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29+ Fastest Woocommerce themes [2023] 💥

fastest Woocommerce themes

In the first place, all these themes are lightning fast and most of them are real Woocommerce themes, they were built especially for this. Some of these themes are so good that they also appear in my list for the best Wordpress themes in general. A good Woocommmerce theme allows you to build a very professional shop and at the same time has a high adaptability for all pages that belong to the shop.



These fast themes are so popular that they have been sold hundreds of thousands of times.

The fastest Woocommerce themes for [2023]

1. Astra

fastest Woocommerce themes Astra

Google Speed: 100, GtMetrix Performance: 100

The Astra Theme meets all requirements for both fast themes and Woocommerce themes and must clearly be in place 1 in this list. Astra is already installed at 2.369.964+, and that number is steadily growing, Astra is wildly popular and sold almost as well as Divi. Another strong point of Astra is that it was also built to work with many different page builders.

Elementor is another top-notch product, a first-class page builder. Astra comes with a large number of beautiful designs that were made with this page builder. You can install such a design with one click and adapt it to your house style. The combination Astra + Elementor can therefore be seen as a well-oiled machine for the construction of sites and shops.

2. Divi

fastest Woocommerce themes Divi

Google Speed: 100, GtMetrix Performance: 100

The Divi Theme is theoretically candidate for number 1 in this list, but I don't want Divi always at the top. Divi is slightly less fast than the rest of the themes mentioned above, but offers wonderful options for webshops that exceed most of these themes. Divi offers beautiful webshop layouts and has everything one could wish for.

Divi comes with its own page builder, the Divibuilder. This is the best page builder out there, although Elementor is perhaps better known because it comes for free in a lot of themes. Divibuilder does not make deals with themes like Elementor does. The Divi theme does not only come with a great page builder, but you buy a membership here that includes 86 other premium themes and a set of first-class plug-ins.

3. Botiga

Fastest Woocommerce themes Botiga

Google Speed: 100, GtMetrix Performance: 100

Botiga is the ideal theme for announcing your store and lightning fast. This theme is Gutenberg-ready. Botiga is a modern and clean theme that will fit your brand. This theme is a new theme but already extremely popular. It is specialized in building Woocommerce websites.

Botiga is a theme that uses clean code and is based on the ground. Botiga is a mobile theme with a lot customization options. It looks great on all devices. This theme is perfect for an online shop. Click the buttons below for more info about Botiga.

4. Ashe

fastest woocommerce themes Ashe

Google Speed: 100, GtMetrix Performance: 99

Although Ashe is primarily a theme for blogs, it can also be used to create a blog where you sell stuff. It is compatible with the Woocommerce plugin. It's a beautiful theme that has its own style. Ashe is a new theme, but already has 60k active installations. Ashe loads fast, is compatible with most popular plugins, has translation &RTL ready, and is compatible with many other plugins.

It was coded with the best SEO practices. This theme supports Text & Image logo support. Fullscreen Slider support. Header image support. It also works with all major drag-and-drop builders like Divibuilder, Beaver Builder, WP-Bakery and SiteOrigin.

5. Generatepress

fastest Woocommerce themes Generatepress

Google Speed: 100, GtMetrix Performance: 99

Generatepress is primarily built on speed, this is perhaps the absolute fastest theme there is for Wordpress. It surpasses Ocean-WP in this, but because Ocean-WP is more suitable for webshops, it is above Generatepress. The question is, of course, which is more important to you, more speed or a better webshop.

Generatepress is 100% compatible with the whole range of top pagebuilders despite offering its own block editor. Except for Divi all themes in this also list a really good free version that you can download at Wordpress.org. The same applies to the Generatepress theme.

6. Kadence

Fastest Woocommerce themes Kadence

Google Speed: 99, GtMetrix Performance: 99

Kadence is very popular in both its free and paid versions. This theme is very popular and has fast loading times. The default Gutenberg page builder is used by the Kadence theme. However, it can be used with Beaverbuilder or Elementor Pro, which are both great options. Elementor is free to download, but I recommend the paid version. Click the buttons to learn more about Kadence.

