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29+ Fastest Woocommerce themes [2024] 💥

fastest Woocommerce themes

All of these themes are distinguished by their lightning-fast performance, with many specifically crafted as Woocommerce themes. Their exceptional quality is such that they not only excel in the e-commerce realm but also feature in my compilation of the best Wordpress themes overall. A top-notch Woocommerce theme provides the tools to create a highly professional online shop while offering extensive customization options for all associated pages, ensuring both functionality and adaptability.


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These fast themes are so popular that they have been sold hundreds of thousands of times.

The fastest Woocommerce themes for [2024]

1. Astra

fastest Woocommerce themes Astra

Google Speed: 100, GtMetrix Performance: 100

The Astra Theme excels in both rapid performance and Woocommerce functionality, rightfully earning the top spot in this list. Boasting over 2.369.964 installations and growing, Astra's popularity rivals that of Divi. Its versatility is further enhanced by compatibility with various page builders.

Elementor stands out as a premier page builder, and Astra complements it with an array of exquisite designs. These can be easily implemented with one-click installation, allowing for swift customization to fit your brand. The synergy of Astra and Elementor creates an efficient, streamlined process for building websites and online stores.

2. Divi

fastest Woocommerce themes Divi

Google Speed: 100, GtMetrix Performance: 100

The Divi Theme, while a strong contender for the top position, is positioned slightly lower, not due to a lack of features, but to bring variety to the forefront. Although marginally slower than others mentioned, Divi provides exceptional capabilities for webshops, with an array of beautiful layouts and comprehensive features.

Divi's package includes the Divibuilder, arguably the best page builder available, surpassing even the more widely known Elementor. Unlike Elementor, which is often bundled with themes, Divibuilder maintains exclusivity. With Divi, you're not just getting a superior page builder but also a membership that grants access to 86 other premium themes and a suite of top-tier plugins.

3. Botiga

Fastest Woocommerce themes Botiga

Google Speed: 100, GtMetrix Performance: 100

Botiga stands out as the quintessential theme for launching your online store, offering lightning-fast performance. This theme is fully Gutenberg-ready, ensuring a seamless integration with modern web development standards. Botiga presents a sleek, clean design that aligns perfectly with any brand aesthetic. Despite being a relatively new entrant, it has quickly gained immense popularity, particularly for building Woocommerce websites.

At its core, Botiga is built with clean code and a solid foundation. This mobile-responsive theme offers a plethora of customization options, ensuring it looks impeccable on all devices. Ideal for e-commerce, Botiga is a top choice for anyone looking to establish a striking online shop. For more detailed information about Botiga, please explore further through the links provided below.

4. Ashe

fastest woocommerce themes Ashe

Google Speed: 100, GtMetrix Performance: 99

Ashe, while initially designed as a blogging theme, offers versatile functionality to also host a sales platform. Fully compatible with the Woocommerce plugin, it's an aesthetically pleasing theme with a unique style. Despite its recent launch, Ashe has rapidly accumulated over 60,000 active installations. Known for its swift loading times and compatibility with popular plugins, it is also translation and RTL-ready, catering to a global audience.

Built following the best SEO practices, Ashe ensures optimal search engine visibility. It supports both text and image logos, fullscreen sliders, and header images. Additionally, it is compatible with all major drag-and-drop page builders such as Divibuilder, Beaver Builder, WP-Bakery, and SiteOrigin, making it a versatile choice for diverse website projects.

5. Generatepress

fastest Woocommerce themes Generatepress

Google Speed: 100, GtMetrix Performance: 99

Generatepress is renowned for its exceptional speed, potentially ranking as the fastest WordPress theme available. While it may edge out Ocean-WP in terms of speed, Ocean-WP's enhanced suitability for webshops places it higher in certain contexts. The choice between superior speed with Generatepress and a more robust webshop experience with Ocean-WP depends on your specific priorities.

Despite its focus on speed, Generatepress boasts 100% compatibility with a wide range of top pagebuilders, and it also offers its own efficient block editor. Unlike Divi, most themes in this list, including Generatepress, provide a robust free version available on Wordpress.org, making them accessible to a broader audience.

