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I can't download Youtube videos [2024] 💥

I can't download Youtube videos

To watch YouTube videos offline, you can save them as usual. You suddenly can't download YouTube videos. YouTube video download failure is a common problem that can be caused by many factors. YouTube allows only premium subscribers to download playlists and videos for offline viewing via the YouTube Music app or YouTube.com. This is to protect original creators and increase ad revenue.


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There is no direct downloading option for people who wish to save videos from YouTube. Because of the demand for YouTube videos, there are many third-party YouTube download tools, even tools to download videos in 4K-UHD quality. It is easy to convert or download a YouTube video. However, regardless of the video downloader that you use, there are bound to be some YouTube download failure issues. These can occur due to improper operation or other objective factors. What is the problem with downloading YouTube videos? These are the main causes and solutions:

1. Bad internet connection

YouTube downloader may not work due to a variable network connection. If you have a problem with your network connection, you might experience a delay in the video detection and analysis process. You may also see error messages regarding downloads. If you experience problems downloading YouTube videos via YouTube downloaders, ensure that you have an internet connection. Then, resubmit your download URL. You can also flush your DNS cache to fix download failures. Here's how to flush your local DNS cache in Windows.

First, close the download-app. Next, open the Command prompt app by searching in the Start search box. The command /flushdns (see below) command is what you will need to type. Next click "Enter" on your PC's keyboard. A message will appear stating that the DNS Resolver Cache was successfully flushed. Next, you can try downloading YouTube videos from your YouTube downloader.

command /flushdns

2. Update Youtube video downloader

YouTube offers frequent video algorithm upgrades to stop videos from being downloaded. YouTube video downloading users are encouraged to stay current with these changes in order to bypass encryption and to scrape video content. The outdated download tool is probably the reason why you are unable to download YouTube videos. Check out the latest version of YouTube Downloader to resolve the issue.

3. You are trying to download a protected Youtube video

YouTube video downloaders may not be able to download YouTube videos that contain music. They also won't save video at 1080p resolution or higher due to video encryption. You'll typically get error messages such as "This tool is unavailable for videos that contain music" or "The download will not include any audio tracks". The best way to download YouTube videos is to use a video downloader that can do more.

4. Wrong YouTube video URL

Most YouTube downloaders download videos using URLs. YouTube's video downloader won't recognize if you accidentally copy part or incorrect of the URL. You can copy YouTube video URLs by right-clicking on the video and selecting "Copy Video URL".

5. You anti-virus is blocking the download

Antivirus software installed on your device may prevent you from downloading content from the Internet. To check if you are able to download YouTube videos, disable or reset your antivirus settings temporarily.

6. Not available in your country

If a YouTube video is restricted to certain areas and you are not located in these areas, you will receive a message saying "This video is unavailable in your country". You can't download the video to your device until you have a matching proxy server or VPN server. With a VPN service you by-pass your own blocked IP, and all video will be available.


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