7. Neve

fastest Woocommerce themes Neve

Google Speed: 99, GtMetrix Performance: 99

There are 100.000+ active installs of Neve currently and in its rating the theme gets practically only 5 out of 5 stars. It doesn't get much better. Neve was built by ThemeIsle. This theme also meets all the requirements to be ranked in this selection of fastest Woocommerce themes. The theme loads super fast and is perfect for the collaboration with Woocommerce.

Like all good themes, you can work with Neve with any top page builder. The theme is compatible with all these page builders. I prefer Elementor, but the choice is yours. With Neve you can build a beautiful fast webshop in no time.

8. OceanWP

fastest Woocommerce themes OceanWP

Google Speed: 99, GtMetrix Performance: 98

The OceanWP Theme was also built on the collaboration with Woocommerce and all top pagebuilders. During the development of the theme, attention was also paid to the fact that Ocean-WP has to load very quickly, and it does. It is in the top for fast-loading Wordpress websites. Ocean-WP offers pre-made layouts of really the best quality, it is a real Woocommerce theme.

It offers beautiful gadgets for building a super professional webshop. You should think of wishlist, quick buy, product search and great adaptability of all Woocommerce pages such as check-out, cart, etcetera. Ocean-WP gets better with every upgrade and offers more beautiful pre-made layouts.

9. Genesis Framework

fastest Woocommerce themes Genesis

Google Speed: 99, GtMetrix Performance: 97

The Genesis Theme was created by Joost de Valk of the Yoast SEO plugin, by Matt Cutts of Google, and recommended by Matt Mullenweg (founder of Wordpress). With Genesis you can build beautiful webshops, it has many beautiful child themes available for shops. The theme is also fairly minimalistic and is one of the fastest loading Wordpress themes out there.

The builders of Genesis, called Studiopress, also offer WP-Engine a lightning-fast managed hosting system. The combination of both gives you the absolute fastest loading website you can imagine. If you purchase a WP-Engine package, you get Genesis with all its child themes for free, a great deal if you can miss the money.

10. Woodmart

Woodmart fastest Woocommerce themes [2023]

Google Speed: 99, GtMetrix Performance: 94

Woodmart is a very fast Woocommerce theme. It can be used to create corporate websites or blog sites, but it is best when you use the theme to build an E-commerce site. You have all the options you need to make your webshop look great and work efficiently. Woodmart is included with the Bakery Pagebuilder. However, Elementor is compatible with Woodmart since version 5.0. This is a significant improvement. Elementor is one the most popular page builders, especially the pro version.

Woodmart offers 60 shopping layouts that you can install in just one click. Installing one of these ready-to-go designs is a good idea. Demos are available for all niches. This theme is rated 4.95 out 5 on Themeforest.net, which is almost unsurpassed by any other theme.

11. Minimog (WP)

fastest Woocommerce themes Minimog

Google Speed: 98, GtMetrix Performance: 99

Minimog is the Next Generation Of High-Converting, Extensible WordPress Themes. It will get you going in no time. Minimog themes offer the best solution as they include a wide range of eCommerce features to boost your store's performance. This is a free theme that you don't have to pay extra for. This theme is ideal for creating webshops.
It is almost absurd nowadays to start from scratch when creating a website and/or shop. It is easy to create a website demo that you can easily adapt to your personal style. Minimog Theme contains 60+ demos. The best thing about them is that they can all be used in webshops. This collection includes a great selection of shopping demos.

12. XStore

fastest Woocommerce themes XStore

Google Speed: 98, GtMetrix Performance: 99

Multifunctionality is the hallmark X-Store Theme premium WooCommerce WordPress themes. This WooCommerce theme allows you to build your ecommerce store in the most customizable and flexible way possible. Your ecommerce store will stand out with the X-Store WooCommerce WordPress theme.