6. Kadence

Fastest Woocommerce themes Kadence

Google Speed: 99, GtMetrix Performance: 99

Kadence enjoys widespread popularity in both its free and premium incarnations. This theme stands out for its fast loading times and compatibility with the default Gutenberg page builder. Additionally, Kadence seamlessly integrates with other top options like Beaverbuilder and Elementor Pro. While Elementor offers a free version, upgrading to the paid version unlocks a full suite of features. For more detailed insights into Kadence, explore further through the provided links.

7. Neve

fastest Woocommerce themes Neve

Google Speed: 99, GtMetrix Performance: 99

Neve boasts over 100,000 active installations and consistently receives near-perfect ratings, with most users giving it 5 out of 5 stars. Developed by ThemeIsle, this theme meets all the criteria to be featured in this selection of the fastest Woocommerce themes. Neve is celebrated for its rapid loading times and seamless integration with Woocommerce.

As with all premium themes, Neve offers compatibility with any leading page builder, providing flexibility in design and functionality. While my preference leans towards Elementor, the choice ultimately rests with you. Neve is an excellent choice for building a fast, aesthetically pleasing online shop.

8. OceanWP

fastest Woocommerce themes OceanWP

Google Speed: 99, GtMetrix Performance: 98

The OceanWP Theme is another top contender, designed specifically for integration with Woocommerce and all top pagebuilders. A key focus during its development was ensuring rapid loading speeds, a feature where OceanWP excels. It ranks highly among fast-loading WordPress themes and offers an array of high-quality, pre-made layouts tailored for Woocommerce.

OceanWP includes various advanced features for building a professional webshop, such as a wishlist, quick buy, and efficient product search, along with great adaptability for all Woocommerce pages like checkout and cart. Continually improving, OceanWP regularly introduces more exquisite pre-made layouts with each update.

9. Genesis Framework

fastest Woocommerce themes Genesis

Google Speed: 99, GtMetrix Performance: 97

The esteemed Genesis Theme, endorsed by Joost de Valk of the Yoast SEO plugin, Matt Cutts from Google, and Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, stands as a testament to excellence in theme design. Ideal for creating sophisticated webshops, Genesis boasts an array of beautiful child themes specifically designed for e-commerce. Additionally, its minimalist design contributes to it being one of the fastest loading WordPress themes available.

Studiopress, the creators of Genesis, also offer WP-Engine, an exceptionally fast managed hosting solution. The synergy of Genesis with WP-Engine guarantees one of the fastest website loading experiences possible. Opting for a WP-Engine package not only provides you with the Genesis framework and all its child themes but also represents a remarkable value, especially for those with the budget for it.

10. Woodmart

Woodmart fastest Woocommerce themes [2024]

Google Speed: 99, GtMetrix Performance: 94

Woodmart stands out as an incredibly fast Woocommerce theme, perfect for creating not only corporate websites and blogs but excelling in e-commerce site construction. It offers all the necessary features to design an efficient and visually appealing webshop. Initially bundled with the Bakery Pagebuilder, Woodmart has expanded its compatibility to include Elementor from version 5.0 onwards, enhancing its functionality significantly. Elementor's popularity, particularly its Pro version, adds to Woodmart's appeal.

With 60 distinct shopping layouts available for one-click installation, Woodmart simplifies the design process, catering to various niches. Its impressive rating of 4.95 out of 5 on Themeforest.net is a testament to its quality and user satisfaction, setting it apart in the realm of WordPress themes.

11. Minimog (WP)

fastest Woocommerce themes Minimog

Google Speed: 98, GtMetrix Performance: 99

Minimog represents the cutting edge of high-converting, flexible WordPress themes designed to simplify your journey into e-commerce. A standout feature of the Minimog themes is their comprehensive range of eCommerce functionalities, enhancing your store's efficiency without any additional costs. This free theme is specifically tailored for crafting webshops.
In today's fast-paced digital world, starting a website or shop from scratch is nearly archaic. Minimog offers a solution with over 60+ easy-to-customize demos, saving you time and effort in creating a unique online presence. What sets these demos apart is their suitability for e-commerce, providing a diverse array of shopping-focused designs.

12. XStore

fastest Woocommerce themes XStore

Google Speed: 98, GtMetrix Performance: 99

Multifunctionality is the defining characteristic of the X-Store Theme, a premium WooCommerce WordPress theme. This theme empowers you to build an eCommerce store that is not only flexible but also customizable to fit your unique brand identity. The X-Store WooCommerce WordPress theme ensures that your online store will be a standout in the digital marketplace.

