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My Whatsapp is not updating on iPhone [2023] 💥

My Whatsapp is not updating on iPhone

WhatsApp is a well-known cross-messaging platform, which can be used for free. Regular updates are available. You should always update your Whatsapp regularly. Newer versions are more secure and better. Below you will find a short list of things that you need to look at so that your Whatsapp can be updated.

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1. Restart iPhone forcefully

Sometimes, restarting your iPhone can solve the problem. You can also force quit the app and restart your iPhone to resolve this problem. After restarting the app, you can try again to update WhatsApp from the App Store. Read here how to force quit apps on iPhone. Your WhatsApp should now be updated without any problems.

2. Is Whatsapp available in your Country?

You cannot access the app in your own country if you get an error message "Not available in my country". It could also be that WhatsApp is completely blocked in your destination country. You cannot update or download WhatsApp from the App Store in this situation. Iran, Russia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Brazil are some of the countries that have banned WhatsApp.

3. Does your internet work properly?

For downloading and updating anything on your device, you need to have a network connection. Verify that your device is connected via Wi-Fi. If your device is connected, check that you have good internet connection. Instead of using your data connection, you can update the WhatsApp app over Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is always better than device data connection.

4. Do you have enough free space left?

WhatsApp Messenger will take up too much storage if you are using it for a lot of time. WhatsApp may not update because of insufficient storage. To resolve this issue, you'll need to make sure that you have enough space on your device. You can find this information by going to Settings >> General >> iPhone Storage. You can delete certain apps to free up space. Or, you can transfer videos and photos from iPhones to your computer to make space.

5. Reset your connection

If everything is fine, you can reset your device's network settings. For network settings reset, go to "Settings" >> "General" >> "Reset" >> "Reset Network Setting". This will reset your personal hotspot settings, as well your Wi-Fi networks and passwords, as well your APN and VPN settings.

6. Reinstalling WhatsApp app

Reinstall the WhatsApp app on iPhone. To do this, press long on the WhatsApp icon on the Home Screen until the icons stop wriggling. Click on the X symbol in the corner of the WhatsApp icon. To delete the app, click on "Delete". Download WhatsApp from the App Store again.

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