This theme is responsive across all devices. It also has many great features. X-Store Theme makes it easy to launch an online store. The theme includes over 300 sections that can be used to create engaging websites or stores.

13. Hub

Fastest Woocommerce themes Hub

Google Speed: 98, GtMetrix Performance: 99

Hub is an allin-one web building tool that provides high performance, intuitive editing and unique features. It also includes over 700 sections templates and more than 80 pre-built sites. There are also over 100 pages within the themeHub. These are impressive numbers for a brand new themeHub. Envato has chosen it as the Wordpress themeoftheyear. They won't be calling it the fastest growing theme.

Hub works with Gutenberg (and other top themes), Elementor (and WP-Bakery). These two themes are very good for page building. I prefer Gutenberg, which is not a great editor. The Hub theme also has many great features. It's a theme that is very user-friendly and offers high-quality elements. It first appeared on the market in 2021.

14. JNews

JNews fastest Woocommerce themes [2023]

Google Speed: 98, GtMetrix Performance: 98

In October 2017, jNews was launched. It is a solution for desktop publishing, bloggers, writers, and marketers as well as agencies and agencies. You can use this theme to create a news site, magazine, or website. The jNews theme comes with a number of pre-built themes you can import from the Theme Options Panel. You can choose the page builder that you want to use to determine which demo you would like.

Gutenberg's editor can also be used to create posts and perform other simple actions. But, I prefer the WP Bakery Pagesbuilder and Elementor. Thanks to the recent update, the theme is cleaner and more responsive. This is what all great themes emphasize. Fast loading themes are no longer a feature. JNews is an excellent topic.

15. Avada

FasTest Woocommerce themes Avada

Google Speed: 97, GtMetrix Performance: 97

Avada is a well-known name, so you might be surprised to see it here. Avada has been purchased 858.338+ time and is well-known among web builders. I also value the theme, however we rank this theme based on Woocommerce features. This theme is multipurpose and is great for building shops.

Avada is often compared with Divi, as Divi is multipurpose and was often sold a lot more. You can click the link to see my Avada vs Divi comparison. The Fusion Builder, Avada's page builder, is well-known. You can also create beautiful layouts for your shops and sites. It is very well-designed and supported by a talented team.

16. Salient

Salient FaStest Woocommerce themes [2023]

Google Speed: 97, GtMetrix Performance: 97

Salient uses WP-Bakery’s page builder to create pages. There are more than 65+ elements. You can adjust everything with no technical knowledge thanks to the theme's more than 1000 settings. It loads fast, which is crucial these days to be known for being a high-quality theme. You can also integrate the theme into your website with 350+ section templates. This theme is perfect for creating portfolios, blogs, corporate, or natural websites.

There are many header layout options. Salient makes it simple to create webshops. Salient provides many unique options for webshops, such as quick view and ajax shopping cart. Salient is SEO optimized and responsive, making it easy to find in Google. This theme is just amazing.

17. Inspiro

fastest Woocommerce themes Inspiro

Google Speed: 97, GtMetrix Performance: 93

Inspiro is a minimalist theme that can be described as fast. It loads very quickly because it has no plugins and uses only a cache plugin. Inspiro's unique feature is that YouTube and Vimeo videos can be viewed on any device. This is true for both mobile and tablet. The theme can be purchased separately but this would be foolish as the difference in price is negligible when you have a full WP-Zoom membership. This package includes themes for almost every niche and task. WPZoom have assembled a comprehensive selection.

18. Qwery

Qwery fastest Woocommerce Themes [2023]

Google Speed: 97, GtMetrix Performance: 96

The Qwery-theme plays an important role in selecting the right Woocommerce theme. The Qwery theme has a modern and trendy design. This theme was first released in 2021. This theme includes all the tools and features you need to launch your website quickly. The Qwery Woocommerce theme is compatible with all major page builders. It also has all of the benefits of the WordPress Customizer.

Although it is still a relatively new theme, it can be found at the top of all rankings. It is sub-top, let's just say. Qwery is a promising theme, but it will be successful. There are over 100 demo websites already built, which is impressive considering the theme's age.