The X-Store Theme is fully responsive, adapting seamlessly across all devices and boasting an array of impressive features. It simplifies the process of launching an online store, offering over 300 sections for crafting engaging and interactive websites or stores, catering to a broad spectrum of business needs.

13. Hub

Fastest Woocommerce themes Hub

Google Speed: 98, GtMetrix Performance: 99

Hub is a comprehensive web building tool, known for its high performance, intuitive editing, and array of unique features. It boasts an extensive collection of over 700 section templates and more than 80 pre-built websites, complemented by over 100 inner pages within the theme. These impressive numbers are a testament to Hub's rapid growth and innovation, earning it the title of 'Wordpress Theme of the Year' from Envato.

Hub seamlessly integrates with Gutenberg and other top page builders like Elementor and WP-Bakery, offering versatile options for page construction. While Gutenberg may not be my favorite editor, Hub's compatibility with a variety of builders makes it user-friendly and adaptable. First introduced in 2021, Hub continues to evolve, offering high-quality elements and a user-centric experience.

14. JNews

JNews fastest Woocommerce themes [2024]

Google Speed: 98, GtMetrix Performance: 98

Launched in October 2017, jNews serves as a comprehensive solution for desktop publishing, catering to bloggers, writers, marketers, and agencies. The theme is ideal for creating news sites, magazines, or general websites. jNews includes a range of pre-built themes that can be easily imported from the Theme Options Panel, allowing users to select the preferred page builder for their desired demo.

While jNews supports Gutenberg's editor for creating posts and performing basic actions, options like the WP Bakery Pagebuilder and Elementor offer more flexibility and power. The theme's recent update has enhanced its cleanliness and responsiveness, keeping pace with the standards of great themes. In the modern web landscape, fast loading is no longer just an additional feature but a necessity, and jNews excels in this aspect.

15. Avada

FasTest Woocommerce themes Avada

Google Speed: 97, GtMetrix Performance: 97

Avada is a renowned name in the world of web design, with over 858,338 purchases, marking its prominence among web builders. While I hold Avada in high regard, it's important to note that we are evaluating this theme based on its Woocommerce capabilities. As a multipurpose theme, Avada excels in creating versatile and attractive online shops.

Avada is often compared to Divi, another multipurpose theme known for its widespread popularity. For a detailed comparison, feel free to explore my Avada vs Divi analysis. Avada's own page builder, Fusion Builder, allows for the creation of stunning layouts for both shops and general sites. Its design and functionality are backed by a skilled support team, ensuring a high-quality user experience.

16. Salient

Salient FaStest Woocommerce themes [2024]

Google Speed: 97, GtMetrix Performance: 97

Salient leverages the WP-Bakery page builder, offering over 65 elements for page creation. The theme's extensive settings, exceeding 1000, enable users to customize their sites without requiring technical expertise. Salient is not just fast-loading, an essential trait for modern themes, but also rich in features. With over 350 section templates, it's ideal for crafting diverse types of websites such as portfolios, blogs, corporate sites, or nature-themed pages.

The variety in header layouts adds to Salient's versatility, particularly in the realm of e-commerce. The theme offers unique features for online shops like quick view and ajax shopping cart, enhancing the shopping experience. Moreover, Salient's SEO optimization and responsive design ensure easy discoverability on search engines, making it a truly remarkable theme.

17. Inspiro

fastest Woocommerce themes Inspiro

Google Speed: 97, GtMetrix Performance: 93

Inspiro is a minimalist theme renowned for its speed. Its quick loading times are achieved by utilizing minimal plugins and relying primarily on a cache plugin. A unique feature of Inspiro is its ability to automatically play YouTube and Vimeo videos on various devices, including mobile and tablets. While purchasing the theme separately is an option, opting for a full WP-Zoom membership is a more cost-effective choice, as it offers a diverse range of themes suitable for nearly every niche and task. WPZoom has curated a comprehensive and versatile collection.

