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Free Dutch backlinks in [2024] 💥

Free backlinks

(Free) backlinks are still very important in SEO; your Dutch site may never do well without Dutch backlinks, both with regard to the number of visitors and with regard to being found on Google. Even if it is 100% well made, because your competition probably has backlinks and will prevail with them over your website. The name of this article is “free backlinks”, but it is actually about one month of free trial of your website in one of the best backlink services I know. It is required that your company is registered in the commercial register (KvK) or in any other country.

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Who offers you the free backlinks?

It is a Belgian company whose links packages for Dutch backlinks start from 25 Euros per month (1 keyword or keyphrase). That is a small monthly expense and can already have a very good impact on the position of your website in the search results of Google and other search engines. If the competition for your keywords is significant to great, you may need a somewhat more expensive package for more than 1 keyword.


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I know from experience that the results attained with an account of 16 or more keywords are very strong. Your site gets an ample amount of 1000 links per month per keyword. With such an account, thus, the site gets a total of about 48.909+ links per month and starts to stand out with these on Google.

It is not for nothing that you get a free month, because they know themselves how well it works and many free trials will in the end turn into paying customers.

- Martijn / Webstick.nl

Absolutely without commitment

You are, however, not obliged to purchase a link package after the free backlinks month; I would suggest to just try it since you have nothing to lose. Although I know the secrets behind their system, I do not want to unveil them on my website; you can ask them yourself if you are interested. What I can say is that they have a unique system for offering you many and good links for a very reasonable price.

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Links on Start pages

Regardless of this link package for Dutch-language backlinks, I advise you to also register on pages that correspond to your line of business on Startpagina.nl, Startkabel.nl, etc. for an even better impact. If you do not have time for this yourself, you can also outsource this to us or another company.

Other ways of getting free backlinks are:

  1. Writing guest articles on other websites. Many websites are happy to have well-written articles and being able to place your link it them is common practice. Just approach the websites on which you would like to have a link and ask them directly whether they are interested in a guest article. We accept, for example, guest articles ourselves, as long as the link is to a website that corresponds to our genre.
  2. Placing articles on websites that are specialised in this and often have a high page rank, such as ezinearticles.com.

Other tips I can give you: Make sure that your website looks nice and loads quickly so that people stay on it; Google sees this and you are found higher the more people stay longer on your website. Make therefore sure that you also have well-written articles that are interesting, preferably so good that people spontaneously link to them.

If your company offers a service, it is a good idea to offer it via Marktplaats Not only will Marktplaats itself give you many customers, but you can put a backlink to your site in your advertisement on Marktplaats, giving it this way more power and visitors.


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