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My Youtube is not playing videos [2024] 💥

My Youtube is not playing videos

There can be several reasons why YouTube videos are not playing on your device or computer. Even if the YouTube website loads correctly, videos may not play due to their size being too large for your internet connection to stream. In some instances, the page might not load properly, and a simple refresh can resolve the issue. Additionally, issues with your browser or computer could prevent YouTube videos from playing.


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1. Lack of HTML5 Support

If you're using YouTube on a laptop or desktop, first ensure that your web browser supports HTML5. If your browser or device doesn't support HTML5, YouTube videos won't play. To check, visit this link and you'll receive a clear answer.

2. Page Refresh

Occasionally, YouTube videos may suddenly stop playing after a period of viewing. This issue is often due to a minor glitch and can typically be resolved by refreshing the page or closing and reopening your web browser.

3. Internet Connection Check

Test your internet connection by loading a different website. Additionally, try accessing YouTube on another device or computer to determine if the issue is specific to your connection. Moving closer to your Wi-Fi router or switching to a different network might help. If your internet connection seems to be down, disconnect your router and modem from power for about 20 seconds, then plug them back in and recheck YouTube.

4. Video Quality Adjustment

You can modify the video quality by clicking the gear icon located near the bottom of the video player. Choose the lowest available resolution, typically 480p, and see if the video begins to play. If it does, your internet connection might be slow.

5. Use a Private Browsing Window

Open the YouTube video you wish to watch in a private browsing session. If YouTube works in this mode, the issue may be related to an extension, plugin, or your Google account. Different browsers refer to private browsing differently: Chrome calls it Incognito mode, Microsoft Edge refers to it as InPrivate mode, while Opera and Firefox call it Private Browsing. If YouTube still doesn't work, consider disabling extensions and/or plugins.

6. Clear Browser Cache

Clear your browser's cookies and cache, then reload YouTube. This guide will assist you in clearing cache and cookies from all major browsers. If YouTube still isn't functioning, refer to this guide for further assistance.


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