18. Qwery

Qwery fastest Woocommerce Themes [2024]

Google Speed: 97, GtMetrix Performance: 96

The Qwery theme is a crucial consideration in the selection of the right Woocommerce theme. With its modern and trendy design, Qwery, launched in 2021, encompasses all necessary tools and features for a quick website launch. This Woocommerce theme is compatible with all major page builders and takes full advantage of the WordPress Customizer's capabilities.

Despite being a relatively new entrant, Qwery has already ascended to the top ranks in various theme listings, positioning itself as a strong contender in the sub-top category. Its promise is evident in its over 100 pre-built demo websites, an impressive feat for a theme of its youth, showcasing Qwery's potential for future success and widespread adoption.

19. Flatsome

fastest Woocommerce themes Flatsome

Google Speed: 97, GtMetrix Performance: 95

Flatsome is an essential inclusion in any list of top Woocommerce themes. Flatsome stands out with its exceptional range of shop features, such as wishlists, sticky headers, live product search, and unlimited forms, making it an ideal choice for creating e-commerce websites. Its stunning demos demonstrate the theme's versatility and capacity to create visually appealing and functional online stores.

Flatsome is specifically designed for online shops, and its effectiveness is evident. The theme's UX Builder, a dedicated page builder, facilitates easy page creation, while its drag-and-drop header builder allows for custom header designs without the need for coding skills.

20. Porto

Porto fastest Woocommerce themes [2024]

Google Speed: 97, GtMetrix Performance: 95

The Porto Theme is versatile, primarily targeting business and Woocommerce websites. It is equipped with robust features and elements that provide extensive customization options. Porto's multipurpose nature makes it suitable for various niches, maintaining its popularity for several years. The theme is consistently updated to reflect the latest design trends and practices, ensuring it remains relevant and efficient.

Porto's fast loading speed makes it particularly advantageous for business websites. Additionally, Porto offers an HTML version, which enjoys significant popularity. It is known as the most favored HTML5 theme on Themeforest. While Porto excels in creating web shops, it also performs well across other website categories. Porto is even featured as one of the most downloaded themes in the Shopify Themes category.

21. Jupiter

fastest Woocommerce themes Jupiter

Google Speed: 97, GtMetrix Performance: 95

Jupiter has recently undergone significant improvements, emerging as a quick-loading theme with modern aesthetics. It offers a variety of "Builders," including a Header/Footer builder, Mega Menu builders, and a Portfolio customizer. Additionally, the suite includes a Pop-up builder, Magazine builder, and Form builder, providing a comprehensive set of tools for rapid and easy theme customization without the need for technical expertise.

Jupiter theme supports three page builders: Gutenberg, Elementor, and WP-Bakery, catering to different user preferences. Its focus on webshop construction is evident through a myriad of features that lend a professional look to online stores. Notable features include Smart Coupons with Dynamic Discounts at Checkout, Smart Checkout Notices, Advanced Shop Analytics, and integrated sales funnels.

22. Uncode

fastest Woocommerce themes Uncode

Google Speed: 96, GtMetrix Performance: 97

Uncode is a standout theme on ThemeForest, boasting over 100,000 sales. It offers over 70 professionally designed demo layouts for importation and customization. Through the Uncode Wireframes plugin, users can access and incorporate over 550 sections, facilitating the creation of comprehensive websites or distinct landing pages.

Uncode's versatility makes it an excellent choice for various website types, including portfolios, agency sites, or online stores. The theme features an enhanced version of the WPBakery Page Builder Tool, offering users a choice between the traditional Backend Editor and the newer Frontend Editor. This flexibility allows for direct editing on the frontend of the website, enhancing the design process and user experience.

23. Be Theme

Betheme fastest Woocommerce themes

Google Speed: 96, GtMetrix Performance: 95

The Betheme stands out as one of the fastest WooCommerce themes available. Renowned for its flexibility, Betheme enables quick selection of the perfect demo for any industry, saving valuable time. Consistently featured in the top 5 best-selling WordPress themes at Themeforest, its popularity is well-deserved.

As an extensively used theme, I have personally created numerous sites with Betheme. Its lightweight design and simplicity make it an ideal choice for web designers who need to efficiently create websites for clients. While Betheme excels in many aspects, for creating high-end websites, a theme like Divi might be a more suitable option.

