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GMX mail is not receiving Emails [2024] 💥

GMX mail not receiving Emails [2024]

Many reasons can cause GMX mail to stop receiving emails. It is not sabotage if no mail arrives at GMX Mail, which is often the case with mail to Outlook. GMX webmail is well-respected for its secure and fast services. However sometimes users experience issues with their inbound messages and emails. This problem with GMX not receiving Emails must be resolved immediately, even though it is temporary. If you don't take immediate action to correct the problem, your entire mail administration may be affected. GMX mail issues today [2024]. Here are the most frequent issues.


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If you are unable to receive GMX email, then the first thing you should do is check your network connection. This problem will occur if the internet connection on your computer does not work properly. You shouldn't experience any network issues while using webmail.


If you do not receive GMX emails, please log out. Next, open a private browser window. Log back in to your account, and then check your inbox. If you can see your messages, it is likely that your browser's cookie has prevented the mailbox download. The best solution is to reset your browser. Clearing all cookies and site data from your browser settings is the best way to do this.


Email filters can be used to sort and delete messages automatically. You can disable the rule to stop these emails from arriving in your inbox.

  1. Go to Email > Settings > Filter rules
  2. Click on Your Filter Rules to open the rule you want to modify. On the right, a wrench symbol will appear.
  3. Click on the wrench symbol. A edit menu will open.
  4. To perform the desired action, select Edit, Deactivate, or Delete.


To check if any missing emails were sent by your spam filter, please go to your Spam folder. Click the "Not Spam” button at the top of the menu if you believe an email from a trusted sender is being misidentified as spam. This will send the email back into your inbox, and will ensure that it is not automatically moved to the Spam folder.


If you are using the GMX Mail App for Android or for iOS then you should definitely check the IMAP settings you are using. Below you find the correct settings.

Depending on your IMAP protocol settings, your emails may be saved to the server but only accessible via the internet. If you want to download your emails offline, adjust your IMAP settings.

IMAP Settings
  • imap.gmx.com serves as the incoming mail server.
  • The port number is 993
  • Encryption is SSL
  • mail.gmx.com serves as the outgoing mail server.
  • Port number 465 or 587
  • Encryption is SSL or STARTTLS


You should check the storage time if you have created folders to store your email messages. This will ensure that emails are not deleted automatically from the folder earlier than you would prefer.

  1. Go to Email > Settings > Folder Overview. In the column to the right, you will see the storage time for each folder.
  2. You can change the storage time by hovering your mouse over the folder. A wrench symbol will appear to the right.
  3. Click on the wrench symbol. The folder settings menu will open.
  4. You can use the Storage Time dropdown menu to set the time for which emails will be kept in this folder until they are moved to the Trash.
  5. To confirm your selection, press OK


If your GMX mail problems today [2024] persists, contact their email support team.

The correct URL to GMX Help is that I just provided. Avoid searching Google for "AOL Helpline" or similar terms to avoid landing on a fake website belonging to callcenters in India. They will attempt to take your money.

Having also trouble with mail from AOL, Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo, then follow these links.


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