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Fastest Woocommerce themes for [2022] 💥

fastest Woocommerce themes

In the first place, all these themes are lightning fast and most of them are real Woocommerce themes, they were built especially for this. Some of these themes are so good that they also appear in my list for the best Wordpress themes in general. A good Woocommmerce theme allows you to build a very professional shop and at the same time has a high adaptability for all pages that belong to the shop.



These fast themes are so popular that they have been sold hundreds of thousands of times.

The fastest Woocommerce themes (top 6) [2022]

1. Astra PRO

fastest Woocommerce themes Astra

The Astra Theme meets all requirements for both fast themes and Woocommerce themes and must clearly be in place 1 in this list. Astra is already installed at 1.653.898+, and that number is steadily growing, Astra is wildly popular and sold almost as well as Divi. Another strong point of Astra is that it was also built to work with Elementor.

Elementor is another top-notch product, a first-class page builder. Astra comes with a large number of beautiful designs that were made with this page builder. You can install such a design with one click and adapt it to your house style. The combination Astra + Elementor can therefore be seen as a well-oiled machine for the construction of sites and shops.

2. OceanWP

fastest Woocommerce themes OceanWP

The OceanWP Theme was also built on the collaboration with Woocommerce and all top pagebuilders. During the development of the theme, attention was also paid to the fact that Ocean-WP has to load very quickly, and it does. It is in the top for fast-loading Wordpress websites. Ocean-WP offers pre-made layouts of really the best quality, it is a real Woocommerce theme.

It offers beautiful gadgets for building a super professional webshop. You should think of wishlist, quick buy, product search and great adaptability of all Woocommerce pages such as check-out, cart, etcetera. Ocean-WP gets better with every upgrade and offers more beautiful pre-made layouts.

3. Generatepress Premium

fastest Woocommerce themes Generatepress

Generatepress is primarily built on speed, this is perhaps the absolute fastest theme there is for Wordpress. It surpasses Ocean-WP in this, but because Ocean-WP is more suitable for webshops, it is above Generatepress. The question is, of course, which is more important to you, more speed or a better webshop.

Generatepress is 100% compatible with the whole range of top pagebuilders despite offering its own block editor. Except for Divi all themes in this also list a really good free version that you can download at Wordpress.org. The same applies to the Generatepress theme.

4. Genesis Framework

fastest Woocommerce themes Genesis

The Genesis Theme was created by Joost de Valk of the Yoast SEO plugin, by Matt Cutts of Google, and recommended by Matt Mullenweg (founder of Wordpress). With Genesis you can build beautiful webshops, it has many beautiful child themes available for shops. The theme is also fairly minimalistic and is one of the fastest loading Wordpress themes out there.

The builders of Genesis, called Studiopress, also offer WP-Engine a lightning-fast managed hosting system. The combination of both gives you the absolute fastest loading website you can imagine. If you purchase a WP-Engine package, you get Genesis with all its child themes for free, a great deal if you can miss the money.

5. Neve

fastest Woocommerce themes Neve

There are 100.000+ active installs of Neve currently and in its rating the theme gets practically only 5 out of 5 stars. It doesn't get much better. Neve was built by ThemeIsle. This theme also meets all the requirements to be ranked in this selection of fastest Woocommerce themes. The theme loads super fast and is perfect for the collaboration with Woocommerce.

Like all good themes, you can work with Neve with any top page builder. The theme is compatible with all these page builders. I prefer Elementor, but the choice is yours. With Neve you can build a beautiful fast webshop in no time.

6. Divi

fastest Woocommerce themes Divi

The Divi Theme is theoretically candidate for number 1 in this list, but I don't want Divi always at the top. Divi is slightly less fast than the rest of the themes mentioned above, but offers wonderful options for webshops that exceed most of these themes. Divi offers beautiful webshop layouts and has everything one could wish for.

Divi comes with its own page builder, the Divibuilder. This is the best page builder out there, although Elementor is perhaps better known because it is more suitable for use in other themes. Divibuilder does not make deals with themes like Elementor does. The Divi theme does not only come with a great page builder, but you buy a membership here that includes 86 other premium themes and a set of first-class plug-ins.


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