24. The7

The7 fastest Woocommerce themes

Google Speed: 96, GtMetrix Performance: 94

The7 has recognized the importance of speed in WordPress themes, adopting 'lightning-fast' as its new motto. While The7 is an excellent theme, it might not be the best choice if speed is the primary concern. For those seeking the fastest themes, options higher up in this list are recommended. The7, a popular theme at Themeforest, is fully compatible with Elementor and is noted for its affordability.

The theme includes around 50 demo layouts, not just pages, but fully functional demo websites, enabling users to easily tailor their website without technical expertise. With over 1000 settings, the theme offers extensive customization options, particularly suitable for professional-looking webshops. The7 also includes premium plugins like Revolution Slider, often considered the best WordPress slider, enhancing its value.

25. Bridge

fastest woocommerce themes Bridge

Google Speed: 95, GtMetrix Performance: 92

For almost seven years, Bridge has been a leading theme on Themeforest. As a versatile, multipurpose theme, Bridge is particularly adept at creating WooCommerce websites. It boasts an impressive collection of 610 demo websites, many of which are tailor-made for webshops. This extensive range allows for seamless integration with various WooCommerce themes, offering additional features such as quickview and wishlist to enhance the shopping experience.

Bridge is equipped with two of the top page builders: Elementor and WP Bakery Page Builder. This gives users the flexibility to choose the tool that best suits their style. With Bridge, creating diverse portfolios and blogs becomes a streamlined process, further enriched by a variety of slider plugins included in the theme.

26. Pressmart

fastest Woocommerce themes Pressmart [2024]

Google Speed: 95, GtMetrix Performance: 91

The PressMart WordPress Theme, powered by Elementor WooCommerce, stands out with its unique and modern design. It offers an impressive set of 05+ Prebuild Pages, perfect for all types of online stores like fashion, electronics, and furniture. Key features like Ajax Search, Ajax Add to Cart, Quick Buy, and Bought Together elevate the user shopping experience.

PressMart emerges as an excellent choice for hosting online fashion and clothing stores. Its high level of professionalism is complemented by a fully-featured design and a powerful admin panel with over 450+ options for customizing header styles, page layouts, typography, and more. The intuitive nature of the theme means users can build a store without any programming knowledge.

27. Enfold

fastest woocommerce themes Enfold

Google Speed: 95, GtMetrix Performance: 90

Enfold not only boasts a high rating but also impressive sales of over 230,577+, indicating its remarkable quality. Developed by Kriesi, a nine-member Austrian team, Enfold is their flagship theme, especially designed for WooCommerce. It offers a plethora of options for launching a professional online shop. Enfold is particularly suitable for those looking to establish a restaurant website, integrating seamlessly with WooCommerce bookings – one of the most powerful plugins for optimizing reservations.

Setting up your website with Enfold is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly installation process. Enfold provides a diverse range of designs and demos catering to various niches. Once installed, the professional page builder facilitates easy customization of content, from uploading logos to editing photos and text, enabling you to swiftly create your unique layout.

28. Vault

fastest woocommerce themes Vault

Google Speed: 94, GtMetrix Performance: 91

Vault revolutionizes website creation by offering 500+ pre-designed components and pages. You can effortlessly select and combine your preferred blocks to craft a stunning website. Plus, Vault provides free access to Elementor, including the pro version. With additional components, Vault enhances your capabilities, taking your website to new heights.

With over 200 elements, Vault enables the creation of almost any layout imaginable, all accessible through Elementor's Page Builder. Vault is replete with customizable options for nearly every aspect of your site. Key features include global colors, global fonts, responsive controls, and advanced backgrounds, making Vault a comprehensive tool for web design.

29. Phlox

Phlox fastest woocommerce themes

Google Speed: 94, GtMetrix Performance: 90

The Phlox theme stands out as an exceptional choice for website creation, seamlessly integrating with the Elementor page-builder. Despite concerns about the company's support, Elementor remains a top-tier page builder, second only to the DiviBuilder. Phlox's appeal lies in its range of demo designs, providing a solid foundation for building websites.

As a versatile Woocommerce theme, Phlox comes in both free and paid versions and has been a reliable choice since 2013. Suitable for diverse website types, including eCommerce, portfolios, small businesses, and travel sites, Phlox offers a variety of easily installable layouts. Explore more about Phlox and its capabilities by clicking the links provided below.


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