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How to get my Whatsapp unblocked [2024] 💥

How to get my Whatsapp unblocked

Most of us have had our WhatsApp accounts temporarily removed by a friend. This can be done by learning how to unblock WhatsApp. You have many options to determine if you are blocked on WhatsApp. You can also find guides online on how to unblock yourself from WhatsApp. Unblocking yourself from WhatsApp is possible if a friend has blocked you. Let's look at how to unblock WhatsApp.


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1. Unblocking yourself on Whatsapp by delete account method

This will allow you to unblock yourself on WhatsApp from someone who has blocked you. This method can be used with any mobile device running Android or iOS. As with all other solutions, it has a disadvantage and deletes all chat histories from WhatsApp. Furthermore, you will be unsubscribed to all WhatsApp groups. Only contact a person that blocked your account like this if you are ready to deal with these consequences.

  • Start WhatsApp on your phone and go to "Settings" >> "Account" and Choose "Delete My Account".
  • To permanently delete your account, you will need to enter your number.
  • You will need to delete your WhatsApp account and the app from your smartphone.
  • Once everything is done, you can restart your device. Sign in with your mobile number to get WhatsApp back on your smartphone.
  • After logging in, you can send an email to the person who blocked your account.

2. Unblocking yourself on Whatsapp by using the group method

This second method will allow you to unblock your WhatsApp account without having to delete it. The above workaround is easy and effective. However, users might be reluctant to risk their whole account to have one conversation.

This method is about having a friend add you and the blocked person to a group.

After the group has been formed, your friend who was acting as a mediator is no longer needed. After you've been blocked, you can still communicate with the other person. You won't still be able to contact the other user, but it will give you an alternative way to reach them.

3. Unblocking yourself on Whatsapp by using Dual Whatsapp

You may still be unsure how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp. There are two ways you can communicate with the person that you want to reach. WhatsApp can be used to create two accounts on one device. You will receive a new number from the person who blocked you via the first WhatsApp. Both Android and iOS users can benefit from Cloning apps.

  • Dual Spacing is a way to create a second WhatsApp account if you own an iPhone.
  • Parallel Space can be used by Android users. Although ads can be irritating, the app is available for free in the Play Store.

Another way is to use GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Business options to create a second WhatsApp Account and contact the person who blocked you. For all other kinds of problems with Whatsapp read this article.


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