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Divi vs Botiga Theme comparison [2024] 💥

Divi vs Botiga



Divi is the best-selling Wordpress theme ever...

Divi 5 Theme

Dear community, let's acknowledge a decade of innovation with the Divi theme in WordPress. The arrival of Divi 5 heralds a new chapter of enhancement. Think of it as a superhero evolving into a league of extraordinary figures. This is your prime opportunity to acquire a Divi license at an incredible rate.

Our content goes beyond the ordinary rundown. For exhaustive specifics, the Elegant Themes website awaits. Our aim here is to foster a captivating and enriching discussion, evocative of a Divi-hosted celebration. If you haven't seen the Divi site recently, it's worth a visit—not just as a website, but as a beacon of digital artistry.


Divi Ad 680px

DIVI AI (Text & Image Generator)

Visual Enhancement Mastery: If your images are close to perfect but need a final touch, Divi AI can adjust them to your precise needs. Think of it as having a digital photo expert by your side, ensuring each visual detail is flawless.

Immediate Visual Creation: Need a specific image on the fly? Divi AI effortlessly generates visuals that fit seamlessly with your content's narrative, as if it instinctively knows your requirements.

Overcome Creative Stagnation: Stumped by writer’s block? Divi AI is like a creative sidekick, delivering fresh ideas and practical solutions to keep your projects moving forward.

Personalized Content Engineering: Divi AI stands out by tuning into your brand's unique voice. Start with initial input, and it tailors a website experience that resonates with your audience, reflecting their distinct tastes and interests.

Content Creation Made Easy: Go beyond old methods of brainstorming with Divi AI. This platform empowers you to produce text, images, or full sections effortlessly, foreseeing and fulfilling your needs for smooth content development.

High-Caliber Content on Tap: Divi AI does more than just generate content; it crafts high-quality, engaging material quickly when given a topic and format, acting like your dedicated content studio.

Advanced Editorial Assistance: Divi AI also shines in enhancing your existing content. It fine-tunes the tone and clarity, acting as an adept editor to bring polish to your work.

Divi AI


Transform your web design with Divi's Advanced Gradient Builder. This feature brings the sophistication of Photoshop's gradient tools directly to your web projects, allowing for detailed color control and dynamic design effects. Whether you're aiming for subtle background shading or vibrant overlays, Divi makes it possible with ease and precision.

Divi Theme Advanced Gradients


Transform your web design workflow with Divi's Divi Layout Cloud. This comprehensive cloud repository is akin to having an extensive library at your fingertips, complete with layouts, media files, and more. Ideal for professionals and agencies, it saves time and boosts productivity by keeping all your essential resources in one easily accessible place.

Divi Theme Layout Cloud


Divi Theme Webshops

Divi 1-click demo lay-outs

Divi Theme Online Stores

Check out this informative video featuring Divi's WooCommerce-Builder, a tool that revolutionizes online store creation with its customization options for product and category pages. The integration of WooBuilder and WooModules offers limitless design possibilities. Also, take a moment to explore 229 diverse Divi demos, highlighting the extensive capabilities of the platform.

Divi's demo library resembles a meticulously curated collection of fashion-forward shop layouts that are ready to enhance any project instantly. The intuitive WooBuilder ensures that shop styling is efficient and streamlined, with all demos crafted using DiviBuilder and compatible with Elementor Pro.

DIVIBUILDER (Pagebuilder)


The DiviBuilder distinguishes itself as a WordPress page builder through its precise and intuitive interface, which ensures that your website's creation aligns perfectly with your vision. It includes a wide range of elements and effects, facilitating the rapid and efficient design of web pages.

Moreover, Divi enhances its value by providing DiviBuilder as a separate plugin, adding versatility for use with various themes and augmenting your web design arsenal. To explore its full range of features, test the DiviBuilder on the Divi website and gain hands-on design experience.


