and people are of course skeptical. Among other things, the Off-Facebook Activity tool was invented to keep you "calm".

Off-Facebook Activity tool

This apparently gives you back control over what exactly is stored or preserved of your data. Read more about the Off-Facebook Activity tool here.

Facebook's violation of data usage

There are several cases where Facebook had to pay fines or was accused by countries of the illegal use of data. Good examples of this are in Spain in 2017 and in the United Kingdom in 2019.

Facebook access to payment processors data

Facebook access to payment processors data

Virtually every purchase you make is recorded by Facebook as they have access to payment processor data. This way they know exactly what products you usually buy, but also immediately what your average monthly budget is. So you are not only closely followed online, but also through your purchases.

Facebook observes your chats and conversations

Facebook observes your chats, conversations through your microphones and is very interested in your contacts. As soon as you sign up with Facebook, you will be immediately asked if they can use your contact list with auto update if you have new contacts. In itself, there is little against it, so most people give permission for this. If you do not provide them, they will ask you again and again later. So often until you are asked that question, and give permission to get rid of it. Let's say persistence wins. You read above that they are certainly not averse to violating your provacy settings, so it is certainly possible that they save your contact list anyway, even without permission.

Facebook's face-recognition

Many large companies and governments own this system, but Facebook probably has the best face recognition of them all. It is of course also a certain degree of invasion of your privacy, especially since all data is combined.

Facebook's face-recognition

Like this they have the photos with the person or the person with the photos, just how the order turns out. As years go by, there is a complete profile of you with so much personal data that if you actually saw it, it would probably shock you. Illegal face recognition practices took care of that Facebook had to pay 1.6 million people in Illinois per person $ 340.

Facebook and real personal documents

One of the last tricks to get even more data from you is to block your account for certain things. To get your account open again, you must first provide your driving license, passport copy or other personal documents. To prevent them from doing this to you, is to ensure that you do not publish illegal or violent messages. If your account is blocked, try creating a new account if you really need Facebook. If you send them all your personal documents you are relinquishing your complete identity, which I don't think is a good idea.

Facebook data sharing with major companies

Facebook shares or sells your data to large companies, mainly those that manufacture mobile phones, laptops and tablets such as Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Microsoft, Lenovo, Oppo and Blackberry. You see there are even Chinese companies, there is practically no limit to who they pass on your data.

Facebook data sales device makers

To keep people from leaving Facebook, they've been doing their very best in recent years to "be honest with you". You can now see for yourself what kind of data they have stored about you. And there are tons of settings where you can choose whether you give permission for device tracking, use of your camera, etc. Of course it is not that difficult to understand that if you "delete" data, it disappears from view for you, but on the other hand is simply kept with Facebook itself. You just don't see it anymore. There are, of course, a number of measures you can take to combat certain forms of Facebook espionage. How do you stop Facebook from spying on you?

Edward Joseph Snowden

Skype Edward Snowden

Better known as just Edward Snowden, known worldwide for uncovering all kinds of government secrets, especially in the field of spying on the ordinary citizen. As an ex-CIA agent and computer expert for the NSA, he had access to as many documents as he wanted. In 2013, he started bringing these secrets into the news little by little. He also specifically mentioned Facebook, highlighting with evidence that Facebook is spying on you. Here you will find an article with more about this, filled with comments and videos.

Other companies and services spying

Of course, keep in mind that if you stopped Facebook from spying on you or you stop using Facebook, there are many more spies lurking. For example, Whatsapp was recently bought by Facebook and will soon enforce the same policy. Just like it happened with Skype when it was bought by Microsoft. Skype and Microsoft may be a bit worse than Facebook when it comes to espionage, read more about this here.


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