19. Flatsome

fastest Woocommerce themes Flatsome

Google Speed: 97, GtMetrix Performance: 95

Flatsome is a must-have in this list of top Woocommerce themes. Flatsome's shop features are impressive. Think wishlist, sticky headers, live product-search and unlimited forms. This theme has everything that a shop needs. It is perfect for creating ecommerce websites thanks to the stunning demos it offers.

Another theme that specializes in shops is Flatsome. It worked well. Flatsome's UX Builder is a page builder that can be used to create pages and a drag-and-drop header builder. You can create your header exactly how you want it, without any coding knowledge.

20. Porto

Porto fastest Woocommerce themes [2023]

Google Speed: 97, GtMetrix Performance: 95

The Porto Theme can be used in many different ways. However, it is primarily designed for business and woocommerce websites. Porto comes with powerful elements and features that will allow you to customize your website to meet your needs. Porto is a Woocommerce theme that can be used in a variety of niches. This theme has been a popular choice for many years. This theme is constantly updated to reflect current design trends and best practices.

It is a great theme for businesses due to its fast loading speed. Porto also offers an HTML version. This is extremely popular. It is the most popular HTML5 theme on Themeforest. Porto is an excellent theme for creating web shops. There are many themes that work well with other types of websites. Porto is also available in , one of the most downloaded Shopify Themes.

21. Jupiter

fastest Woocommerce themes Jupiter

Google Speed: 97, GtMetrix Performance: 95

Jupiter has gotten even better lately. It is quick loading and offers modern themes. It provides many of the so called "Builders". It includes a Header/Footer builder, Mega Menu and Mega Menu builders, as well as a Portfolio customizer. A Pop-up, Magazine, and Form builder are also included in this series. This series includes all the builders you need to modify your theme quickly and without any technical knowledge.

The Jupiter theme has three page builders. Gutenberg, Elementor or WP-Bakery. The theme is focused on building webshops. There are many options that can make your webshop look professional. Some of the highlights include the Smart Coupons (with a Dynamic Discount at Checkout), Smart Coupons (with Smart checkout notices), and Advanced shop analytics. The theme also offers sales funnels.

22. Uncode

fastest Woocommerce themes Uncode

Google Speed: 96, GtMetrix Performance: 97

Uncode is one of the most popular themes on ThemeForest with more than 100.000+ sales. Over 70 professionally-designed demo layouts are available to import and modify. With the Uncode Wireframes plugin, you can also import over 550+ sections. These templates can be combined to make a website or separate landing pages.

Uncode is a unique Woocommerce theme that looks great on any kind of website. It can be used as a portfolio, agency or shop site. Uncode also includes an enhanced version of the WPBakery Page Building tool. You have the option to choose between the older Backend Editor and the new Frontend editor. This allows you edit the frontend pages of your website. This is a great experience that allows you to design faster.

23. Be Theme

Betheme fastest Woocommerce themes

Google Speed: 96, GtMetrix Performance: 95

The Betheme is also one of the fastest Woocommerce theme. It is extremely flexible and can be used quickly to find the right demo for any industry. It is very flexible, so it can be used quickly and without wasting time. Time is money, so you need to be careful with how you spend it. It is always in the Top 5 for Wordpress themes that are the Best-Sellers at Themeforest, and it's a good thing.

This theme is extremely popular, and I have built numerous sites using it. The BeTheme theme is very lightweight and simple to use. This theme is also great for web designers who want to make quick money designing websites for clients. For creating an A1 website, a different theme such as Divi is better.

24. The7

The7 fastest Woocommerce themes

Google Speed: 96, GtMetrix Performance: 94

The7 seems to have realized that fast-loading themes can be a major selling point. Their new slogan is lightning-fast as an topic. Although this theme is fantastic, it is not what I consider The7 to be about speed. The faster themes are up in this list for you if speed is your goal. It is not possible to rank top-ranked themes that have been around for years and have not seen their code improve. Themeforest's most popular theme is The7. It is also fully compatible with Elementor and it is the most affordable.

