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My Whatsapp is not updating on Android [2023] 💥

My Whatsapp is not updating on Android phone

WhatsApp is a well known cross-messaging platform which is free to use. It has regular updates. New version are always better and more secure so it's quite a problem if your Whatsapp doesn't update. Below we have made a small list for you with things to check so that you can update your Whatsapp afterwards.

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1. App not accessible in your country

If the error message says "Not available in my country", you can go to the official site and download WhatsApp APK file format. The app can be updated now. This is also useful if the other Google Play Help Center tips are not working. Take note of the fact that, while you are opening the APK file you will need to go to Settings and activate "Allow from This Source".

2. Not enough space

It is possible that your device has run out of space. This is why you are experiencing an update problem. Clear some space from your device to do this. You can delete or remove unwanted content from your device. Or, you can transfer some to your computer or Google Drive.

3. Whatsapp error codes

You can find a variety of error codes that indicate the WhatsApp messenger update problem. The error codes include 101, 495 and 491, 413 and 498, 498, 492, 911 and 923, 505 and 920, 504, 505 and 923, 919 and 921, 941 and 907, DF–DLA-15, invalid file, RPC errors and installation and download failure errors. You can remove your Google account from your device and then add it back.

4. Compatibility between app and device

Few apps are compatible with all devices, no matter how much they may be loved. Some apps may not be compatible with all devices. Check the compatibility of your app with your device to find out.

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