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Has my AOL account been hacked? [2024] 💥

Has my AOL account been hacked

Find out whether your AOL Mail 295 or AOL Mail account was hacked, and how you can fix it. Learn how to detect if your account has been compromised and how to protect it. We are committed to keeping your account secure. There are important steps to take to protect your account information if you suspect someone is trying access it or to take control of it. If your account is compromised, you should be aware of the signs and what to do.


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AOL Mail settings changed

Hackers could change your AOL Mail settings to cause disruption in your inbox, or obtain copies of your email messages. You can access your mail settings to verify that no information or preferences have been altered without your permission. To verify if your AOL account has been hacked, you should look out for changes in:

  1. E-mail Signature
  2. Screen name
  3. E-mail Filters
  4. Mail-away Message
  5. Blocked Mail Addresses

Signs of a hacked AOL Account

  1. You are not receiving emails.
  2. Your account keeps getting bumped offline even though you are signed in.
  3. Logins are appearing from unanticipated locations on your most recent activity page.
  4. Your account information or mail settings were not changed by you.
  5. You have Mailer-Daemon notices in your inbox for messages that you didn't send.
  6. You have lost your Address Book contacts or you have added new contacts.

What to do when AOL Account was indeed hacked

  1. Immediately change your password
  2. If your settings have been changed, you can reverse them.
  3. You can delete app passwords that you don't recognise.
  4. Make sure you have the most current recovery options.
  5. Make sure you have the latest antivirus software installed.
  6. To add security to your account, you might consider enabling two-step verification.


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