The theme comes with approximately 50 demo layouts. These are not demo sites, but fully functioning demo websites. Anyone can modify their website with no technical knowledge. The theme can be modified in more than 1000 settings. This theme looks professional and is ideal for webshops. Additional plug-ins are not required for The7. Revolution Slider is one example of such a plug in. This is the best Wordpress slider.

25. Bridge

fastest woocommerce themes Bridge

Google Speed: 95, GtMetrix Performance: 92

For almost seven years, Bridge was the most popular theme on Themeforest. Bridge is a multipurpose theme that can be used to create Woocommerce websites. There are 610 demo websites included with the theme. This is a remarkable number. Many of these demo sites can be used to create web shops. You can use it with other Woocommerce themes and includes all the extra features required to run shops like quickview and wishlist.

This theme has two page builders: Elementor and WP Bakery Page Builder. These are the top five page builders. You can choose which one you prefer. Bridge lets you create many portfolios and blogs. Bridge includes all types of slider plugins.

26. Pressmart

fastest Woocommerce themes Pressmart [2023]

Google Speed: 95, GtMetrix Performance: 91

PressMart WordPress Theme by Elementor WooCommerce is unique and modern. It features a high-quality set of 05+ Prebuild Pages that are suitable for all online stores, including fashion shops, electronics stores, and furniture stores. Ajax Search is included, as well as Ajax Addto Cart, Quick Buy and Bought Together.

PressMart could be a great choice to host your online fashion shop, clothing store. It is a highly professional, fully-featured, professionally designed theme. It includes a powerful admin panel, which has over 450+ options to modify header style, page formats, typography, etc. To build a store, users don't have to know any programming.

27. Enfold

fastest woocommerce themes Enfold

Google Speed: 95, GtMetrix Performance: 90

Enfold has not only a high rating, but has also been sold more than 230 577+ time which is just as impressive and a sign of how incredible this theme must be. Kriesi, a nine-member Austrian team that has worked on many themes. Enfold is their favorite. Enfold was designed for Woocommerce. It works well with it. You have many options when it comes to launching your shop. Enfold is a great option for those who want to open a restaurant website. WooCommerce bookings are easily integrated making it one the most powerful plugins to optimize your bookings.

Enfold makes it easy to set up your website. It is easy to install in just a few clicks. Enfold offers a variety of designs and demos to fit every niche. After installation, you can edit your content using the professional page builder. Upload your logo and edit photos. You can also add text. It's easy to quickly create your layout.

28. Vault

fastest woocommerce themes Vault

Google Speed: 94, GtMetrix Performance: 91

Vault is a tool that allows you to create a stunning website by combining 500+ pre-designed parts and pages. Select the blocks you prefer and combine them. It will look incredible, no matter what. Vault lets you have Elementor for free. Yes, even the pro version. Vault's extra components allow you to become a more powerful user and take the website to another level.

Vault offers 200+ elements which allow you to make almost any layout possible. All of these elements can be found in Elementor's Page Builder. Vault has tons of customizable options for nearly every part of your website. Here are some of its most important features: Global colors, global Fonts, responsive controls and advanced backgrounds.

29. Phlox

Phlox fastest woocommerce themes

Google Speed: 94, GtMetrix Performance: 90

The Phlox theme is an excellent choice for web site creation. It works with the elementor page-builder. It is a scam company that provides poor support. However, the page builder still ranks high after the DiviBuilder. The Phlox theme was my choice due to its demo designs. I was able to start building my website from this point.

Phlox is a Woocommerce theme that offers powerful features. It can be downloaded both in a paid or free version. Since 2013, it has been in use. This theme can be used on all types of websites such as eCommerce websites, portfolio websites and small business websites. This theme is ideal for travel websites. Phlox offers a variety of layouts that are easy to install. For more information, click the buttons below.


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