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How to Find Your WordPress Page ID [2022] 💥

How to Find Your WordPress Page ID


If you just need 1 single ID, go straight to the next chapter on this page. If you're looking for page IDs often, it's a good idea to install a plugin for them right away. The Reveal IDs plugin is the perfect choice for this. Have a look below at its perfect rating. Just install and activate the plugin.

Reveal IDs rating

All pages and posts will now show their ID on the right hand side as shown below.

Reveal IDs posts and pages showing ID


There are 2 other ways, that are very similar to each other. In this case we just have a quick peek what the page ID is with a simple trick. Just go to the part in the back-end where all your posts or pages are listed. Hoover over "edit" and at the bottom of your browser the page-ID will reveal itself. Pay atention that it will always say "post" even if it is a page.

Find page ID hoover over edit

One more way that is similar is just open your post or page by clicking on the "edit" link we hoovered before. Now the page-ID will show in your browsers' URL.

Find page ID look at url

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