Divi Theme Speed

Divi 5 offers an exceptional increase in website operational efficiency, achieving load times twice as fast as Divi 4 and using only half as much memory. This performance boost is like moving from a four-cylinder to a turbocharged engine in your website’s backend. Uncover the mechanics behind these enhancements by watching the video on Divi 5's enhanced speed capabilities.


Divi Theme Effects

Divi's image editing suite offers the precision of professional tools, allowing for comprehensive adjustments from exposure to creative effects like sepia, all while maintaining the original image quality. This transforms your computer into an all-in-one photo studio, bypassing the need for additional software.

Divi also incorporates interactive scroll effects such as parallax and animation sequences to enhance your site's visual narrative. Noteworthy is the multi-layered parallax hero that adds visual depth, alongside an animated timeline featuring a sports car that reveals content dynamically, promoting user engagement. More information can be found here.


Divi Theme Transforms

Check out the updated capabilities of Divi's Transforms tool in Divi 5.0 through this video. The latest version simplifies the backend while speeding up web page performance, making it an ideal tool for current WordPress users focused on efficiency.

Moreover, the release enhances Divi’s customizability via a new API, giving developers the tools to create more dynamic modules. These improvements reposition Divi as a versatile web design tool, offering sophisticated content editing similar to Photoshop's capabilities.


Divi Theme Shape Dividers

Take your website design to the next level with DiviBuilder’s Shape Dividers, perfect for adding unique visual elements that define your site’s aesthetic. This feature is engineered to be user-friendly, catering to both beginners and experienced web designers alike. No more complicated processes—just straightforward design enhancements that anyone can master. Get a glimpse of how to transform your site with DiviBuilder by watching this video.


Divi Theme Bulk Edit

Enhance your productivity with Divi's Bulk Edit feature by applying widespread changes across your site with a few clicks. This tool allows you to simultaneously adjust multiple elements, from resizing images to altering text styles, streamlining the editing process significantly.

What used to be a tedious task is now a quick and efficient process, freeing up time for more creative endeavors. Discover the benefits of Bulk Editing by watching this video that demonstrates its capabilities.


Divi Theme Drop Shadows

Unlock the power of Divi's Drop Shadows to add depth to your images directly within the Divi Builder. This feature allows for quick shadow adjustments, offering a user-friendly interface to configure shadow settings such as opacity, angle, and color, enhancing visual impact effortlessly.

Explore the simplicity and effectiveness of adding drop shadows to your design elements by watching this video.


Divi Theme split testing

Optimize your website like never before with Divi's advanced Split Testing tools. These tools are designed to test variations of your site's content and design seamlessly, allowing for rapid iteration and optimization based on user data.

Whether you're adjusting call-to-action buttons or trying different color schemes, Divi Leads integrates directly with your workflow to provide instant feedback. Learn more about implementing these strategies for your website's success by watching this video.

Each test is an opportunity to fine-tune your site, ensuring it performs at its best.


Divi offers a standard membership for just $89 a year, an economical option that includes unlimited website usage and continuous updates—ideal for those who value both cost-efficiency and high performance. Divi Pro, on the other hand, is tailored for advanced users at $277 annually, featuring exclusive access to Divi AI and cloud storage, which are indispensable for top-tier web development.


Unlock the potential of your web projects with Divi, a platform renowned for its robust capabilities in creating diverse online experiences. From ecommerce platforms to personal portfolios, Divi provides the tools and community support to bring your visions to life. Interested in what others have to say? Check out their reviews on Trustpilot here.

Visit Divi theme


Botiga is a brand new minimalist Woocommerce theme...

Botiga Theme review

In this Botiga Theme review, we take a look at the most important features of this theme which was made by aThemes, a professional company that offers some very good Wordpress themes via their website. In 2013, Charlie Livingston started aThemes as a one man company but nowadays they work with 6 programmers.


