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My Youtube account was suspended [2023] 💥

My Youtube account was suspended

It can be a big problem to have your YouTube account suspended. YouTube can be a crucial platform for broadcasting classes, talks, and your latest songs. You may need to find a way to get your account back. Let us show you how to recover your YouTube account that has been suspended. So you understand the YouTube Community Guidelines, we will explain them.


1. Reasons for Youtube to suspend accounts

YouTube employs a combination of machine learning and human reviewers to find content that violates the Community Guidelines or copyright policies. If your YouTube account has been suspended without cause, it is important to be familiar with these policies.

Pay close attention to the following ist with things that cannot be uploaded on Youtube as it is against their guidelines:

  1. Fraud, scams, fake engagements and impersonations.
  2. Plain spam
  3. Child pornography, pornography, nudity, and other sensitive content
  4. Violence, dangerous content or harassment, as well as hatred
  5. Videos that promote the sale for regulated goods like firearms and drugs.
  6. Unsanctioned content that has an impact on politics or public health.

2. What are Community guideline Strikes?

  1. You will receive a warning if you break any of the Community Guidelines the first time. YouTube will remove the content from your account and send you an email detailing the violation.
  2. If you continue to break the guidelines, your account will be placed on strike. Your account will be suspended for one week. You will then have 90 days to maintain a clean record and avoid another suspension. During this period you will not be permitted to:
    • Uploading videos and/or stories
    • Showing trailers
    • Making community posts
    • Playlists can be created, removed, edited, or added to.
    • Streaming Lives
    • Navigate viewers between premiers
  3. You will be subject to a second strike if you do not follow the guidelines within the first 90 days. This will also result in a YouTube suspension for two weeks.
  4. Your YouTube channel will be permanently deleted after you have completed the third strike within the 90-day period.

3. Strikes notification

A YouTube channel suspension means that you have been placed on strike. You will receive: An email, a notification to your mobile or desktop, and an alert on YouTube when you sign into your YouTube channel.

4. How unsuspend your account yourself

Appeal your strike to recover your YouTube account suspended by you. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to YouTube
  2. Go to your "Dashboard"
  3. Choose the "Channel Violations" Card
  4. Click on "Appeal"

YouTube will review your case and, if your case is found not guilty, your strike will be lifted and your video will go back online. Appealing is difficult because you can only appeal for 30 days after the strike was issued. This is significantly shorter than the 90-day suspension after-effect period.

You should remember these things when appealing.

  • Appealing can only be done once per strike
  • To complete the form you must have the URL of your channel. If you do not have your channel's URL, your appeal is immediately rejected

In case your channel was suspended because of an unjust accusation of infringement of copyrights, you can submit a special form notification and email it to copyright@youtube.com. Here's what to include in the email's body:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your Physical address
  • Your Email address
  • Your telephone number
  • For your particular case, please provide specific URLs
  • The counter notification table
  • Acceptance of the verification statements
  • An electronic signature
  • Describe why you feel you were not in violation

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