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My Youtube is not playing videos [2023] 💥

My Youtube is not playing videos

YouTube videos that don't play on your device or computer may be due to a variety of factors. YouTube videos may not play even though the YouTube website loads perfectly. This could be because they are too large to stream over your internet connection. Other times, the page may not load correctly. Refreshing will solve the problem. YouTube videos won't play because of problems with your browser or computer.



1. HTML5 not supported

If you are using Youtube on a laptop or desktop. Before you do anything else, ensure that your web browser supports HTML5. YouTube videos won't play if your browser or device doesn't support HTML5. To find out just go here and you will be told yes or no.

2. Refresh the page

YouTube videos sometimes stop playing suddenly after you have been watching them for a while. This is usually caused by a glitch. Sometimes, you can fix this by refreshing the page or closing and reopening your web browser.

3. Check internet connection

Try loading a different website to verify that your internet connection works. Also check if YouTube is working on another device or computer to rule out it is your connection that causes problems. You can also try to move closer to Wi-Fi or choose a different network. If you notice that your internet connection is not working, unplug the router and modem from power for about 20 seconds. Plug them back in, and then check YouTube.

4. Adjust video quality

You can adjust the video quality by clicking the gear icon near the bottom of your video. The smallest number available is 480, pick that one and then check if the video starts. If the video starts now, it means you just have a very slow internet.

5. Private window

Navigate to the YouTube video that you want to view in a private browsing session. YouTube will work if you have an extension, plugin or Google account issue. Private browsing is referred to by browsers in different ways. It's called Incognito mode by Chrome. It's also called InPrivate mode on Microsoft Edge. Opera and Firefox call it Private Browsing. You can try disabling extensions and/or plugins if YouTube is not working in private browsing.

6. Clear browser cache

Clear your browser cookies and cache, then reload YouTube. This guide will help you clear the cache and cookies from all major browsers. If your Youtube is not working at all read this guide.


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