Botiga theme review rating

The theme has only just been released but has already been installed on 2.000+ websites and if we click on Wordpress.org Checking Botiga's rating, we see that all raters gave 5 stars. The theme is already a success and will be further developed with several demos and there will be a pro version later I assume.


Botiga Theme review Lay-Out

The Botiga theme has quickly become popular with many people because the theme has a simple but beautiful layout for a shop. Nowadays there is no need to worry about bells and whistles, simplicity can be very graceful. Botiga is a good example of this. The advantage of this is that you don't have to make a lot of adjustments to build a webshop with it, so you can finish your project in no time.


Botiga Theme review webshop checkout styles

Not an important thing but you can choose whether you want to display the checkout in 1 or 2 columns. There are many more cart and checkout options but I try to keep this article interesting, you can check out the rest on their own site if your interest in Botiga has been sparked.


Botiga Theme review load speed

The Botiga theme is a fast loading theme although it is not in my list for fastest WP-themes. The theme itself without additional plugins with just a well-configured cache plugin produced the result presented above. Check out a demo of Botiga itself and see how fast it loads. Of course you can optimize your website yourself on loading time. Follow this tutorial here.


Botiga Theme review Elementor page builder

The Botiga theme uses the Gutenberg Editor by default, which is certainly not my favorite editor. But since this is a shop and most of the work is done in Woocommerce, it doesn't matter much. Tip: To make Gutenberg work a lot better and make it look more like a page builder, it's a good idea to use the CoBlocks plugin from Godaddy.


Botiga Theme review Products Lay-Out

Even though I only show 2 above, you can choose from 3 different layouts for the product pages. If you want complete control over the Woocommerce layouts you will need to use a theme like Divi. Three layout is just standard for a good theme.


Botiga Theme review Color palette

There are quite a few standard color combinations that can be set with a single click, additional personal adjustments can be made afterwards. These are standard options for most themes, but it is well put together at Botiga.


Botiga Theme review Blog Layouts

I see they have paid a lot of attention to their blog, because 6 different layouts is a big variation. I don't think the theme is suitable as a pure blog, because then there should be homepages available that are set up for a blog website, but this is more than enough as support for a webshop.


Feature Divi 5 Botiga
Rating 4.9 on Trustpilot 4.4 on Trustpilot
Customization ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Extensive with Divi Builder 5) ⭐⭐⭐ (Functional, less comprehensive than Divi)
Performance ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Optimized for top performance with Divi 5) ⭐⭐⭐ (Adequate performance, suitable for basic needs)
Pre-built Templates ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Vast selection, top-quality designs) ⭐⭐⭐ (Limited selection compared to Divi)
Price ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Superior value with extensive features) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Cost-effective, with free and premium versions)
Ease of Use ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (User-friendly with advanced customization tools) ⭐⭐⭐ (Easy to use but lacks advanced features)
Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Dedicated and comprehensive support) ⭐⭐⭐ (Good support with limitations)
Community ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Large, highly engaged community) ⭐⭐⭐ (Smaller, growing community)
Flexibility ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Highly adaptable to complex web needs) ⭐⭐⭐ (Moderately flexible, mainly for e-commerce)
Updates and Improvements ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Constant innovation with significant updates) ⭐⭐⭐ (Regular but less impactful updates)


If you’re starting out and need a straightforward solution for an online store, Botiga might be right up your alley. It’s free, which is perfect for anyone on a tight budget, and it's designed to help you get your store up and running without any fuss. Botiga offers enough features to handle basic store setups, making it accessible and user-friendly for beginners.

Divi, however, is like a powerhouse when it comes to building websites. With a robust team behind it and a wealth of resources, Divi offers a vast array of tools that allow for intricate and detailed website designs. It’s particularly suited for those who want to dive deep into customizing their site and require a platform that supports extensive creativity and functionality. Whether you're designing for yourself or for clients, Divi's capabilities make it a top choice for building sophisticated and dynamic websites.


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